Wednesday, 7/9/14, Public Square

tax the rich



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  1. May I add one more point to that graphic?

    Let’s bring back those days when churches were true houses of worship and not tax-free exclusive Country Clubs.

    • BTW – Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s it was common in my neck of the woods for every household to have at least one rifle (for hunting).

      But what we did have back then and is sorely lacking now IMHO – is respect for the gun and respect for others.

      We never saw people walking through a store with military-type assault weapons strapped across their beer gut.

      Hell – we never saw any soldiers walking around strapped with their guns.

      We also did not have mass school shootings like we’ve witnessed too many times in the last decade.

      Our priorities are wrong in this country. IMHO – Reagan cemented this idea that Greed is Good and the Almighty Dollar is the true God most Americans worship. In my opinion – this is also the time these mega churches came into power – Greed and the Almighty Dollar God.

      • Something to think about:

        What would the current Republican Party be without Reagan and Jerry Falwell and his Immoral Boys and Girls?

        Then throw in the Tea Party – Koch Brothers created specialty monster – and the current Republican Party is as we see them today.

        Totally self absorbed, greedy, mean-spirited, hate-filled and worshiping the Almighty Dollar God.

      • I think you have it there.



    Here’s an article and some nice pics of Tom Hanks and his family. I’ve always admired and respected Tom Hanks because he is one actor that seems to be just a nice, family man and caring person.

    How cool would it be to have Tom Hanks as your grandpa?

  3. President Obama is meeting with Rick Perry in Texas today. Republicans are having a helluva time demonizing Obama for being the sole reason this immigration crisis of children crossing the border.

    I do hope Obama brings with him a copy of that 2008 law that George W. Bush signed that mandates how our government is to treat all children that are found to be crossing our borders illegally.

    Aw, what am I thinking? Republicans don’t care about stinkin’ facts. They make this crap up as they go…..

    • Republicans are too dumb and lazy to make the crap up for themselves but they only need tune in Fox “News” and listen to what they want them to know.

      • Republicans are also fat, sassy and too obsessed with how exceptional they are …….. these poor deluded souls actually believe that God loves them the best..

    • LOL not on Face book, I just left there and man ol man are then sending stuff and making so many out there claims. Including that the President is arming the illegals to form an army to overthrow the government and enslave the American people! Must are followers of you might guess Ms. Bat shirt crazy herself PALIN!!

      • So these kids crossing the border are going to be armed and take over the White Americans?

        Is that really what these Republicans are trying to spew today?

        I’ve been wondering if maybe Republicans are behind those reported rumors that are going around Honduras, El Salvador and Guatamela saying that if kids come to America, they will not be deported.

        After all – isn’t this just a fundraising boom for Republicans and just in time for the midterm election?

        And, I suspect, there are still prominent Republicans who have certain people on speed dial in those countries that are just itching to help stir up more trouble…

      • I heard a news report that this crisis has been building for the past few years – since George W. Bush signed that 2008 law mandating how kids crossing the border are treated differently than adults.

        Hmmmm…….I would not put anything past anyone in politics nowadays.

      • These children and young people live in such dangerous conditions coming here is an effort to continue living.

  4. (from the link): The crisis along the border is tailor made for Republicans. It makes their base hopping mad, it juices their campaign fundraising, and anytime the government is unable to address a problem it makes Obama look bad. Why on earth would Republicans want to do anything to change any of this?

    As long as Obama is president, chaos is good for Republicans. After all, most voters don’t really know who’s at fault when things go wrong, they just know there’s a crisis and Obama doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it. Exploiting that may be cynical and revolting, but hey, politics ain’t beanbag. And in case you haven’t heard, there’s an election coming up.

    Yet Another Day in Republican Scumbaggery

    • The comments to the link above are good reading. Here are just a couple —

      “If the refugees want the republicans to treat them like people, they’re going to have to become corporations.”

      It should be added here: or a fetus.

      “This is why they aren’t that upset about the weakness of their 2016 field, because with victory would come responsibility.”

    • When have Republicans been above making nothing into a scandal?

      Then these folks actually try to convince me they are morally superior just because they belong to some certain Church Country Club?

  5. G-stir

    Republican Mantra: Facts are fully adjustable and can be ignored if they conflict with pre-conceivded notions.

    • These same Republicans demonize in one breath that Obama is nothing more than a bumbling community organizer who has not done anything in one breath – and then with the next breath, they say Obama is this genius dictator who micromanages everything..

      Which is it Republicans?