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  1. I’m beginning to get more and more calls from republican primary candidates. Last evening someone from the campaign staff of Milton Wolf called and it got me to thinking. I really believe I will vote for him in the primary. It would be difficult to vote for Roberts and just maybe Wolf would be the weaker candidate in the general election. Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor (D) has announced. I know little about him but will have time to learn before the general election.

    The Pompeo vs Tiahrt race is more difficult. I can’t see me casting a vote for either of those two, but when it comes closer maybe I’ll know which candidate seems weakest in the general election and that will be the one I will support in the primary. Bascially, whichever wins the primary will probably be elected in the general because they both have the little “R” so all republicans will fall in line. Perry Schuckman is an announced Democratic candidate and, again, I know nothing about him, yet.

    • I often ask them if they are real Republicans or Nazi-cons? They stumble before answering then promise that they are real Republicans! I then ask them their stance on Gay marriage and government spending, on or the other stumbles them since I do not imply my own stances.

      • I can tell you this — I am a republican in registration only. I live in this state and it’s a red state so most contested races are decided at the primary level. My one vote will count. Republicans are mean to me, I don’t mind giving it back. Seems fair. If and when republicans ever become human beings again I will reevaluate.

      • But if Sarah Palin gets her dream – she will give us an alternative to Republicans – a third party where God himself will be the top cheerleader.

        You betcha….wink-wink

    • When it comes to Pompeo v Tiahrt – I will vote for Tiahrt just to teach Pompous Pompeo (my own nickname for this dude) what it is like to L-O-S-E

      • Who knows – maybe God really does want Tiarhrt back in Congress? God has not told me that fact – but considering the other choice is Pompeo – if God is in charge, then where can we go to fire God because he is doing a lousy job – IMHO

  2. I have so much fun with telemarketers! One just called and knew I am diabetic. I shouted ” How do you know that? I am so tired of being woken up at night by your drones flying over my house!”. Then hung up

    • Thank you for the perfect response to a telemarketer.

      When these Republicans start in how much Obama has invaded our privacy….I just want to scream – but corporations can invade our privacy every day and that is okay???

      Just like the VA hospital scandal – these for-profit hospital clinics and doctors make patients wait days and even months to get an appointment – but that is okay?

  3. RD – myteenage son who has been diabetic since he was 5 yrs old was constantly being called the military recruiter (same guy each time) when he was in his senior year of high school.

    My son told this dude that he was insulin dependent diabetic and the recruiter said – I know – I just have to make the phone call so I can make my quota.

    Quota for calling the same young man that is known he will not pass the requirements for military service?

    And this is a smart thing to do???

    Each time this same dude called my son – my son would reply ‘I am still diabetic’……..and the recruiter would say ‘I know’…..but yet kept making repeat phone calls.

    I don’t necessarily want a smaller government – I would like a government that is run efficiently – no matter what size it is.


    What are you thoughts about this potential lawsuit John Boehner is touting?

    I heard today that these Republicans are actually going to use the fact that Obama has given flexibility in implementing the Affordable Health Care act by executive orders which is the very place Republicans are trying to say that Obama has not enforced the ACA law that Congress passed.


    The states and business leaders have asked for more time to implement the ACA – to which Obama has used executive orders to give these folks what they asked for…..

    So, now Obama is wrong for giving these states and business leaders (a lot of Republicans ) what they asked for?

    Sounds like a frivolous lawsuit to me – but surely good Republicans would never file a frivolous lawsuit – would they?

    This latest Boehner tactic is nothing more than throwing red meat to the Tea Party Fundy Evangelicals just in time for midterm elections.

    It’s way past time for Democrats to learn from these Republicans and GET OUT to vote in midterm elections.

    Democrats and independents should show up in large crowds to vote in 2014 – just like they did in 2012 general election.

    Nothing shuts up a bunch of sore loser Republicans like a bunch of voters that refuse to sit at the back of the bus.

    • My opinion of this threatened lawsuit is that these do-nothing republican Congressmen have nothing else. The only people who have any confidence in these idiot obstructionists hate President Obama and want his neck on the chopping block. Since none of them have any ideas or solutions they’re desperately trying to find some way to be relevant with someone. So once again they’ll waste the time we taxpayers pay for and as much tax money as it takes to pursue a futile exercise that keeps the few supporters they still have riled up. They’re very childish, very ineffective, total assholes.

    • I think we should make absolutely sure that a republican NEVER has another opportunity to appoint a federal judge at any level. Then we wait for idiots like Scalia and Thomas… to age. This would reduce the impact of Roberts and Alito. Maybe the membership of the republican party — old white men and the stupid women who love them — will age right along with the judges.

      • I have a serious legal question – 6176, are you in here?

        According to the news coverage I’ve heard today – the SCOTUS struck down the MA law that mandated a 35ft barrier to the abortion clinic on the grounds that it was an infringement on abortion protesters rights to have a conversation and/or hand out their literature to the patients entering the abortion clinic.

        Here’s my question – are churches considered the same category of a building as abortion clinics?

        Are they considered public places for the same free speech rights?

        Let’s just say that I wanted to stand in front of any mega church and/or Catholic church and hand out my own pamplets and have a conversation with the people going into the church.

        If I am asked to stop what I am doing – would the church people be infringing on my freedom of speech?

        Also – what if these abortion clinic patients were given signs to hold up to these protesters stating they do not want a conversation or their literature – would the protesters then be infringing on their abortion clinic patient’s right to enter their health care clinic to get a legal procedure done?

        There’s more than one to skin a cat – as the old saying goes.

        Fight fire with fire is another old saying.

        I think it’s about time we turn the tables on these abortion protesters and give them a taste of what they have been shoving down our throats for years.

      • Short reply: unless there is a statute/ordinance/resolution governing the matter, you are free to stand on public property and pursue the objectives you describe. Note: the property must be public, example, a sidewalk on the city easement, versus private, example, a sidewalk placed on the church property not subject to the city easement for the benefit of those attending said church. Hope this helps.

    • (from the link): We limit the right to free speech in all sorts of practical ways. There’s the classic example of shouting “fire!” in a crowded theater. Bomb threats are illegal. We ban electioneering within 100 feet of polling places.

      Even the Supreme Court has a buffer zone much larger than the one it struck down – thanks to its ban of protests on the large plaza in front of its massive building.

      Supreme Hypocrisy: buffer zones OK for Roberts Court, not for women

      • Exactly….

        I’ve heard that the NRA building in Washington DC is in a gun-free zone. Isn’t that just a kick in the hyprocrisy pants?

      • You are aware that the problem, according to the majority, was not the existence of a buffer but the size thereof (35 feet). CJ Roberts suggested 15 feet as an appropriate distance, without formally approving same. We know that a 100 foot buffer zone around medical facilities with a zone of 8 feet around patients was ok in Hill v. Colorado (which Scalia now wants to overrule).

      • What would happen if a patient tells one of these protesters to get out of their face – whose rights would be protected by the SCOTUS?

        I hope all these clinics will now supply their patients with huge signs – with correctly spelled words – telling the protesters to get out of their face because they do not want a conversation and/or their damn literature.


        Why didn’t Justice Scalia have professionalism and moral compass to recuse himself?

      • professionalism and moral compass

        Not qualities I would associate with Scalia.

  5. It’s a good thing Harry Reid eliminated the filibuster with regard to presidential appointments. Now it’s even more important to maintain a Democratic majority in the Senate.

    There will be another census in 2020 so it’s equally important to make sure states are changed (at least) from red to purple so the gerrymandering can be ‘corrected’ and the U. S. House once again becomes competitive.

    • Picking a rather large nit here, fnord. As to judicial appointments, the filibuster was “eliminated” for all but SCOTUS appointments. As to Executive Branch appointments, there is no exception. However, it still takes 51 votes for cloture, IIRC, thus keeping the GOP in a minority position very important, albeit unlikely in 2014. I have faint hopes the current Democratic majority will hold, but they are very faint.

      As to the Democratic candidate for Congress from the Fourth District, well, I’ve done a bit of research and to say I’m disheartened is a gross understatement. Perhaps there will be something I’ve not seen which will give me a reason to alter my opinion; I’m dubious. As I shall never cast a vote for Tiahrt, I’ll hold my nose and vote for Pompeo in the primary.

    Saw this and thought of Prairie Pond. She has been on the forefront of this water issue for quite awhile.

    PP – this one is for you.,..