Thursday, 7/10/14, Public Square

titanic repubs


by | July 10, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. House Republicans are also those Fake-N-Bake Evangelical Christians who will have that smirk on their face while sinking the Titantic.

    Pure evil – IMHO

  2. Texas Representative and general idiot Louie Gohmert has done it again. In an interview with News Talk Florida’s Dan Maduri, he called not only for the impeachment of Attorney General Eric Holder, but for the United States to invade Mexico in order to stop the flow of “radical Islamic terrorism” in to the United States.

    Hear it for yourself:

    While I enjoy watching sports, I will confess I am not a fanatic.

    But – seriously folks – with all the problems we have in our country and world today – the most talked about news story I heard this morning was about Lebron James’ decision to return to Cleveland.


    This is just one place in our society that I believe we have the wrong priorities.


    54% of Americans say they have ‘heard enough’ from Sarah Palin.

    The poll also shows that 4 in 10 Republicans have heard enough from Palin.

    So – if this is true – then why do these Republicans continue to hang on to her every word?

    Because she serves their purpose in riling up the GOP rabid base every time her voice screeches and shrills.

    And, of course, Palin is always good for being the cheerleader with her pom poms. A true cheerleader never outrgrows her pom-poms – does she?