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  1. A snarky (I was going to say sarcastic but this may go a tad further) letter to ‘conservatives.’ Surely there must be some things that we can agree on, right? I mean, seriously, can’t we all just get along?

    For All Of Our Conservative Friends And Family….We Need To Talk

    • Asher Bob White

      “Talk” yes, and listen. A talk that might help would be about reading the Bible in a context of when, how and by whom it was written as opposed to reading it as today’s protestant and/or Catholic church history.

      • I have found research that implies King James was a flaming homosexual that hated all women. King James also was quite the Little Emperor that felt he had the right to do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted and to whomever he wanted and he was never to be challenged.

        Wow – maybe now we know why these Mega Fundy Churches and Catholics act like they do today?

        You’re right Bob – context of when, how and whom the Bible was translated makes for an entirely different set of facts –

        But – do you think any Fundy Mega preacher is going to say that King James was homosexual?

        Not on your life…..

      • This begs the question – I wonder what that new Duck Dynasty Bible is going to be like?

        But one thing is for sure – it is going to make more millions from the sheeple. You betcha. wink-wink

    • Part of the beauty of this country is that we vote in our leaders. Does it suck when our team loses? Of course! But just like when we teach our children to be good sports and not to cry when they lose at baseball, we too sometimes have to suck it up

      I copied and pasted this section from the link. Have you noticed how people cannot even lose graciously anymore? Have you been to a Little League game in the past few years? These parents are vicious. These parents all think their little precious one is the next multi-millionaire pro sports athlete and how dare anyone tell them different.

      IMHO – even kids playing league sports has evolved into a money-making scheme.

      A former co-worker of mine has a 10yr old boy – he has been in all kinds of sports. His parents have spent thousands on fees, uniforms, traveling to games and tournaments.

      And then – if a referee makes a call against their kid – these parents go absolutely N-U-T-S.

      I remember my childhood and my brother played Little League. The parents back then had more common courtesy and respect for others – IMHO. This was in the mid 1960’s.

      My brother was an average player but his friend Mike had great potential. His parents started to treat Mike like he was already a celebrity and brought in special coaches. Mike worked hard and got an offer from a minor league team. Then we lost track of Mike.

      After high school graduation, I took a job at a CPA office learning how to do tax returns. Imagine my surprise when Mike came through the door one day and told me the story of how life handed him a real bowl of lemons.

      Seems Mike played half a season with that minor league team until he tore his shoulder out and blew out both knees. The kid had just turned 21 yrs old and was looking at a future with no job that required physical mobility. And then he had to face the ultimate questions of – what happened to your baseball career?

      Mike told me that was the toughest thing of all to handle – people who expected him to come home a millionaire and he came home physically changed and emotionally drained.

      Fast forward to today’s Little League players and their parents. These parents seem to have the same idea that Mike’s parents had (only increased 1000%). It is all about the money nowadays.

      I remember Mike that day in the CPA’s office. He was there to get his taxes done and he asked about the refund loan program (that had just started to be offered back then). He said he needed money and he did not care if he was charged a high interest rate – he needed the money now to live on.

      This guy was only 21yrs old. Seems his parents were disappoint with him and when he could no longer be their start baseball player – his own parents did not want to be around with him – or even help him.

      They were ashamed – and they did not want to tell their friends and neighbors what happened to Mike. You know, all that pride stuff.

      I felt sorry for Mike – because he was a good kid. All Mike wanted to do was to play baseball with his friends – simply because he loved the game.

      Look around at our sports leagues nowadays – are they truly just for kids to play the game and develop a love for the game?

      Too much money – and selfish pride, perhaps? – is involved nowadays.

      Maybe our society’s cancer started way back when people decided that they did not have to be respectful of others, or to even be courteous to one another?

      As we’ve witnessed in our political arena – nasty, hate-filled people seem to be rewarded and are the ones who calling the shots of this Do Nothing Congress.

      Something happened somewhere along the line – our society is just not like it was – or should be – or COULD be..

      • wicked

        I saw what you described when my girls were growng up, both in school and community/sports groups. That would have been 80s and 90s. There were a few parents like that–Mike’s parents–when I was growing up.

        Competition is good…to a point. When it takes over everything, it has become bad. Very bad.

      • I agree – competition is good but when it leads to compulsive obsession to win at any cost – then it becomes unhealthy – IMHO

        I see the value in sports in schools – but I also see where too many school districts throw the majority of their money and their emphasis into their sports and not academics.

        That is not good for the future of our country..

    Kansas has made national news – again. What must the rests of the world think of Kansas?


    When are the Jews and Palestinians going to wake up and realize – all these killings on both sides for the past thousands of years always end up the same – nothing ever changes – just more senseless killings.

    And Americans are supposed to take the side of the Jews without asking any questions? That is what I was taught at my Fundy Baptist College in the mid 1970’s. Christians are commanded by God to always protect and defend the Jews.

    But, I had to ask, why should we protect and defend them when they are the ones in the wrong?

    Did I mention that I was not exactly my Fundy Baptist College’s poster child? I asked too many damn questions…

    Plus – I refused to wear a pretty hair bow everyday to keep my man happy…..


    Read this and then think about the Koch Brothers and the Hobby Lobby billionaires taking over our country’s laws….

    I fear these Far Right Wingers more than any Islamic terrorists. These Right Wingers are already in our country and they are generally very wealthy…..and spewing their wealth to these mega churches and televangelists who run nothing more than Exclusive Country Clubs – all tax free due to our country’s ‘socialistic’ tax sytem….

    Yeah – have you noticed these Right Wingers never turn their lily-white noses up at free government money when it is given to their greedy little hands?

  5. wicked

    While reading through a post only Daily Kos, I found this link someone posted. Very illuminating. If you’re strongly Christian, I suggest skipping it. But if you’re interested in pre-Christian beliefs, it’s verrrrry interesting (aka Arte Johnson).

    The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets