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  1. Plus – I wonder how many of those four suspected voter fraud cases involved Republicans?

    Republicans are acting just like their puppet masters – the corporations. I’ve seen numerous corporations spend a $100 to save a dame dime – and then they pat themselves on the back as if they have done me a favor.

    Taxpayers have to spend millions on these useless Republican proposed laws and for what?

    I truly believe some folks just love to be ignorant..

  2. My biggest fear is why are more people not questioning the motivation behind Republicans desperately passing laws so fellow Americans cannot exercise their right to vote?

    But, then, I am also stunned by the number of Catholics who looked the other way when their own church leaders were sued in court and lost because the facts came out they covered up for the child molesting priests.

    My ex-Catholic friend actually said to me -it’s a little problem. A little problem?

    In whose mind is child molestation a little problem??

    Just imagine – if these church leaders would have kicked the perverts out and gave the kids their power of being covered with protection, love and compassion – there would have been a lot fewer victims.

    Let’s not forget – the church leaders kept moving these perverts around and around – creating monsters that fed on fresh meat with every new church they were sent to by their church leaders.

    I do hope there is a special Hell for the priests and their church leaders that knowingly made the choice to cover up their crimes.



    Long lines at voting sites is not what Republicans want to see because it usually means more minorities and women are fired up to get out and vote.

    Let’s face it – the Republican Party has very big problem with minorities and women.

    • It’s been proven in past elections that when those minorities and women vote, democrats win. Republicans don’t have enough sense to recognize it’s their policies that cause us to vote against them. So let them double down on support for the wealthy at the expense of everyone else while we do everything possible to get the voters out in large numbers. Republican efforts to suppress the vote can’t beat large voter turnouts.

      • I think Democrats learned in 2012 to get out and vote – but do you think those same folks will come out in 2014 midterm election?

        They might if we keep reminding them of what happened at the last midterm election in 2010 – that is when a lot of these Tea Party Mad Haters got into power and redistricting helped the Republicans …

      • One thing I’ve noticed about the Hobby Lobby case – if it is framed as to a religious liberty issue – then most people will side with not stomping on someone’s religious views.

        BUT – when framed – do you want your boss to decide if and/or what type of birth control you can get – THEN the answer is a resounding “NO”

        I suspect this is why Republicans framed the Hobby Lobby case as a religious liberty issue – otherwise, they would lose by a landslide.

      • To me – framing this Hobby Lobby fiasco as religious liberty is a lot like taking the Lord’s name in vain.

        When did Jesus ever run a corporation to tell some women what she can and cannot do?

        Plus – can you imagine how much tax free money has been thrown at these Mega Evangelical Churches to show their support to ‘fight the good fight’…..

        If there is one thing we all know about CONS – there is no issue they cannot manipulate to separate money from their sheeple and do it with a smirk because the preacher man is speaking for God…..Hallejuia..

      • Women for Kansas is working hard to make sure women get out to vote!

      • Getting people to do whatever the corporations want done is easier if you do it in the name of whatever it is they believe in.

  4. My son has theory as to politics – it does not matter which party gets into the White House. When it all comes down to it – corporations are running this country and that will only get worse.

    He thinks these corporate elitists (even the Koch Brothers) really don’t hate Obama – because they are using Obama to keep the country divided into two camps.

    With everyone fighting about all these social issues and black vs white crappola – corporatists are doing what they do best – rape and pillage the America even more…..

    Even if this is true – I would still rather take Obama on his worst day than Romney (or any other Republican) on his best day.

    • I think your son is correct. And I know you are correct! Yep, while America cements its position as an Oligarghy give me the tiny comfort of President Obama over any of the idiots he ran against. At this point republicans don’t have any better candidates than their losers on the horizon.

  5. The Tea Party is just a recycled John Birch Society built on the Bible, the flag, and better PR.

    The god that sucked: How the Tea Party right just makes the 1 percent richer

    • I’ve asked several Tea Party supporters why they think I should believe them when they say they’re against corporations when it is a well known fact that Koch Brothers has funded their movement from Day One.

      They look at me like I have three heads……

      Surely these people do understand that without corporate money – their own movement would still be just a twinkle in the corporatists’ eye..


    Take special note from this article – 31 percent of the food produced in America goes uneaten. Yet, we have 1 in 6 Americans go hungry.

    Pray, tell me, what would Jesus do? Hell – Jesus fed the multitudes on those fish and loaves that one day. Just imagine what he could do with 31 percent of the food produced in America.

    But – we have to listen to these Fake-N-Bake Christians in their huge mega churches whine and carry on about how persecuted they are …..

  7. Israel does not want peace
    Rejectionism is embedded in Israel’s most primal beliefs. There, at the deepest level, lies the concept that this land is destined for the Jews alone.

  8. (from the link): Tehrik-e-Taliban, the Pakistani Taliban, is a closely held, profit-making enterprise organized on religious principles. One of its principles, announced as public policy in July, 2012, is that children should not be inoculated against polio, because the vaccines violate God’s law. So sincere are the Taliban’s religious beliefs that its followers have assassinated scores of public-health workers who have attempted to administer polio vaccines in areas under Taliban control or influence.

    If the Pakistani Taliban, aided by clever lawyers, organized a closely held American corporation, and professed to run it on religious principles, might its employees be deprived of insurance coverage to inoculate their children against polio? And would the Supreme Court, by the five-to-four decision issued on Monday in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores and in Conestoga Wood Specialties v. Burwell, endorse such a move?


    • The only time any of these Fake-N-Bake Evangelical Christians will be bothered is when that Muslim corporation tries to give that Evangelical craft store a run for their money….

      Have you noticee – Evangelical Christians don’t care when it comes to Muslim, Jews, Buddhists or a host of other religions are not included in the demand for prayer in school. These Evangelicals want THEIR prayer and THEIR Bible in schools – no other religions need apply.


      • Can you imagine the outrage if a Muslim cleric, a rabbi or Buddhist monk was in the school assembly during the school day trying to recruit the kids to join their after-school religious-based group?

        But yet a Baptist preacher was allowed to present his little play in an all-school assembly during the school day to recruit kids to his church’s after-school Bible-based group.

        Why is there no public outrage when the Baptist guy can do it ?

        Not all of all us are Baptist – or even of the Christian faith. My family has some Jewish roots to the family tree. But yet I don’t see any Rabbi, Muslim Cleric, Buddist Monk or even a damn Catholic priest come into the public schools and ram their recruitment/proselytizing racket down young kids’ throats.

  9. The Only Controversy About Birth Control Is That We’re Still Fighting for It

  10. I have confidence that most women are as ick of The Republican War on Women as I am. I also feel confident we will show republicans just how sick of them we are at the polls this fall.

    • I hope you’re right. As we’ve talked before, these younger women have never lived in a time when birth control was not available.

      What was that song – you don’t know what you’ve got, til it’s gone?

  11. A very narrow decision … [eye roll]

    (from the link): Lawyers for two Guantanamo Bay detainees have filed motions asking a U.S. court to block officials from preventing the inmates from taking part in communal prayers during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. The lawyers argue that – in light of the Supreme Court’s recent Hobby Lobby decision – the detainees’ rights are protected under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

    Gitmo detainees’ lawyers invoke Hobby Lobby decision in court filing

    • This is because Hobby Lobby case was based on ‘religious liberty’ and not what it was really about – control of women by Evangelical Christian bosses.

  12. Separation of church and state is there to protect both sides – and this is something that is completely lost on these Evangelicals and Tea Party folks.

    But – look at it this way – these Evangelicals who are screaming and ranting are the Far Right Wingers of the Christian faith. These are the folks that will applaud and cheer when Hobby Lobby bosses get to decide if and/or what kind of birth control you can get – but these folks will go absolutely beserk if the government came in and told their churches they were going to be taxed from now on..

    All HOLY HELL would break out……

    How dare the government tell churches what to do – but these folks have no problems letting the church tell the government want to do…

    Hypocrisy runs rampant in these Far Right Wingers fantasyland.

    • BTW – these Evangelicals are also the ones who loudly proclaim that Americans are ‘exceptional.

      I’m starting to think we are exceptional in one thing – STUPIDITY

    Duh…..of course this rancher crossed the line and so did all those wannabe military soldiers with their beer belly guts hanging out from their strapped on military weapons. I bet there was a lot of scratchin’ and alot of grunting going on those days to see who was more manly….

    • Let’s not forget – those two that shot and killed those two Las Vegas deputies and that guy in Walmart came right out of the Cliven Bundy fiasco.

      The seeds were planted during that entire standoff and there will be repercussions for a long time to come….

      Remember Timothy McVeigh and his band of anti-government militia? Those seeds were sown that day also……and we are just seeing the fruit of those seeds come to full bloom when we see scenes like this Cliven Bundy rancher guy’s fight with the government wrapped up in the American flag, the Bible and Yankee Doodle Dandy…

      • I had a heated discussion with a pharmacist that hates all Muslims and thinks whites are superior.

        This guy is a devout Catholic man who was in the process of annulling his first marriage of 30+ years that produced 6 kids so that his current trophy wife (who was also trying to get her first marriage annulled) and he could be ‘good’ Catholics

        This guy tried to tell me that all terrorists are Muslims. I told him – timothy McVeigh was a white Catholic male. This guy went beserk – he went on to say that McVeigh denounced his Catholic faith from prison.

        Oh, is this why Timothy McVeigh requested a Catholic priest before he went into the death chamber that day?

        Sorry Catholics – Timothy McVeigh is one of yours….

        I don’t say that just to blame Catholics – but if you’re pushing the B.S. that all terrorists are Muslims – then to apply the same logic – are all Catholic white males mass murderers?

      • This pharmacist was so self-righteous that when I told him I fired the white Christian cancer doctor and a Muslim cancer doctor was the one that save my life – his reply was:

        just never give a gun to that Muslim because he will kill you..

        How do I even begin to reason with a man who says that in response to my just praising the Muslim doctor that saved my life??


    This is interesting reading…..and might be a warning to the Republican Party as to where their party’s future is headed if they do not recognize the fact that not all voters are white Evangelical Christians with their huge mega churches sucking off the tax-free money trough.

    This is an issue close to home. If you doubt that, look into the largest healthcare provider in Wichita and see how many foreign health care workers are employed. Are there certain financial benefits to doing this?

    There are plenty of American trained health care workers but I will tell you – even when getting into any nursing career, it helps if you are a foreigner.

    My daughter was a single white female – unmarried and no kids. She worked a full time job as a para educator for special needs kids and then worked part time at a shoe store in the mall while attending night school to get her degree and certification in pre school education.

    My daughter was told upfront and direct by the financial aid person at Butler College – if she would quit her part time job and had a baby she would qualify for government programs for grants that did not need to be paid back. Plus, she would get day care for the baby and food stamps and medical card for the baby.

    So – again – if we are telling Americans to do this – and then bringing in all these foreigners and giving them their free tuition, housing and food – why are we surprised we are in this current mess?

    I remember when my husband and I were doing research into moving to New Zealand. There were certain occupations that were needed at that time. If your job and/or training was not in one of those occupations, then you would not be able to move to New Zealand to live.

    I know we are known as the country with the Statue of Liberty – give me your poor, etc.

    But at what point do we allow these corporations to enrich themselves even more off the backs of Americans?

    • From observation, if the foreign born are brought in for education, the tuition is far from free. Rather, it is the highest category and quite often paid by the government of the student, thus the competition for international students among colleges and universities. They make money.

      The crux of the matter is that many of the folks arrive with education already completed. As they generally have little to no debt from student loans, they may be and often are hired because their salary requirements are lower.

      This applies to the V.A. as well. All the physicians I’ve seen there who are employed by the V.A. are not “born in America” folks. Some are doing residencies, others are attending physicians, but the operative fact is they are able to work for the V.A., even though the salary, etc., is lower than in “private practice”. An ongoing problem, to be sure.

      Oh, after the “Welfare Reform” of the 90s, many of the programs you wonder about are limited to U.S. citizens.

      • Thanks for the info – I was going my what I witnessed when I was went to Wichita Tech and that was about the time welfare reform passed. I remember a big influx of students and most of those young women had at least one baby but usually 2 or 3 kids. And they outright told the class they chose to come to school because if it was not school, then they had to go to work or lose their welfare benefits.

        But I do know what my daughter was told and she graduated from Butler in May 2007 (I had just gotten home from the hospital and was getting ready to start my chemo treatment. How I got up those bleachers I will never know….LOL

        All I know is what I hear from the nursing students that I have come into contact with – and they all brag about how their tuition is paid for and I assumed it was paid for by US taxpayers.

        But I do know that if it was not foreign employees in a lot of nursing homes, assisted living and hospitals, there would not be staff available to take care of the people who need care.

        But, I also have been on the receiving end of a foreign healthcare provider – my Muslim doctor from Sudan. He was the one that helped me save my life by continuing chemo treatment when the white Christian American doctor did not give two hoots about me. Even after I told him directly the reasons I was firing him (and at that time, I had not even found my Muslim doctor – so I chose to do NO treatment rather than be called by a different patient name and to be treated like an ATM by the white American Christian doctor. That’s a pretty sad commentary on what I felt about his doctoring services – huh?

        I also shop in Walmart close to WSU and there are many, many foreign students coming through. Most of them are very polite and courteous – even more than the American kids in some circumstances.

        But isn’t there some compromise or something we can do for those Americans who are qualified and are cut out of the job place because the employers think Americans will not work for less money?

        Maybe you know 6176 – when I worked for the natural gas pipeline company in late 1970’s, I had to keep track of how many ethnic people were employed and what salaries/job categories they were in. The federal government would use that information to give out so many ‘points’ and that would help the pipeline company to get favorable consideration when it came to federal work jobs.

        Is this still going on today?

        We had an Eskimo woman who turned in her 2 weeks notice. The company head honcho from Michigan came down to Illinois to talk to this woman in person to persuade her not to leave our company. This woman was given a hefty raise and then all she had to do was to paint the pipeline. I remember the rest of the crew was very heated – which I don’t blame them.

        I was told this head honcho did this because this woman was an Eskimo AND a woman = a boatload of points because it is not every day you get an Eskimo walking through your door.

        Now -mind you – this was in 1978…..

      • Yes, there are still “points” for employing a diverse group that are valuable when competing for federal contracts. That program goes through revisions from time to time, but the concept behind it is to reward those who employ “minorities”, a social goal.