Friday, 7/11/14, Public Square

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  1. If President Obama had gone to see the children coming over the border he would have been demonized by the same people who think it’s worthy of impeachment that he didn’t go. Just pay attention. It will not matter whether they need to change the position they defended yesterday, easy peesy for these do nothing complainers. It’s all they’ve got and they’ve honed their bitching skills to excellence. They also win the big prize for being the sorest losers ever.

    Never fear. The adults are in charge and we’ve learned it’s best to ignore recalcitrant children’s hissy fits.

    • President Obama should have gone to the border while in Texas and publicly state – once again – that Republicans have been sitting on the immigration bill for the past year (the Senate passed their bill over a year ago).

      Obama should have gone on national television and pointed his finger at Boehner and said – just do YOUR job…..

  2. I am convinced that God himself could not please these Fake-N-Bake Christian CONservative Republicans.

    Maybe these shillers and shrillers should read their own damn Bible and read how Moses went into the mountains and God himself wrote the Ten Commandments on those stone tablets.

    One of the top Ten List is not tell lies…

    Hmmm….where the hell would CONservatives be without all their damn lies??

    Oh, what am I talking about? Maybe the Duck Dynasty Bible will correct that part of the Bible and make it that God wrote those Ten Commandments for everyone else – not these Fake-N-Bake Christian CONservatives..

    This entire bunch just makes me want to throw up…..



      speaking of telling lies – there is now testimony from military officers that there was no ‘stand down order’ given at Benghazi.

      So why isn’t Darrell Issa and his Gang of CONservative Republicans not demonized and called out for being liars?

      This is what makes me so angry that I could just spit nails – people who intentionally tell one lie after another and NEVER gets called on the carpet for their lies..

      In fact, just the opposite is true – the bigger the lies, the more face time you get on the Foxxies Hen House and Hate Talk radio shows.

      But what infuriates me even more is the fact that if these Republicans ever get back into the White House (and it will happen if you look at history) – do these people really expect their ‘boy’ to be treated with any respect – after all the S-H-I-T they have thrown at Obama?

      I, for one, plan to give Republicans the same treatment they gave Obama and the Democrats.

      After all – I do want to follow the Bible and live by the rule of – an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth

      • We also know that Fox “News” doesn’t tell the truth, in fact went to Court to win the right to lie without consequences. That’s where these republicans get their “news,” and all the idiots they vote for know that.

        I don’t think the republican politicians want the presidency, at least not the responsibilities that come with the job. I think their goal is both the House and Senate so their trouble making will be more effective. They have no ideas or solutions and being in the office of president brings responsibilities they’re incompetent to handle. They don’t want the responsibility or even the possibility of being criticized. They don’t know how to handle actually doing the job!

        Now, their constituency does want the presidency but they’re not very smart and they’re easily manipulated so the politicians and Fox “News” will handle those little details easily with some new lies. Maybe it will be that the election was stolen just to get their folks are riled up and full of hate?

      • Let’s not forget – Republicans had total control of White House, Senate and House for 6 years – 2000 to 2006. The Supreme Court was stacked in their favor – so why the hell did these Republicans not do anything about banning abortions during all that time?

        That is a question I ask all my CONservative Christian Republicans that are so pro life – and they have yet to answer my question.

        Don’t these folks know they are just being manipulated by these same Republicans that really don’t give a crap about anything but making more money for themselves – and starting more damn wars.

    • And the only thing Republicans bitch about in the military budget is how the lowly grunts get their pay and benefits.

      The top dogs can even be in the war fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq and still have a personal party planner on their speed dial.

      Let’s not ever forget the facts that came out when David Petraeus’ dirty little secret of his mistress came out……… It appears Petraeus was just one of the these high and mighty generals that had more than conducting a war on their mind.

  3. This is encouraging!

    Douglas County clerk to provide help for people trying to get birth certificates to register to vote

  4. Don’t think for one moment that all these Republicans who are so worried about federal spending would not scream and yell to spend even more tax dollars for more damn wars that their beloved GOP leaders want to start.

    There is always enough taxpayer money to spend on wars…..

    • Especially when they are ‘off budget’ – like George W. Bush and Gang handled the Iraq and Aghanistan wars.

      Just like a bunch of churchy Fake-N-Bake Christians – if it is not ‘on the books’ – they pretend like it is not really happening.

      • There’s no end to what they can make their own alternate reality. They don’t need no stinkin’ facts, and they’ll ignore their own hypocrisy.

        Like those zygotes destroyed in the incinerator out back of the fertility clinics. Nothing here, folks. If I ever saw a republican who really truly had deeply-held convictions I might respect them. Most of them are like Santorum and his wife who think her abortion was fine and dandy.

    • How much did it cost taxpayers to fund the many failed attempts to repeal Obamacare?

      What was the republican legislative achievement that you think did the most for America and her citizens?

      Boehner, where are the jobs?

      • Boehner and his Gang ran on the promise to create jobs in 2010 midterm elections – remember?

        How telling is that Boehner NEVER mentions that fact when he is trying to scrunch up his face when he is accusing Obama of not doing anything.

        This Congress is the Do-Nothing Congress with approval rating of 7%.

    • Asher Bob White

      Oh Boy!! This illustrated message tells it all!

    • I still have not heard anyone raise the issue of the people making money off the smuggling of these kids across the border.

      TRACK down the ones making the money and THEN maybe we can find a solution – or at least, lock up those people so they cannot do it for awhile.

      Oh, wait a minute, that would interfere in the flow of drugs into America – which is a big buyer of all those illegal drugs.

      Now maybe we know the reason why nobody is interested in tracking down the people who are making money off this crisis..

  5. This is what I keep in mind when I hear the republicans speak of President Obama.

  6. Maybe this swing and a miss will embolden those who want to impeach! Go for it, ‘conservatives.’ Do it right now while so many rabid followers are demanding it in between screaming and spitting at children along the border or flaunting assualt weapons in Targtet! 🙂

    (from the link):
    The public first learned about House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) plan to file an anti-Obama lawsuit on June 24, more than two full weeks ago. Asked for an explanation, the Republican leader struggled – Boehner knew he wanted to sue the president, though he didn’t know why – but in the process, he gave his team all kinds of time to think of something.

    In reality, delaying implementation of a minor provision of a law and making law unilaterally are not the same thing. Indeed, the Speaker’s office went on to say the White House “literally waived” the law, which simply isn’t true – delaying part of a law isn’t the same as literally waiving it. Those who can’t understand the difference probably shouldn’t pursue a career in legislating.

    Regardless, even many of Obama’s most vituperative critics would be forgiven for asking, “That’s it?” at this point. For weeks, Boehner characterized the president as an out-of-control tyrant, but when push came to shove, the Speaker ignored his party’s concerns about immigration, the environment, and economic measures, and instead moved forward on one thing: a year-old delay in an obscure policy most Americans have never heard of.

    An embarrassing swing and a miss for Speaker Boehner

    • I’m positive all of us with intact memories remember how recently republicans were screaming about what a horrible terrific burden the employer mandate was and how it absolutely must be delayed…

      Oh, and what is it ‘conservative’ republicans say about costly frivolous lawsuits?

      Hypocrisy they name is republican.

    • IMHO – The reason Boehner came up with the lawsuit against Obama is to keep the Tea Party Nuts happy for a little while.

      Just another throw out of GOP-flavored cotton candy ……

      Boehner is such a poor leader that he can only keep the GOP-created Tea Party monster away by throwing cotton candy and/or red meat.

  7. I am so glad that I can now exhale and go on with my life because I just heard Lebron James has decided to go back to Cleveland.

    Wow – major catastrophe averted – the World will survive…….

    Please…….with all the trouble in the world today ….an overpaid basketball player is not exactly on the top of my list to think about today..