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holy corporations


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  1. The one thing I never hear from these Pro Life folks is the role of the man who impregnates the woman.

    What about his role in this debate over birth control.

    I think we all remember Republicans during the 2012 general election – especially Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. These two men illustrated exactly how these Pro Life folks believe – the woman is always at fault in the case of rape and women just cannot control their libidos.

    So – basically what they are saying is – when the birth control pill arrived on the scene, women were finally able to act like men in our society?

    After all – according to the Republicans’ way of thinking – men cannot control themselves around women and the women entice men to rape them. And men can run around all the time and screw whatever is not nailed down and then brag about it back at the Neanderthal cave..

    And then to top it all off – we are supposed to listen to a bunch of robed celibate men when it comes to using birth control? These same men are of the same church that have been proven in court to have covered up child molestation within their churches.

    And this would be a good thing to do because??????


    Wow – appears the stock market is doing fine. The rich get richer – and the same rich will keep on bitchin…….

  3. Maybe the rich have to keep bitchin’ so all of us continue to pick sides that aren’t even the REAL issue. Americans pick sides about women’s health care being her decision or what a company provides in the way of benefits being for the owner of the business to decide while our entire system of government is cemented as an Oligarchy. Those few who rule wouldn’t want the masses to realize the truth…

    • You’re right – and then the majority of our media is corporate owned – so there is another outlet for spewing divisive words 24/7.

      I’ve also come to the conclusion that our society really does not want to know the truth. We would rather be kept busy standing in lines to buy the newest iPhone or iPad, overpriced designer coffee and, of course, the overpriced deep-fried chicken sandwich to prove how much we love Jesus.

      It’s like these damn wars that Republicans seem to take such delight in starting – it’s real easy to sit there and declare war when you know that your own butt – or your kids’ butts – will be the actual bodies on the front line to get shot at…..

      Our society, as a whole, are very content to be uneducated and uninvolved… long as it does not interrupt their current game playing on their blinged-out cell phone.

      • I grew up with Walter Conkrite as a news anchorman. Can you even imagine Walter Conkrite being a celebrity with an agent to get the best multi-million dollar deal?

        Our news journalists are not even in the same category of Conkrite and others I remember from my childhood.

        Today’s news is all about our obsession with celebrities and those damn reality t.v. shows like Duck Dynasty, Honey Boo Boo and the rest of those nonsense shows.

        And why do we have so many of these shows? Because we have a society that is obsessed with celebrities and the more stupid/ignorant the show, the higher the ratings.

        And – the main reason – IMHO – is because reality t.v. shows are cheap to make for these networks and they bring in huge profits. Just imagine the profit from all the Duck Dynasty merchandising crap.

        MONEY – that is the true God most Americans worship….

    Read this article carefully – notice it is the residents on higher ground that object to spending money to help with flooding for those people on the lower ground..

    Now the town has told the people they are on their own…

    Sounds familiar – huh?

    • People have built homes and businesses where Mother Nature may have never intended buildings to exist. What with every weather event being more intense due to warming and climate change I suspect we will see more and more buildings in harms way from fires, floods, wind from storms… I hope everyone remains safe and keeps the perspective on lives vs property and things.

      • I remember Hurricane Katrina – the casinos and hotels on the beachfront were the first ones to be rebuilt – with government money.

        I wonder if all those black and poor white people that were put on buses to be driven to Texas, Oklahoma and parts unknown were ever able to move back to New Orleans?

        I don’t think George W. Bush was being racist about Hurricane Katrina – I think he was being a rich 1% snob. I did not see too many people in that Super Dome that appeared to have some money…..did you?

  5. What do we all think about this crisis at the southern border with all these undocumented kids?

    My first question is – how the hell did they travel from the three leading countries that are being touted – Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvadore – if they are kids?

    Who were the adults making the profit off this venture? There are reports that parents here in the USA have paid people to bring their kids up through Mexico – let’s go after that level of profit makers and then maybe we can start to do something constructive to fix this problem.

    • I heard Tom Ridge – former head of Homeland Security under GWB – say this morning that President Obama has caused this border crisis by using his executive order to give these kids their legal status.

      First of all – Obama signed the order for the kids of illegals that were BORN in the USA (aka Dreamers) the legal ability to become USA citizens.

      But then – Obama did not give these dreamers’ parents any legal status. In fact, Obama has been criticized for deporting these parents and tearing families apart.

      Tom Ridge tried to say Obama caused this because he gave illegal kids the right to legal status….

      Duh….no Tommy……do some research…or turn off the Foxxies Hen House channel and/or the Hate Talk Radio 24/7

      • Did Tom Ridge forget to mention the 2008 law G. W. Bush signed that details how the US government deals with undocumented immigrant minors? The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, or TVPRA, says that unaccompanied minors who aren’t from Mexico or Canada (known as “other than Mexicans” or OTMs) cannot be sent back to their home countries. Instead, Customs and Border Patrol is to turn the undocumented children over to the Department of Health and Human Services within 72 hours. HHS will then hold them humanely until they can be released to a “suitable family member” in the US.

        The child “shall be promptly placed in the least restrictive setting that is in the best interest of the child,” the law stipulates. “Placement of child trafficking victims may include placement in an Unaccompanied Refugee Minor program … if a suitable family member is not available to provide care.”

        I think its possible this law is encouraging these children to come and their desperate Central American parents to send them away from the violence in their own country.

        President Bush signs William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act to combat Human Trafficking

      • George W. Bush did a lot of things that Republicans are trying to blame on Obama.

        But what good news today for the economy….6.1% unemployment rate.

        This is the rate it was at when George W. Bush’s recession started..

  6. Corporations Are People, But What KIND Of People?
    A handy chart-like chart

  7. (from the link): “…
    This gets complicated, but bear with us. Basically, what you need to know is that if you and some friends start a company that makes a lot of money, you’ll be rich, but if it incurs a lot of debt and fails, you won’t be left to pay its bills…

    That separation is what legal and business scholars call the “corporate veil,” and it’s fundamental to the entire operation. Now, thanks to the Hobby Lobby case, it’s in question. By letting Hobby Lobby’s owners assert their personal religious rights over an entire corporation, the Supreme Court has poked a major hole in the veil.”

    How Hobby Lobby Undermined The Very Idea of a Corporation

    • Wishful thinking by the author. The corporate veil had no major hole poked in it; rather, SCOTUS merely interpreted the RFRA reference to “person” as including a corporation under the so-called “Dictionary Act” (codified at 1 USC §1), and imputed the religious beliefs of the families who are the stockholders of the closely held corporations involved to the corporations.

  8. Our grandson who lives in NYC is home and a bunch of family is getting together here tonight for a cook-out. Tomorrow my grandson who lives in Portland arrives which means my daughter will have all her chicks home. We’ll have fun at her house tomorrow and I probably won’t stay too late. I loved those bangs and pops when I was a kid but have little appreciation for them today. 🙂 I think you could call me an old fogey.

    • Have fun with your family ……. and I agree with the bangs and pops thing. I have never been a big fan.

      My 3 yr old grandson hates the fireworks – so Grandma will be sitting inside the house with him – and getting an early start on that dessert….

  9. Yep! Same question we asked and answered a long time ago!

    Do Republican men ever have sex?

  10. Dear Rick,

    Money shouldn’t buy a Senate seat in a democracy. But since the Citizens United decision opened the floodgates to political spending, the Koch brothers and their special interest allies are certainly trying their hardest to turn our elections into auctions.

    There’s nothing the special interests would like more than a Tea Party-controlled Senate. They could order up whatever anti-middle class agenda they want, like the Ryan Budget Plan to end Medicare as we know it, or protecting tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.

    Their agenda has already caused enough problems. Like the government shutdown that cost our economy $24 billion, the failure to extend unemployment insurance, or the failure to raise the minimum wage.

    It is up to our grassroots network to push back against these outside interests. With the other side spending like it’s their job, every dollar matters.

    If you can, please contribute $5 or more to help grow our grassroots network.

    I will not stop my work to protect the middle class families that rely on me.

    Thank you for all of your help.

    Harry Reid