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  1. We female healthy human beings will be hearing from SCOTUS early next week on whether evangelinuts can refuse to cover contraception — a normal part of adult female lives. Of course we know if this were about Viagra instead of contraception it would have never made into any courtroom for a decision. Only the healthy females need wonder if they can have control over their own destiny.

  2. Conservative Christian leader David Barton wants to ban women from voting.

    (from the audio at the link): “So family government precedes civil government and you watch that as colonists came to America, they voted by families. And you have to remember back then, husband and wife, I mean the two were considered one. That is the biblical precept… That is a family, that is voting. And so the head of the family is traditionally considered to be the husband and even biblically still continues to be so.”

    • If this dude’s logic is to believed – then a lot of his fellow Bible Thumper husbands have been sorely lacking in their leadership role – especially when they get caught with their pants down and their wife is no where to be found in the damn motel room.

  3. I liked this headline. It accurately describes the wingnutty idiots Boehner represents. It’s pretty. Can we play with it?

    Boehner’s Frivolous Law Suit Is A Shiny Object For His Intellectually Challenged Base

    Can citizens of America sue the U.S. House for all the tax money they waste, all the bills they introduce to limit our civil rights, thwarting equal pay for women, repeated attempts to control the reproductive rights of women, or deny access to affordable health care, the wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on sham hearings, shutting down the government at great expense and causing our country’s credit rating damage, etc.?

    Boehner wants to sue the President under the theory that exercising his constitutional powers somehow caused a great harm to Congress. We could tell that asshole a few things about causing harm!

    • If Obama can be sued for using his executive powers – then why can’t WE the PEOPLE demand that George W. Bush be sued for his use of executive powers – especially those times when he gave more power to himself and his War Boys

      • One big difference is that Boehner will use our money to pay for his lawsuit. I don’t suppose he will give us his money to use

        Boehner was elected as a member of the U.S. House by Ohio’s 8th district voters, he is serving (I use that word loosely!) as Speaker of the House which makes him an employee of every American. He plays idiotic games and wastes more time and money than any Speaker in history. The legislative body he “leads” is the most unproductive in history. He is doing a piss poor job and we don’t even have a vote or a method of holding him accountable unless we live in his congressional district.

    • Boehner is just throwing red meat to the Tea Party Evangelicals because midterm is coming up and the Tea Party Evangelicals are already on the warpath about Thad Cochran in Mississippi.

      Even Boehner is not stupid enough to know that without their rabid fringe base – the midterm elections will be a landslide – for the Democrats.

      The Republican Party created the Tea Party Evangelical monster and now they cannot control the damn evil thing.


  4. Asher Bob White

    RE: Today’s Post: Simple as that …. What’s the big-deal?


    I found this article quite by accident while Internet surfing. But it goes hand-in-hand with our cartoon header today – doesn’t it?

    I wonder if these pompous and privileged Pro Life church-goers would even have the ability to comprehend what this article is talking about?

    sometimes I wonder – do these Pro Life church-goers even have a clue as to the REALITY of life that is going on?

    While these mostly white, middle-aged Pro LIfe church goers – who seems to have a lot of middle aged white males as their leaders – pat themselves on the back every time they block and/or protest an abortion clinic – or when an abortion clinic is blown up or as these folks celebrate when the abortion doctor is shot at point-blank range in his own church – do these folks have any freakin’ clue as to what is really going on in the world they are obviously not a part of?

    Nor do these pompous Pro Life church goers even care about ‘that world’ because, after all, that world is inhabited by people that are ‘not one of us’….

    • I am of the belief that the ONLY reason we have these Pro Life church goers protesting abortion clinics is because when Roe v Wade was settled -the abortion clinic was a separate health care facility within their community.

      As in this article above – as long as the abortion pill is sold at flea markets attended to by ‘those people’ – I don’t think we’ll ever see any of these Pro Life church goers bothering to get their bodies all hot and sweaty.

      After all – there mega churches are air conditioned and some even offer inside swimming pools….

      I wonder were Jesus would choose to walk among the people?

  6. As long as women have been getting pregnant they’ve also been finding ways to end unwanted pregnancies. If a woman has enough money she can always pay to end her pregnancy safely, if not there have always been other alternatives — many of them dangerous. Do you suppose the so-called ‘pro-lifers’ are truly as ignorant as they seem or like they’re able to ignore the fertilized eggs thrown in the trash out back of the fertility clinic these hypocrites are easily able to make their own reality?

    The Rise of the DIY Abortion in Texas
    A pill that revolutionized reproductive rights in Latin America is now gaining ground on the black market in South Texas.

  7. I watched a television show last night – it was about Jimmy Swaggart – the televangelist that got caught with a prostitute in the motel – remember?

    Well – I never knew the events that led up to that discovery – but this is more than just about adultery of this famous – and wealthy – televangelist

    Seems Jimmy Swaggart was involved in bringing down Jim Bakker and his wife Tammy Faye. Seems Jimmy did not like the threat of the Bakkers incringing on his turf of all that tax-free money from the sheeple. You see, the Bakkers were rolling in that tax-free money also – and I guess jealousy and envy got the best of Jimmy…

    Anyway – there was another preacher that was becoming famous and was in the process of getting his own satellite which would make his audience even larger – which meant more tax free money and more celebrity status for this preacher.

    According to this show last night, Jimmy Swaggart was behind the downfall of that preacher man. Swaggart was the one that turned him into the Assemblies of God authorities and the preacher was defrocked.

    That was the man that hired men to stake out the motel where Jimmy Swaggart finally showed up for a romp in the hay. When he came out, Jimmy Swaggart had a flat tire on his car – so that was when this preacher (who had been set up to be defrocked by Swaggart a few years earlier) came up to Jimmy and basically did a ‘gotcha’ moment.

    Boy, would I have loved to have been there to hear that…..LOL

    But I digress – it seems the defrocked preacher gave Swaggart an ultimatimum – apologize to the world and restore this guy’s reputation. Swaggart did not do any such thing – his wife was not going to allow that.

    That was when the world was subjected to the infamous video of Jimmy Swaggart’s tearful confession – but as the television show pointed out – the only thing Jimmy Swaggart stated in that confession was that he sinned against the Lord – he never said what the sin was – did he?

    But it was also pointed out – the defrocked preacher did give the pictures his hired men took at the motel to the same Assemblies of God authorities that had defrocked him years earlier.

    But this time – the only punishment for Swaggart was that he was banned from television for a year – he was not defrocked.

    Why – you may ask? Because Swaggart was bringing that group $12 million a year into their hands from his ministry. As the television narrator said – the defrocked preacher man told this group that their golden goose was sitting on some rotten eggs.

    Hmmmm…….let’s see…….if I count up all the sins in this torrid affair…..there are quite a few big ones from that Top Ten list – don’t you agree?

    1) Adultery
    2) Coveting
    3) Lying
    4) Jealousy
    5) Envy
    6) Stealing

    My, oh my, if this is the kind of people that profess to be in Heaven one day – why the Hell would I want to spend an eternity with any of these black-hearted folks?

  8. The numbers don’t lie, but republicans do!

    • But Obama has one thing the others do not – black skin.

      How don’t care how loud these Republicans scream they are not racist – their words and actions tell a very different story..