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  1. Richard Crowson dedicates this to the ladies. 🙂

    Here are the first few words —

    “You are now officially independent from the tyrannical rule of equality…”


    I just found this article and it is interesting to think about when comparing what happened to any day in our American schools.

    Can you imagine a country that a school shooting is rare? The last shooting was in 2012….

    But more than that – the head of the teachers UNION (seems France does not hate unions) stated that they have always had a relationship of trust with their parents ….and want to continue that relationship….so he does not want to see metal detectors installed in front of their schools.

    And – besides – this teacher was not shot with a gun – she was stabbed.

    NOW – compare this scenario in France with our current gun laws in America. Also – compare how the French reacted to their tragedy and the way American react to our way-too-many school shootings.

    It seems there are mentally unstable people everywhere in the world…..but does America have an over abundance of mentally unstable people?

    Target stores announced this week they have take the position that they do not want guns in their stores. It seems there have been men (men trying to look manly?) walking down the aisles with their guns and military style assault weapons strapped to their bodies.

    Who the Hell wants that?

    But there are several states now where guns can be legally carried in full view to places that were previously off-limits – ie schools, churches, bars to name a few.

    Why is America so full of gun violence and our reaction is to get more guns on the streets?

    Oh, I forgot, we are the EXCEPTIONAL ones. Yeah, exceptionally stupid.

  3. A song about a problem of the sort that the Dick Cheneys of the world and their war-profiteering corporations never mention when they do their war dance.


    I was looking for a link to pics of those manly? men proudly displaying their big guns down the Target aisle when I happened upon this article.

    From this article – it sounds like Target has only agreed to ‘ask people not to bring their guns into their stores’ and plans to do nothing further – no signs on their doors, no more announcements, etc.

    While I understand they have to comply with the local laws – but why can’t Target at least post some signs at their entrance doors stating that they REQUEST no guns to be brought into their stores?

    It seems the group Moms Demand Action is behind this change in Target and according to this article – this group plans to keep track of Target.

    I just want to know something.

    6176 – legally, where do my rights start? Freedom of religion – for example.

    If a Bible thumper gets into my face and I ask them to stop and they continue – do I have the right to sue them for infringing on freedom of religion?

    Let’s talk about guns – let’s say I am behind one of these manly (?) men strapped with a gun in the checkout lane at Target. If that gun keeps coming back to my face – do I have the right to ask that manly(?) man to please keep his gun out of my face?

    I know I do not have the right to ask him if he has a license for that gun – but where do my rights of not having some gun pushed into my face against my will come into play?

    Everything seems hellbent to be on the side of these folks who like to flaunt their rights – but where are the rights of the rest of us?

    • BTW – if I was behind one of those manly (?) men with their gun and the gun keeps coming back into my face – do I have the right to hit the guy with my big fat purse?

      Or, are big fat purses considered a weapon and I could be charged but that manly(?) man gets off without any charges because our gun laws so screwed up now?

      These are things that people like these gun nuts do not think about……the rights of others….

      • In the City of Wichita if an adult TOUCHES another person without their permission it can be charged as battery if the person who didn’t want to be touched tells law enforcement it was done in a rude, insolent or angry manner. Charges and potential fines and punishments are more severe if a weapon is involved.

        Plus —

        “Assault deemed misdemeanor. Any person who, within the corporate
        limits of the city, knowingly places another person in reasonable apprehension of immediate bodily harm, is guilty of a misdemeanor. No bodily contact is necessary.”

      • Hmm…..if I call the police on the manly(?) man because his gun is in my face – I can claim that I felt apprehensive about bodily harm – so he can be charged with a misdemeanor?

        Of course, we are in Wichita KS – the hotbed of the Tea Party and Pro Lifers who thought it was okay to harass Dr. Tiller and his staff for years. And, if you will think back, how many Pro Lifers were saddened by the news that one of their ‘fringies’ had the God’s call (?) to go into Tiller’s church and shoot him dead in cold blood?

        Wichita KS – we are definitely in a sea of Red State Stupidity

  5. Lies & Fear in the USA, how conservatives use misinformation to get their way.

  6. I truly believe our country has gone to hell in a hand basket.

    Especially when my DIL told me about her trip to the dentist with my granddaughter. seems a certain pediatric dentist will not do any child’s dental work without sedating them first.

    When asked what type of insurance they have, the dental hygienist loudly said that ‘we have a problem’. They have Delta Dental insurance – a rather common coverage – I thought?

    The dental hygienist then told my DIL the sedation would cost $900 each time. Insurance obviously will not pay for that because this woman then asked – does your child have a diagnosis of ADHD. My DIL said ‘no’ and this dental hygienist really went off the deep end.

    It seems – if a child has the diagnosis of ADHD – insurance will pay for sedation.

    Hmmm….do you think maybe that is why we have had such an upsurge of kids diagnosed with ADHD?

    Just imagine – this diagnosis obviously allows the dentist to file for $900 each time for sedation – and then imagine if the kid is then put on medication for ADHD. Another high-five accomplishment for these drug companies – huh?

    I am not saying there are not kids with a true diagnosis of ADHD – but this dental hygienist opened my eyes as to why there may be more kids with that diagnosis than there needs to be……it is all about the M-O-N-E-Y

    I knew using the most financially beneficial diagnosis happens in the nursing home business – but kids at their dentist’s office now has to be labeled with a diagnosis that they do not have – just to get their teeth worked on?

    Besides – the kid did not even need to be sedated. She was sitting there quietly and behaving herself.

    And the cherry on top of this lunacy pile of B.S. is this: this dentist office then said they would refer my granddaughter to Adventure because they tie their kids down and don’t use sedation.

    My DIL called Adventure to ask them if it was true what this dental hygienist had just told her – and the receptionist said – it is not really tying them down. We use some sort of papoose (?) that keeps their arms to their side so they cannot fight the dentist. And then after that explanation – the receptionist inquired as to when my DIL wanted to bring my granddaughter in for her dental work.


    In nursing homes – restraints are not allowed but under extreme conditions – and then after thorough documentation, doctor involvement, etc. Restraints are something that is watched carefully by authorities.

    Hell – raising the bed rails is viewed as a restraint – did you know that?

    But – I guess since it is only kids we are talking about – they have no rights?

    I certainly learned a lot this week – it is all about the MONEY

    But I have to wonder – if bed rails are considered a restraint and against the patient’s rights – then why should I be subjected to walking next to a manly(?) man with a military-style weapon strapped to his body while I do my shopping at Target?

    The insanity of it all boggles the mind….

  7. I wonder if these Tea Party and Pro Lifers would all make a deal?

    They can have the lower half of the USA -all those Deep Southern States – and the rest of us can keep the upper half of the USA.

    This will solve the problem of illegals crossing the border – let these Tea Party and Pro Lifers deal with it.

    But they will be dealing with it without the progressives’ tax money. And we already know how these Deep Southern States leech off the federal government taxpayer money. These leeches are the first ones to the piggy trough…

  8. If you hear some sheep parrot Bill O’Reilly about Americans not believing in America any longer (while misquoting First Lady Michelle Obama of course), here’s the truth. None of us need to rely on lies and fear because facts are so readily available.

    No, Bill O’Reilly: There is no patriotism crisis in the USA

    • To be a true patriot – one would truly have to abide by the idealogy that those guaranteed rights are to be given EVERYONE..- not just the wealthy white Christians.

      IMHO – Bill O’Reilly is just one of the Foxxies Hen House mouthpieces that have made millions off feeding GOP-cotton candy loaded with gossip, innuendos and non-facts. These Foxxies do not even know the basics of how our government works and why there should be a separation of Church and State.

      Those are the basics – and I find the basics sorely lacking in Foxxies, Tea Party Mad Haters and the Fundy Christians.

      Their heads are too easily distracted by big shiny objects dangled by the 1% corporatists that are designed to keep the American public busy fighting amongst ourselves over abortion and gay marriage. And now – since those two issues have been overdone – the corporatists have found a new social wedge issue – religious liberty being threatened.

      The day I see any of these Foxxies, Tea Party and Fundy Christians get their lily-white panties in a twist over some mosque being vandalized or Muslims being attacked by Christians – that is when I will believe these folks when they so loudly proclaim that they stand for religious liberty.

      Freedom of religion is a basic right – which means that if the other person chooses a different religion than what you choose – YOU have to respect that person’s right to choose whatever religion – even if it means they choose NO religion.

      I have come to the conclusion that these Foxxies, Tea Party and Fundy Christians are plagued by Puritanism – All for Me and None for Thee..

  9. Asher Bob White

    I’m so very pleased that I bumped into this blog. And today’s post is another example of why. Isn’t the tho’t and creativity great? Every day. But, today is very special …. creative….. and especially correct!

    • I am very pleased you bumped into our blog also. It is also nice to ‘read’ you and you do bring up some very interesting points.

      Did you get hit by Hurricane Arthur?



    This reminds me of the old saying – beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing..

    But, hey, at least the British sentence their pedophiles to prison. I just wonder how many of these perverts we have preying on our children in plain sight? And some are even held in high regards – because their sheep’s clothing just looks so damn morally superior.

    Some are even screaming about they’re being persecuted for their religion.
    Like I said before – drive east on 21st Street North out to Andover and count the number of huge mega churches and they are all Christian churches.

    If that is persecution – I want some of that. All tax-free money…..

    • This is a link to the Al Franken show discussing Bill O’Reilly’s military service.

      If you listen to the first few minutes of this link – Bill O’Reilly himself talks about how he has seen combat. One might think from that statement that Bill-o was a soldier – wouldn’t you?

      ON the contrary – as you can hear for yourself, a caller to the Bill-o show asked Bill-O directly if he was in the military – to which Bill-O replied ‘NO’.

      Okay – then Bill-O was a media guy that was with a military unit. These were the soldiers assigned to the mission of combat and these soldiers were also assigned to the task of keeping this media chickenhawk alive and well…

      If you finish listening to Bill-O’s reply to this caller – Bill-O goes on to say that the caller was a loser and blah, blah and more blah..

      Can a media hawk actually count serving in combat if his ass was a drag on the unit of ‘real’ soldiers?

      Hmmm….patriotism does not mean you get to claim that you saw combat – without clarifying that your ass was only the media hawk sitting in the back of the unit being PROTECTED by the very same soldiers in that unit.

      This is just yet another way of how these CONservatives pander their innuendos and make them into actual facts to their targeted vulnerable sheeple – who are all too eager to eat up that GOP cotton candy..

      • Just because you wear a flag draped around your cold-hearted body does not make you a patriot.

        Nor does wearing an Uncle Sam costume and carrying an assault weapon strapped to cover up your beer gut at some Tea Party rally.

        Being a patriot is more than what you wear or what you say – it is how you truly see America.

        If you see only black and white – then perhaps you need to follow in the footsteps of your Puritan ancestors and get on a damn ship and land on some other country and take it over.

        Hopefully, that new country will have native people who enforce their strict illegal immigration policies….

        Wow – Lady Karma will be kicking ass that day….LOL

    • When this made the news, I remember Republicans all scrambing to say this was picture was photo shopped and never happened.

      I also heard that this was not even a real rug on the floor – it was some sort of image being shown on the floor.

      Whatever the truth is – this picture is now out in the public and it looks like our president and his wife are standing on our country’s flag.

      But…then again…..when I see thongs, swimsuits, bras, boxer shorts and any other clothing in the form of the American flag – is a rug being stood on by The Little Cowboy President going to be seen as something wrong?

      Our society has been dumbed down so far…..the average person does not even know how show respect or even dignity to things of value..