Saturday, 7/12/14, Public Square

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  1. Dear Planned Parenthood “petitioner,”

    Thank you for the work you have done today. In honor of the hours you spent outside the clinic this beautiful June morning, a donation of $125.25 has been made to the Eastern Massachusetts Abortion (EMA) Fund to help people living in or traveling to eastern Massachusetts access their abortion. With 64 of you present this morning, the donation totals $8,027. That’s a lot of people who will be helped by your presence.

    142 people came together to make this donation, pledging between $0.05 and $5.00 each, because last Thursday, the Supreme Court overturned the buffer zone law. And people are upset about that — not because they hate the first amendment, but because this law was put in place after years of violence and harassment outside abortion clinics, including one day in 1994, when seven people at two abortion clinics in Boston were shot. Massachusetts passed this law not because our state is so liberal that it cares about abortion above all else, but because, even here, employees and patients of clinics that provide abortion were not safe.

    I started going to Planned Parenthood in 1997, and since then have gotten all my reproductive health care there, because once inside, I feel respected and listened to, and able to access the medical care I need without judgement. Outside, however, it’s another story.

    As I approach the clinic, I look for parking. This can be an ordeal in itself; often clinics that provide abortions have to keep their lots small and secure, because protesters have copied license plates and shared the information or used it to stalk and harass employees and patients. After finally parking, I walk to the clinic, and through a crowd of people holding signs and yelling. (Once, a protester — was it you? — told me that if I had medical questions, I could ask her, because her sister was a nurse! Which was far sweeter than some things I have heard, but still unhelpful: my sister works in development, but if you ask me to bring in some $20,000 gift I am almost guaranteed to instead say something awkward and completely blow it.) Once I walk through this crowd, I can breathe for a few paces, before going inside. When I’m in the building, I pass through a metal detector; I get screened by a security guard; I go through a double-locked set of doors; I show my ID. Thanks to you, it has become this hard to access health care. Remember at the end of this ordeal, I don’t get a vacation, just a pap smear!

    And now, it’s going to be harder. I won’t have those few paces to breathe. Clinic staff won’t have the buffer zone to protect them from threats and intimidation on their way to and from work. Patients coming to the clinic, some already raw and scared, will feel even more panic as they approach the health center, often after having already gone through so much to get there.

    So many people have to overcome enormous obstacles to get the abortions they need. The decision-making process. The logistics. The stigma. The telling of family and friends who may need to bring you to or from the clinic. And the cost. In my six years working with the Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund, I have talked to literally hundreds of callers going to this very location who are very clear on the decision they need to make with their own bodies. There are so many reasons — health, cost, family, futures, every decision as personal and necessary as the last — but often, the cost stands in the way. $650 to come here when someone is six weeks pregnant. $12,000 if they find, after a 26-week ultrasound, that there are fetal anomalies incompatible with life. Insurance may or may not cover it. Access is what is lacking, over and over and over.

    So the reason I raised over $8,000 for the EMA Fund is simple. Because I know that lack of access is your goal. You call yourselves “sidewalk counselors,” but you have neither the training nor intent to counsel people. Your tactics are based in fear, and limiting access through instilling that fear. And so I am flipping the script. Each of you that tried to stop someone from accessing the clinic this morning helped get one more person the services they need. Each sign with malicious inaccurate information generated a donation that will go directly to funding someone’s abortion. Each grim reaper suit… well, you get the idea.

    So, though I never thought I would say it, thank you for being out there today. Because of you, a lot of people will be able to get abortions who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do so. Organizations like the EMA Fund and Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts will keep fighting for safe access to reproductive health care. We will keep escorting patients to keep them safe from your intimidation. We will keep speaking though you try to silence us with militaristic threats, in person and in internet comments.

    We will ensure that safe, legal abortion is available for everyone in Massachusetts.


    and the other 141 people who donated.

    • Since the Roe vs Wade decision, abortion clinics have been a free-standing building within a community. I think this is what bothers the Pro Life supporters the most.

      So, let’s put the legal procedure of abortion back into the hospitals where they used to be performed under the guise of D&C procedures (wink-wink) and be done with it.

      Obviously, these Pro LIfe supporters do not care if unused fertilized eggs are thrown into the garbage can in back of these fertility clinics – so, are these folks really as Pro Life as they claim?

      But, then again, we will have a hard time putting the genie back into the bottle (so to speak) and allow hospitals to do D&C procedures to resolve this issue.

      After all – the majority of our hospitals and doctors offices are now owned by the Catholics. Hell, my own family care doctor is being monitored and tracked as to what type of birth control he prescribes and to which patients. And his clinic was bought by the Catholics about two years ago.

      Before the Catholics bought out my doctor’s clinic – I liked the man, got the needed care and did not get any hassle.

      Now all I get is an automated phone message that loops you into a never-ending madness of trying to get a live person on the damn phone – or even to get a voice mail to a live person.

      Now, all I get is to be told by their own employee that my co-pay for well-woman exam was waived only to be charged for it later by the Catholics’ billing department. When I challenged this cost – I was told that their coders billed it correctly and I had to pay it or be turned into collections.

      And they wanted their full payment within 10 days.

      I’ve shared previously about my past experience with the Catholics Billing Department and how offensive, tactless, rude and downright mean-spirited these folks can be. Obviously, these Catholics LOVE their money….

      • I will never forget the day the Catholic-owned hospital billing department rep told me to quit my part time job, divorce my husband so I would qualify for Medicaid because I was facing my portion of a huge 29-day hospital stay for cancer surgery and I was facing months of chemotherapy treatment.

        For being so pro life and pro family – these Catholics sure showed me their true colors that day – when it comes to getting their money, the Almighty Dollar God has to be bowed to…

    • Much has been said and written by ‘conservatives’ trying to deny the Hobby Lobby decision has any connection to what they say is a “non-existent republican war on women.”

      Of course, the very fact the Court emphasized that its ruling was “concerned solely with the contraceptive mandate,” proves it to be yet another attack on women’s health care and reproductive rights. Even if the ‘conservatives’ aren’t capable of understanding women won’t sit back and simply accept these restrictions, women do recognize them for exactly what they are. ‘Conservatives’ are old white men and the stupid women who love them, and they all seem very accustomed to women doing the men’s bidding. Women aren’t going to stand for that! We are equal human beings, we easily recognize the republican party policies as going against our own best interests and we vote.

      Here’s a piece that clearly explains the stupidity Fox “News” and ‘conservative’ groups are spreading and why women won’t fall for the lies they spread!

      Right-Wing Media’s Fan Fiction On Hobby Lobby And The War On Women

    • (from the link): The latest session of the US Supreme Court was especially contentious, with important decisions on the separation of church and state, organized labor, campaign finance reform, birth control and women’s health, among others, splitting the court along its 5-4 conservative-liberal divide.

      On the other hand, nearly two-thirds of the court’s decisions this term were unanimous — the first time that’s happened in more than 60 years. But there’s more to that seeming unanimity than meets the eye: in some instances, conservative justices went along but expressed their wish that the court had gone even further to the right, and many believe that some of the decisions might simply be a preliminary step toward a more significant breaking of legal precedent in years to come.

      Full Show: Is the Supreme Court Out of Order?

    • (from the link): Lady Parts Justice. It’s what happens when a bunch of comedians, filmmakers, writers, musicians and activists get together to expose the enemies of joy who have infested our statehouses across America.

      Our mission is simple. Through a pop culture lens, we’ll shine a light on the laws and lawmakers who are dedicated to making life difficult for anyone who chooses to have sex for reasons other than procreation.

      We are sick of judgy asshats who live in a turd-filled sandbox of rules that they tirelessly attempt to impose upon the rest of us.

      We are sick of people who demonize women who ask for equal pay. We are sick of the marginalization of women who demand justice and dignity when they have been sexually assaulted.

      We are sick of the torrential downpour of stigma on people who simply want to be who they are.

      We think access to affordable birth control is a human right.

      We are sick of people who say a fertilized egg has the same value as a living person.

      We are sick of the shaming of women who need abortions.

    • (from the link): “Our nation’s silence around abortion has allowed dangerous myths to dominate the debate. By sharing our own experiences through videos, putting our faces alongside our stories, we can change the conversation around abortion and fight back against increasing attacks on women’s rights,” Not Alone’s new site explains.

      Not Alone
      This New Website Is Encouraging More Women To Talk About Their Abortions

  2. I’ve posted a teeny tiny representation of what is going on with activist women. This involves not only those of us who fought these battles 40+ years ago, but today’s young women who are indeed ready to pick up the fight! I do hope women are motivated and ready to vote! All signs point to that being true! I’m proud of today’s youth, and I feel confident the fight is in good hands!

  3. I am literally disgusted with republicans. Words fail. But I can guarantee I’m motivated! If they did something / anything positive they may not seem like such losers who behave worse than a child throwing a hissy fit. But they don’t. They do nothing more than spend money foolishly, block, obstruct, complain, inflame fear and hate, and lie. It is time to get rid of them!

  4. You can either vote by voting or vote by not voting. If you don’t vote, someone else’s vote counts more — IT’S MATH!

  5. When you hear the science deniers ‘conservative’ haters start on their nonsense about the diseases the illegals are bringing in to our country, know this truth.

    (from the link): “Children from Guatemala — where vaccines are provided free of charge by the government’s universal health care system — are more likely to be vaccinated against those diseases than children in Texas, where the rate of parents who “opt out” of vaccinations citing “reasons of conscience” has increased every year since 2003.”

    Migrant kids better vaccinated than U.S. kids, but Fox News stokes ‘germ’ fears anyway

    • Just posted this to some nonsense posted on Facebook by someone saying that the President’s immigration policy is a threat to American’s heath and to our children.

      • Isn’t it very telling when these countries CONS demonize have universal health care that provides vaccinations and Americans are still stuck with the over-priced health care system we have?

    • Pro Life folks should stop and wonder why the Republicans had total control from 2000 to 2006 – and even had a very sympathetic Supreme Court – and yet not one time did we hear of any proposal to ban abortions.

      Pro Life folks are very good at protesting at abortion clinics but very stupid when it comes to actually seeing what their preferred political party does when they are in total control..

      • Fox “News” tells ‘conservatives’ what they want them to know. Since they aren’t even curious they accept the Fox lies, spread them far and wide to flame the fires of hate.

      • If Pro Life folks really wanted to stop abortions – then these folks should form a coalition with the pro birth control folks.

        As the graphic above clearly states – birth control prevents abortions.

        Or – maybe these Pro Life folks should go for banning these erectile dysfunction pills?

        After all, if ‘it’ is not rising to the call of duty, then that is one particular gun that won’t be firing live ammo.

  6. These children probably don’t understand English, but they do understand hate.

    Whatsoever you do onto the least of my brethren, you do onto me.

    • Isn’t it too bad the native Indians did not have a strict illegal immigration policy when the ancestors of these White Evangelical Christians (the Puritans) landed on that rock?

      But, the native Indians did not have a society set up like the white man. Indians did not separate the land into who is worthy of being a wealthy landowner and who is the slave.

      Native Indians lived in a society where the entire tribe worked together for the good of all its people.

      Native Indians save the White Man’s cold butts during that first winter. And how did the White Man repay the Indians? By declaring war on them and eventually pushing them onto government-made reservations.

      If any group of people have a right to be mad about illegals coming into their country – it is the Native Indians.

    • But – as I’ve said before – who are the people making the money off these illegal children coming across our border?

      GO after those folks – they are the money makers and they are as much to blame for this crisis as our elected officials.

      These kids cannot physically make that long journey from Honduras, El Salvadore and Guatamela without help.

      Follow the money……..


        I have posted articles relating to Monsanto and the three countries of Honduras, El Salvadore and Guatamela – which are the three identified countries these illegal immigrant children are fleeing….

        Is there a connection between these corporations and their quest for never-ending obscene profits and the plight of these kids making the thousand mile journey to reach the American border?

        I wonder….between these mega corporations and the drug cartels – what is the life of the average person in any of these countries?

        Would you pay to send your kid(s) with known smugglers to reach America on the hope that the kids will be able to stay?

        But – I have to ask – this Monsanto Protection Act has been wondering as to why was it put into the an unrelated bill – and Obama signed it because that was when the Republicans were threatening to shut down the government?

        As I’ve said before – Follow the MONEY…..

    • Does America have the right to support their corporations to go into foreign countries and do whatever they want to do?

      I wonder how these Republicans and Tea Party folks would feel if it was the countries of Honduras, Guatamela and El Salvadore that sent THEIR corporations into America to take over our agriculture industry?

      We are talking about the food chain here folks…….food is a must have for humans to survive. And with these corporations pushing their insecticides and chemicals – how safe will the food be?

      MONEY before people has never been a good policy – except for those who are making the money.

      Follow the MONEY….

  7. Isn’t it very telling that CONservative Evangelical Christians applaud the Hobby Lobby decision of allowing a boss to control his female employees’ access to birth control due to his/her religious beliefs – but yet these same CONS have told us repeatedly that the Founding Fathers had NO separation of Church and State.

    Hmmmm…….CONS want the protection of separation for their religious beliefs – but none other need apply?

    That sounds like a bully to me – it is their way or no way..

    • All this Hobby Lobby thing did for me was to solidify my shopping habits of NEVER going to Hobby Lobby.

      Besides – the few times I’ve been there it has been Chinese-made products and China has a forced abortion policy.

      So – with my money, am I supporting China to kill all those babies?



    This does not look good for these Republicans wasting yet more millions of our taxpayer money investigating B-E-N-G-H-A-Z-I

    For proclaiming to be such fiscal conservatives, their actions tell a very different story.

    • And for these CONS who dismiss the idea that the anti-Muslim video had any part in this Benghazi attack – I just have to ask – why are these CONS defending this anti-Muslim video being shown throughout the Middle East?

      Isn’t that like throwing a tanker full of gas onto an already smoldering pile of ashes from the previous fire?

  9. My solution to resolve the current fighting between Palestinians and Jews is quite simple – put the leaders of both groups into a locked room and have them do a Death Match.

    The prize is – whoever comes out alive, gets control of both regions.

    With any luck, they will kill each other and the prize is forfeited and the Palestinians and Jews can continue to live where they are and STAY the HELL away from each other!!!!!!

    Or they will be put into a locked room for a death match…

    • Hey – if Republicans see nothing wrong with water torture – they should be okay with this Death Match solution – shouldn’t they?

      I’d like to see Netanyahu be forced to get into a one-on-one death match. Then we’ll see if he still talks smack about the Palestinians when it is his butt on the line..