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sell what you have


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  1. The sad fact is – that Tea Party person is the one who is sitting in some church pew every time the damn door opens and being patted on his/her head because they are the ‘exceptional’ ones.

    After all – they did go buy their overpriced deep-fried chicken sandwich to prove how much they love Jesus and hate homosexuals.

    Some of these mega evangelical churches should be labeled as terrorist groups – IMHO

    • Asher Bob White

      Dead On, Indy!
      I must confess, I do not know how to live in this world and follow that faith that I love? I can accommodate sharing,” freeing the captives, feeding the poor and healing the sick”, etc., but if I sold all that I have and gave it to the poor, I have no idea how to survive and provide for my family in this world called Earth. Any idea?


    This article is near and dear to my heart since my husband and I have been involved in nursing home work for decades.

    Just take a look at that median annual price for nursing home care – $87,000. That is a lot of money – isn’t it?

    My husband started working in this business in 1977. Back in those days, the average nursing home was Grandma and Grandpa that needed help with the daily activities of living – making sure they got their medications, hygiene, good food, walking around without falling, etc.

    Then – the state mental hospitals were emptied and guess where that population went – that’s right, nursing homes.

    That was about the same time all these corporations started buying up nursing home chains. The only trouble was – most of these corporations were not run by health care people – these homes were being treated like motels.

    But – nursing homes have become this big chess game where they are bought and sold like a pawn on the board.

    The only thing that really matters to these corporations is the bottom line – how much hard cold cash can they get from the government without actually having to provide health care for the nursing home residents.

    Once again – vulture corporatism at its worst – IMHO

    Another factor that is feeding this problem – IMHO – is the success of Medicare. The elderly get to see the doctor and these drug manufacturers love the elderly because they get their drugs paid for through Medicare Drug Program. Hey – a built-in group of consumers.

    There has to be a better way we can provide health care to our elderly – isn’t there?

    • I worked for one Kansas nursing home where the owner was from Texas. This guy was known for buying a bunch of homes, taking the money, never fixing up anything in the homes and then selling off when the feds got too close for comfort.

      The home I was working in needed major plumbing work done – to the tune of $50,000. This guy refused to fix the problem but yet he could find $100,000 to give to the Republican candidate running for president – in this case it was Daddy Bush.

      Hmmm…..could find $100,000 for politics but not one dime to fix the major plumbing problem that caused flooding/mold where 100 elderly residents lived?

      I hope there is a special Hell for these fat cats….

    • I was rather shocked when I became aware of it, that before I went to Nero restorative. I was in a nursing home. In fact it was the same one my mom was in before she came home. LOL every time I went to visit her the staff said they were amazed at how much I had recovered! I would just say you should have seen it from my prospective. From my younger years I was so against nursing homes. I seen them as nothing more then a warehouse for those that were no longer wanted. But I do realize now that it is more there for those that just can not handle it by themselves. Mom can be such a hand full and as she does get better the more trouble she can be!

      • Nursing homes have changed a lot since the 1970’s. They are now handling 24/7 care for some serious health issues.

        It is no longer just a place for Grandma and Grandpa to live out their golden years and have supervision.

        Nursing homes take care of respiratory patients, comatose patients, tube feeders, dialysis patients, major wound care issues and all kinds of things that would have required hospitalization back when we started in the nursing home business.

        And nursing homes do all this under the constant pressure of not enough money, not enough staff and not enough recognition for the good homes.

        There are bad nursing homes – but there are bad in every field – isn’t there?

        There are good preachers – and then there are some very, very bad ones – IMHO

        Same goes for doctors, dentists, teachers and etc.

  3. On MSNBC they were just talking about how Republicans are more and more standing up to the Tea party. Ousting more and more tea partiers from Congress and the Senate. It is up in the air as to whether it is that more are seeing them as Nazi like or simply that the tea party is not in line with the rich?

    • And Democrats and Republicans banded together to do it!

      • That Tea Party dude that challenged Thad Cochran has not conceded the race yet – last I heard.

        This guy is ranting about how the liberal Democrats voted for Cochran and that should not be allowed.

        Hey – Tea Party – check out Mississippi’s rules on primary voting. It is an open primary – so exactly what laws were broken?

        Besides – wasn’t it Rush Limbaugh that came up with the idea that Republicans register as Democrats to vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary to knock out Obama?

        NOW that is karma – to see the Tea Party get kicked in the teeth by a plan pushed by their beloved bloviated, overpaid, under-talented mouthpiece.

      • BTW – Thad Cochran was known to have been a Senator that did bring a lot of federal money back to his home state.

        So – maybe those 10,000 blacks that voted for Cochran would have voted for Cochran in the general election anyway?

        Just because you’re registered as a Democrat does not mean you vote for the Democrat on the ticket in the general election – does it? And there is no law that says you have to vote for your declared party’s candidate in the general election

    Be careful what you wish for John Boehner and Republicans.

    If you successfully sue Obama for using his executive order privilege – the same can be to your boy if and when he ever gets into the White House.


    Here is a map of the states and what percentage of their state revenue comes from federal money.

    Hmmm……Mississippi gets 49% – wow, a lot of money in my neck of the words