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  1. To Republicans – George W. Bush was a patriot and ‘real’ American when he issued his executive orders with some giving him all kinds of new power.

    After all – GWB is a white Compassionate Evangelical Christian Republican.

    NOW you see the difference – don’t you?

    • I would rather have Obama on his worst day than any Republican on their best day with the power to issue executive orders.

      • I know you remember well all the times Bush2 grabbed power that the republicans were warned that any power grabbed would be available to all future presidents. Republicans are such whiny babies!

        I’ve read and heard republicans saying it’s not the number of executive orders it’s what they do. They go on in some attempt to justify all of the former president’s signing statements and executive orders. It’s a bunch of hogwash but they’re able to believe the craziest of s**t. If they didn’t have this ‘ability’ to believe crazy s**t they certainly wouldn’t vote for republicans!

      • I still feel strongly republicans are incapable of doing anything but obstruct and tear down, destroy and cause harm. Still have never had anyone answer the question, “What was the republican legislative accomplishment that helped American citizens the most?”

  2. Robert Reich says —

    The Supreme Court is expected to rule today on whether Obamacare can mandate contraception coverage for certain businesses that object for religious reasons. The case looks like it’s about freedom of religion – specifically for businesses whose owners object on religious grounds to these services — but like so many other issues at the workplace it’s really about power. Obamacare gives employees the power to get certain health services from their employers. But employers hold all the cards if they can decide not to give those services to their employees on religious grounds. Keep the issue of power at the workplace in mind when the Court’s decision is announced.

  3. We now know the two narrow decisions regarding the contraception mandate and union dues handed down by SCOTUS this morning. Yes, narrow, but a chink that allows chipping away and setting precedence so future decisions can take a bigger chunk. This was discussed in an article that appeared on the front page of our local newspaper this morning. I’ve found the same article and posted a link that isn’t behind a firewall like our local paper. Please read it! I feel this man has an excellent grasp of exactly what is happening.

    “Corporations are people, my friend! And further, republicans will do anything and everything to control women!! Corporations now have a say in women’s health-care decisions.

    (from the link): Roberts’ tactical victory on the Massachusetts case, in turn, might have strategic implications for the long run. Now 59 years old, the chief justice can anticipate several more decades of court leadership. His predecessor and a man for whom he once clerked, William Rehnquist, served until his death at the age of 80. Roberts has time to claim incremental victories and build on them, even as their seeming modesty at first may help blunt critics’ charges about court partisanship.

    In a 2009 Voting Rights Act challenge out of Texas, for instance, Roberts secured an 8-1 majority by moving cautiously and leaving the law intact. He also embedded in his opinion, though, language that set the stage for a 2013 ruling that struck down a key part of that law.

    Liberals hated the 2013 decision, but they couldn’t say they weren’t warned. Roberts cited the earlier, nearly unanimous case 29 times in his 23-page opinion last year that struck down part of the Voting Rights Act.

    Do Supreme Court’s mostly calm waters hide turbulence below?

  4. VOTE! Elect people who do not vote against your own best interests! Republicans belong in the dust bin of history! Reasonable people must ensure there is never another republican president, never another ‘conservative’ appointed to SCOTUS!

  5. With this Hobby Lobby ruling based on ‘religious liberty’ – does that mean I can refuse to sell to a Fundy Evangelical Christian male because I suspect him of being an adulterer?

    After all – my religious beliefs will not permit me to sell anything to someone I consider to be sinning against God.

    I have a hobby business also – so this means I can put up a sign that states no sales permitted to anyone I judge as not living up to the Ten Commandments?

    OH – OH ….there goes another big chunk of the Fundies ………LOL

    • It was a very narrow ruling that spelled out ways religion couldn’t be used to avoid following laws.

      BuuuuuuTTTTTTT, and this is a BIG but, it is a tiny chink and a precedent that can be used in future rulings to take a bigger chunk. It is one more step on the path to a Theocracy that allows religion to control women. Just like Sharia Laws except these idiots think Christianity is a ‘superior’ religion and therefore a Theocracy based around this superior religion can’t be equated. It screams men can’t compete with women so must control and suppress them.

      • I truly think the Oligarchy that already exists are using religion as a way to get the masses to fall in line. It’s gawds will, just take a few scriptures and get people to realize they can’t allow this or that and the sheep fall in line while the wealthy make them their tools. The masses don’t even realize they are serfs since they’re doing this in the name of whatever it is they believe in.

        a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.
        “the ruling oligarchy of military men around the president”
        a country governed by an oligarchy.
        “the English aristocratic oligarchy of the 19th century”
        government by oligarchy.

  6. BTW – I just heard the lawyer for the Hobby Lobby owners publicly state that they pay their employees double the minimum wage…

    Does anyone know of someone who works for Hobby Lobby. If so, what do they make?

    Well, of course, minimum wage at a waitress’ job is what $2/hr now – maybe that is what this lawyer meant?

    • If HL’s lawyer state that the employees are paid 2x minimum wage, that would be $14.50/hour, as the employees are not eligible for “waitress treatment” of $2.13/hour plus tips.

      • Thanks 6176 – I asked my daughter if she knew anyone that worked for Hobby Lobby and when I asked her if she made double the minimum wage – my daughter just laughed and said ‘seriously?”

        Many years ago when she was graduated from high school, my DIL put in an application at the Hobby Lobby and she remembered the starting wage was minimum wage – and they proudly told her that was the wage – take it or leave it.’

        So – she left it and went into banking..

  7. Maybe liberals should take a page from Mike Huckabee’s playbook and stage a protest of all the Hobby Lobby locations?

    Can you imagine if that happened? All HOLY Hell would break loose – from those same folks who claim their religious liberty has been stomped on.

    But – hey – the same SCOTUS recently ruled that anti-abortion protesters have the right to be in close proximity to the clinic patients walking into the clinics.

    So – wouldn’t the same go for any public protesting at Hobby Lobby?

    Isn’t it funny how there are two sides to each coin???

  8. Do remember the republicans say government over reaches all the while making sure that government controls and suppresses those republicans fear. Republicans attack the rights of women at every turn! Women are the majority voters. Voter suppression laws impact women more than men, and we’ve already heard some of the dumber neanderthals speak openly about women should never have been allowed the vote. Keep em barefoot and pregnant…

  9. As with all over reach, this could be the path to more women paying attention. We’ve talked before about young women who don’t remember a time without reliable contraception and don’t realize what life was like before. This could smack republicans hard.

  10. With this ruling – the SCOTUS has basically set up a new select category of people that get ‘special rights’ – doesn’t it?

    If you’re a Fundy Evangelical Christian – the you can do whatever the hell you want?

    Here’s a thought – what if this had been a family-owned company but they were Muslims. Would the same Court of Fundy Evangelical men rule the way they did in the Hobby Lobby case?

    Something to think about – huh?

    After all – if this was truly about religious liberty – then shouldn’t that same liberty apply to all religions?

    • Yes. It can be traced back to money. That class of people who have money use the religious class to better obtain their goals. The religious class are easily controlled.

  11. The 8 Best Lines From Ginsburg’s Dissent on the Hobby Lobby Contraception Decision

  12. Since this slippery slope has been greased – can a group of women employed by Hobby Lobby file a lawsuit objecting to their health insurance premiums being used to buy coverage for buying Viagra for male employees?

    After all – if a man cannot get it up by himself, maybe that is God telling him he no longer needs to put it where it does not belong?

  13. As I’ve been listening to the news, I’ve gotten the memo that Justice Kennedy’s basic argument is that the government can pay for the contraceptives for these women – so the government’s part of this issue is now moot because there is an alternative to mandating birth control coverage by employers.

    How does that make it okay to give one group of Americans ‘special rights’ when it comes to them opting out of providing complete health care coverage to their employees?

    • Conservatives stand for special rights for the old white men. They can’t compete fairly.

      • The compromise with religious, not-for-profit corporations (think Notre Dame) whereby the employer doesn’t pay for coverage including contraceptives but where the insurance company (or, in certain situations, the Federal Government directly) bears the cost appears to have weakened the government’s case. The majority opinion essentially tells the Administration that this is its way out of the apparent conundrum. We’ll wait and see.

  14. All I can say is – look at the four CONservative judges of the SCOTUS and then ask yourself – why are these four men so terrified of women being in charge of their own health care decisions?

    And then – go out and V-O-T-E each and every time the voting booth is open.

    The only thing these CONS are more scared of are long lines of voters that ‘don’t look like them’.

    • Hopefully, some day more people will realize the impact The Supreme Court has over our lives, and further realize how those judges get to be in that position. Presidential elections seem to revolve around less important topics than the president’s right to nominate federal judges. That needs greater emphasis.

      • Sad to say – a lot of Americans do not have any idea how our government works – or even how many branches there are and which branch does what….

        And trying to explain that concept is quite challenging. Anybody remember when Jay Leno used to go out to the street and ask people basic questions about politics ……

        It’s sad….

  15. And don’t forget this narrow decision sets precedence. Most SCOTUS decisions cite precedence and John Roberts has decades of cases to use this precedence he has set to make future decisions less narrow.

  16. Our good friend Ziggy said:

    “Oh for fuck’s sake. With one hand the Supreme Court says corporations can’t be required to provide contraception, but then they say unions have to represent non-union members and don’t have to be compensated for their work. Just another case of 5 Supreme Court members ruling based upon their ideology and not the law.”

    And, more from Ziggy:

    “Wow, this is weird. Corporate just issued a bulletin, something about every Thursday now being “Ritual Sacrifice Day”? Attendance is mandatory. Something about the Unseen Superior Being and the divinity of Ayn Rand. And something about a 5-4 Supreme Court decision.”

  17. LOL I really should come here first instead of face book, by the time I get here I have worn out all my righteous indentation. Battling with Neo-cons and the rich lovers on there. But the up side is that after coming from F. B. I have no doubts about what I am or what my mother is!

  18. No wonder more people tune in to comedy for their news and ‘news’ for their comedy. Once again, ‘comedy’ hits the nail on its head.

  19. To be clear, it’s not the Supreme Court voting in favor of corporations 88% of the time, it’s REPUBLICANS on the Supreme Court doing it. A very important detail.

  20. Let’s hope this is correct!

    Dear Supreme Court,

    You have just provided Democratic women with more get out the vote animus than you could have by slapping Oprah.

    You think Lysistrata was something? Wait until November.

    Women with the vote and the desire to use it, and men who are still going to have sex in the foreseeable future.

    All over the place, even Texas.

  21. Take a look at the experts on women’s health on the Supreme Court who ruled today to limit contraception coverage.

  22. One final thought, today’s Hobby Lobby decision is based solely upon the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, enacted in 1990 during Bush the Elder’s term (as I read it), steering clear of the First Amendment entirely. Statutes confer rights also. Just found it interesting.

    • Religious freedom is for people and I still have a hard time with a corporation being a ‘real’ person..

      Isn’t it very telling these religious folks want all the benefits of being a corporation but yet when it comes to the other side of the coin – they don’t want any of the responsibilities that other corporations have to live with

      • Every person I know started when a sperm fertilized an egg and then grew from that moment on..

        Please tell me – to make a corporation, who the hell provided the sperm and the egg?


    Fnord – this one is for you because I know Duck Dynasty dude is your favorite man’s man….

    • Notice4 those two dates – four years apart.

      Well, she was 16 yrs old at the first love-in……which begs the question, were they living together during those four years?

      If so – then who paid for the baby to be born? If it was Medicaid, then does that make them leeches of society?

      What bothered me about this article is how nonchalant they all seem to be about this fact. In fact, I got the sense they all found this to be just one big joke.

      Hell – when you preach one thing and then do another – it is no big ass joke.

      Especially when you’re planning to print your own Bible and sell it as the Holy Word of God…

  24. LOOK AT THIS! What an amazingly wonderful thought!