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  1. There’s a real fluff piece in the local newspaper about how benevolent David Koch is. I’ll go on record as thinking anything he has ever given worked out real well for him financially. I don’t see him actually giving anything that didn’t create a write-off or deduction that added to his own bottom line.

    The Kochs have never played on a level playing field with us mere mortals. If they didn’t like the rules we all abide by they simply buy themselves some new rules. They failed to buy a president in the last two elections but did buy several congress critters and I feel confident will try harder until they’ve managed to buy government at every level.

    I don’t know if there is a firewall. If so, you won’t have missed anything by not reading these words —

    • Wolf in sheep’s clothing….

      To find the real perverts, check all the church pews.

      Just because something ‘appears’ to be good does not make it good.

    • BTW – in reading the Koch’s own words in the side box – did you happen to notice how many times he uses the word ” I ” ?

      I did this – I did that…….

      And as for worrying about inflation and our massive federal debt/spending – he could have helped by refusing to take the government’s subsidies for the Obamacare for their retirees…..IIRC – Koch Industries was one of the first companies to gorge at that particular government piggie trough.

      When it comes to recognizing a good man – one has to remember that actions speak louder than words and the bulk of this Koch Brother’s ego seems to take delight in using the word ” I ” as often as he can…

      He reminds me of these people with their cars plastered with bumper stickers as to how much they love Jesus.

      Are they trying to convince me …..or themselves?

      From my point of view – these drivers are the rudest, in-your-face drivers who will run you over to get to the red light ‘first’. I’ve actually had more than a few of these ‘Jesus lover freaks’ almost sideswipe me to try to get over into my lane without even looking up first or to even turn on their turn signal – and just to end up at the red light. Then they will look back at me and smirk….WTF

      Maybe Jesus thinks that is okay for his chosen few…..but in my world, their actions speak louder than their bumper stickers.

      • As for the ego problem of using the word ” I ” – what did David Koch say to Daddy Bush when they met? ” I ” ran against you….

        It’s almost like watching a little boy who is so starved for attention that he makes himself obnoxious…..

  2. Interesting. Says scientific studies show factors like “paternity certainty” and the belief that women are, or should be, financially dependent on men is behind men being angry that women are having sex (same as they are).

    (from the link): This study goes a long way toward explaining one of the more peculiar aspects of the contraception mandate debate: the stalwart conservative insistence that the mandate is some sort of employer or even government giveaway, as opposed to an earned health insurance benefit. Along with telling women to close their legs, the conservative complaint has been: “Why should ‘we’ have to pay for it?” This, of course, makes no sense, as the Department of Health and Human Services mandate is about women paying for their own contraception, using insurance benefits they earn by working.

    But right-wing media knows exactly how to push its audience’s buttons: By claiming women are getting something for “free,” conservatives are reinforcing this myth that women can’t actually be independent — they either need to rely on the government or a husband. That’s what Jesse Watters was getting at on Fox News, talking about single female voters who want the contraceptive benefit, who he called “Beyoncé voters”: “They depend on government because they’re not depending on their husbands,” he argued, ignoring that women are actually demanding the right to the health care they are paying for.

    Finally, Science Explains Why Rush Limbaugh Gets So Mad About Women Having Sex

    • Following their own logic – when male employees get their Viagra through insurance, WE are paying for that drug?

      That offends my religious liberty. Why should I have to pay for boner pills?

      My religious view is – if ‘it’ ain’t working, that is God’s way of telling the man he can just ‘shut that whole thing down’…



    This is an interesting article. Be sure to click the link to the pie chart towards the bottom of the article.

    From my own experience with that Fundy Baptist Church and College – I was seen as a problem child because I asked too many damn questions.

    Science is all about asking questions and searching for the answers.

    I was told repeatedly that I did not need to learn about other religions – it would only confuse me and the Devil would step in and then tempt me to lose my faith.

    Whenever fundies want to keep control – they always throw in that threat of losing your soul to the eternity of Hellfire – don’t they?



    fnord – I am posting this link because I am still hopeful Pope Francis is the one who will finally kick some butt ……

    But, as I’ve said from the beginning – I like what this man says but I want to see actions behind his words.

    If you know you have 2% of your group as pedophiles – then ferret them out and kick their butts out of the Church. This goes for priests, bishops and cardinals. And even a retired pope if it goes up that high…

    • BTW – I’m glad to see the Pope call their child sex abuse problem as a ‘leprosy’ and not just a ‘little problem’ as my ex-friend the devoted Catholic/Tea Party CONservative Republican called it…

  5. The children of Europe had white skin…

    • America has more than enough resources to take care of these children, especially if we stopped giving so much to those who need nothing.

      • I am all for helping these kids when they arrive at our border – BUT, I want to get to the root of the problem as to HOW these kids made that long journey and WHO is making the profit off these kids?

        As I posted yesterday, corporations like Monsanto are working in these countries of Honduras, El Salvadore and Guatamela – selling their genetically altered seeds. And with the passing of the Monsanto Protection Act – these companies are not ever going to be held liable for anything adverse in the upcoming years.

        And then – the foreign aid to one of these countries was being threatened because that country dared to confront Monsanto….

        Why are we protecting big corporations and not people?

        This current border crisis is not about just one thing – there are many factors involved – IMHO

        And I would like to know the TRUE facts and I wish we had at least one news media source that cared enough to find out all the facts and not just push their own media-corporate agenda.

        Why worry about the foreign terrorists when we have these corporations running the damn planet?

      • Think about this – corporations are altering our food chain? Do you trust any corporation to do what is best for the people?

        NOT me…

        But I don’t see any Tea Pot Republican getting their Uncle Sam panties in a twist about this issue.



    Prairie Pond has been keeping us posted as to our water problem here in Kansas.

    Never fear – Sammy Brownback is here and going to save us all.

    Of course, listening to Sammy talk about how it takes the entire community to tackle a problem makes one wonder…….is he a ‘real’ Republican that believes they build things all by themselves or is a ‘RINO’?

    But – even with the dire prediction of running out of water in 50 years – with Sammy’s current tax revenue and state budget policies – is anybody even going to be alive 50 years from now?