Tuesday, 7/8/14, Public Square

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by | July 8, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Here’s a proposal – why not have all these Tea Pots, Evangies, Gun Nuts from Republican Party go down and form a human chain as the border security fence?

    Then – the rest of Americans can build our own security fence border north of that group of morons and give Mexico the land south of the NEW border fence.

    That would be something I would LOVE to have my tax dollars used for….and would certainly give the rest of us Americans some peace…

    Seriously – these folks need to do some research into what their Little Cowboy President signed into law back in 2008.

    • Here in America a fertilized egg is a person to the evangelinuts, a refugee child is nothing worth protecting to those same religious sorts. I think it’s amazing what they can misinterpret!

    • What I would like to see happen (which I know will never happen) is this:

      Find out who is bringing these children across Mexico from mainly three countries – Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvadore.

      These kids could not have traveled all that way by themselves – who is making the money off these kids and/or their parents in the USA?

      Find the source of the money profit…..then FIX the damn problem.

      But – punishing these kids is co0mparable to punishing the prostitutes for what their pimps make their profit – huh?

      And since when do any of these white Evangelical Christians give a dam about the prostitutes?

      For centuries – the prostitutes get blamed for what their johns are paying them big bucks for – where is the condemnation for the johns?

  2. This is just fun! It’s an interactive graph (slide the arrow to the year you were born) showing data collected that suggests when you were born is a predictor of your political views. I must tell you I set that arrow on 1947, the year I was born, and it showed that in 2012 when I was 65 years old 52% of people my same age were republican JUST LIKE ME! đŸ™‚ Made me giggle. If you keep scrolling down the page at the link they offer several other graphs to support their data. Who knows whether any of it is accurate? Not me, for sure, but I still enjoyed it!

    How Birth Year Influences Political Views

  3. This is the way “CONSERVATIVES” spend our tax money —

    A July 7 Associated Press (AP) article reported that House Republicans plan to spend up to 3.3 million dollars on the latest of multiple Benghazi investigations:

    House Republicans have called for spending up to $3.3 million this year on the special select committee tasked with investigating the deadly 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

    The seven-member GOP majority would receive some $2.2 million for staff and other operations while the five-member Democratic minority would get about $1 million, according to a document provided by House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi on Monday.

    Earlier this year, the AP also reported that the Pentagon has already spent millions to fund previous investigations into the attacks, and described “repetitive requests for information from about 50 congressional hearings, briefings and interviews.”

    • I read some ‘conservatives’ commenting about how this is money well spent, etc., etc. The republicans have their sheeple convinced that accomplishing nothing is a good thing. They don’t have any expectations that the do-nothings they elect will have any ideas or solutions to challenges our country and her citizens face, they’re all just tickled pink to spend money in hopes they’ll uncover some dirt on President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

      So their elected officials are living down to the low expectations of their constituency.

      • Money well spent as in – keeping this Benghazi thing in the limelight during the 2014 midterms. And for that – it is useful to keep the GOP base riled up and get them out to vote.

        Especially when the Tea Party folks are not all that happy with the Chamber of Commerce Republican that beat their Tea Party guy at the primary level.

        Republicans are just like corporations – they spend a $100 to save a dime and then wonder why the entire damn thing collapses in a few years..

      • P.S. – forgot to add – keep Benghazi in the limelight for 2014 midterms AND to keep Hillary from throwing her hat in for the 2016 election.

        If these Republicans were serious about finding out the truth – then why don’t they go back and ask the tough questions of their LIttle Cowboy President and his sidekick – Dickey…

    • Boner pills….Now that’s funny

      Is it just pure luck or irony that John Boehner (could be mispronounced as boner?) is the leader of this Corporatist Christian-wannabee group?

  4. (from the link): …with 118 days to go before the midterms, Republicans are increasingly positioning themselves as the anti-immigrant, anti-contraception, pro-impeachment party that shut down the government last year for no reason. The GOP, in other words, is practically begging the Democratic base to wake up, show up, and get engaged.

    Palin demands impeachment, exacerbating GOP dilemma