Wednesday, 7/2/14, Public Square

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  1. Vote in a blue wave in November to ensure the next Supreme Court appointee defends women’s rights.

    • I am still waiting for someone to explain exactly when a corporation becomes a person.

      Every person I know exists because a sperm fertilized an egg and then grew into formed human body.

      No matter how you slice and dice this – a corporation is nothing more than a legal entity that humans use to be of benefit to themselves.

      A legal entity does not require a sperm and a fertilized egg to begin its existence – does it?

      • It’s amazing how quickly “the sanctity of all human life” turns into something like “send those dirty illegals home,” or “corporations are people, my friend.” Republicans, and most especially the evangelinut type of republican are hypocrites, and evil through and through. The words they say turn out to be lies real quickly!

      • or the killing of innocent Muslim children and all due to a war for oil…

        That is not protecting the sanctity of life – IMHO

    • The true issue is the US government recognizes corporate liberty over individual liberty. Think about it — individuals are held to the letter of the law on Obamacare, corporations get to pick and choose. That’s a more important fact of this decision than even the rights of women to choose or someone’s deeply held religious beliefs. Marching right along to that Oligarchy while Americans pick sides about women’s health care being her decision or what a company provides in the way of benefits being for the owner of the business to decide.

    • Asher Bob White

      “When does the madness end?” Why did the founders allow the SCOTUS to be a lifetime appointment? Where are the five deadly terminal illnesses when the public interest and the common good actually need them?

  2. Pick and choose — when to make a fuss about morality, which scriptures are or aren’t to be followed… Cafeteria style! Fine and dandy, moral and all that to invest in companies that produce the types of contraception you can’t possibly support or allow your benefits to make available; fine and dandy to sell stuff made in sweatshops in a country that makes abortion a normal part of daily life; fine and dandy to support criminal perverts…

    Hobby Lobby Funded Disgraced Fundamentalist Christian Leader Accused of Harassing Dozens of Women
    The crafts store chain and its owners gave millions in backing to controversial evangelical Bill Gothard and his Institute in Basic Life Principles.



    America has been dumbed down to the point where our attention span is as long as a male gnat’s prized anatomical part..

    Seriously – Ronald Reagan is still the most popular president since World War II. Do Americans not ever do some research or think for themselves?

    I guess Americans are okay with a president selling weapons to radical Muslims – as long as it is a Republican president and the money is used to fund other wars for profit?

  4. Has anyone heard of a dentist asking whether a child has been diagnosed with ADHD so the dentist can be paid to sedate the child for tooth extraction?

    This dentist quoted my DIL a price of $900 for each time of sedation and he wants to do quite an extensive amount of dental work and all on baby teeth. He wants to cap two of them after doing root canals and pull out three of them. We are talking quite a lot of money here….at $900 a pop just for sedation – you can guess how much the total would be..

    And then – just like some dishonest auto mechanics – I suspect they will find more work needed once they get in there.

    It’s all about the money…

    BTW – my DIL was asked several times if she had a medical card for the kids or if she got help of any kind from the government.

    Take a good look at this guy’s picture – he could fit it into any one of these mega churches.

    Or if he was wearing a priest’s robe – he could get cover from his bosses since they seem to have the ability to look the other way when a crime is committed.

    This is one reason why I will never believe one single word from mega churches or the Catholic Church when they demonize homosexuals and those women who use birth control.

    Fake-N-Bake Christians are very selective in their judging of what is truly evil…

  6. Didn’t take long at all (ONE day!) for the haters to start crawling out of the woodwork asking for exemptions so they can spread their hate! Recently I had been thinking we might get discrimination against the LGBT community figured out, maybe even before we figured out women should be treated equally. Now I see how allowing discrimination against one group empowers discrimination against another. I don’t know how it all will end. There are people who think other people aren’t equal to them and don’t deserve to be treated equally. I don’t know how you deal with that. I feel devastated. Religious exemptions allow someone to be treated better than someone else. Religious exemptions allow someone to think they deserve superior treatment. This is what Jesus would do???

    Hobby Lobby Is Already Creating New Religious Demands on Obama
    Faith leaders friendly to the administration are asking for an exemption from a forthcoming gay-rights order.

    • Fake-N-Bake Christians are not ‘real’ religious folks – they can be labeled as church goers, but not ‘real’ followers of Jesus – IMHO

      These are also the folks who yell and scream about being pro life but yet will applaud when their Republican war mongerers give billions of taxpayer money to bomb innocent Muslim children.

      Pro Life my Aunt Fanny….