Monday, 6/23/14, Public Square

hostage of nra


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  1. Sad to say – as long as Americans continue to get their over-priced super-sized designer coffee and buy the latest cell phone and/or game box – most Americans really do not care about the NRA.

    Also sad to say – substitute the NRA with other powerful lobbyist groups holding our country hostage – and still the average American will not look up from their cell phone games they are addicted to playing.

    What will it take to get average Americans to wake up?

    • I forgot one thing – as long as certain Fake-n-Bake Christians get to buy their overpriced deep fried chicken sandwich to prove how much they love Jesus – nothing will really change – IMHO


    The Duggars – I put these folks into the same category as the Duck Dynasty group.

    Saving the first kiss until the wedding altar – or was it to just get more publicity for the television show which then turns into more money in their pockets?

    I readily admit I am a very big cynic but when folks profess to be so morally superior and godly but yet will turn it into a profitable television show – one has to wonder exactly what the motivation is……yes, I admitted I am a very big cynic.

    • P.S. – people like the Duggars remind me of some of those folks at that Fundy Baptist College that I graduated from in 1975.

      Our campus had many No-No rules –

      1) No short dresses – Women’s dresses and skirts were actually measured because they could be no shorter than the middle of your knee.
      2) No slacks or jeans for women
      3) No card games
      4) No movies, dances or concerts (unless on campus)
      5) No dates without chaperones on all dates – no exceptions
      6) No Carpenters – not woodworkers – the singing duo, The Carpenters. Seriously folks – Richard and Karen Carpenter were viewed as the Devil’s music and was banned from campus.

      If the Carpenters were banned – you can imagine what the mere mention of the name Elvis Presley did to these sanctimonius and pious old farts.

      But upon arrival at that campus, it was soon made crystal clear to everyone that if you wanted drugs or alcohol – the president’s son had that campus territory and he was the one you had to go lick his boots to get what you wanted.

      This was the mid 1970’s and the maxi dress was in fashion (remember those?).

      Since women could not wear slacks or jeans – the maxi dress was the perfect cover-up to hide your slacks or jeans underneath.

      While I can understand college kids pushing the boundaries – I found that most of those folks were nothing but oversexed raging hormones looking for a place to spread their wings (literally).

      There were several women that left during the semester under mysterious circumstances – seems they all had a sickly aunt far, far away that had to be taken care of…..immediately…so these young women were chosen by their families to go help the needy – like the Bible tells us to do – right?

      Yeah, sure – big eye roll. If you’re thinking those girls got knocked up and had to go away before the impending balloon started to expand and pop – you would be correct.

      But yet those young men who impregnated those young women were never sent away…..wonder why?

      It’s a wonder I ever survived that college – but then again, it has given me much insight into what is happening today in the Evangelical Christian movement.

      For, I believe a lot of those college kids I was with in the mid-1970’s are now some of the leaders in these mega Evangelical Fundy churches who were with Jerry Falwell when Reagan gave Falwell and his Immorality Boys the keys to the inner sanctum of the GOP.



    What Would Jesus Do? Make a urinal cake to look like the president so you could pee on him?

    And then these folks are the ones who profess to be so morally superior than the rest of us?

    Oh, please…… these folks are just ignorant, arrogant and hate-filled B-U-L-L-I-E-S

    • Can you imagine the outrage if this was done at a Democratic group event with the picture of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney or Mitt Romney on it?

      All HOLY Hell would break loose – wouldn’t it?

      The more these sanctimonius, pious and hypocrits scream how morally superior they are – the more I want to kick their lily-white prune-assed butts

      • I was just reading some more crap I get in my email from the Cons. One was stating how much more the American people by a majority wish that Bush was back!

      • That is when we know America is in trouble – to have that Little Cowboy back in power

      • Just curious – are any of these CONS wiling to pack their own bag and volunteer to go do the actual fighting and dying for their beloved George W. Bush?

        Seriously – there is no law preventing these folks from going over to any of the Muslim countries and start fighting – is there?

        I don’t see too many of these Fake-N-Bake Patriots lining up to do the actual dying – or am I not looking in the right place?

  4. This is what is happening with the Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds, Baathists…

    EXACTLY! But much worse because our government officials were elected fairly by the majority of voters. These are terrorists! They don’t believe in our government and are willing to be violent in overthrowing our democratically elected officials.

  5. My great friend, Ginger, died this morning. She is at rest under the weeping willow tree where she could always find shade.

    • Because the black man got in as president and we all know what that means – sky high profits for the gun and ammo manufacturers.

      Gun manufacturers are not the corporate vultures who have used the ‘boogeyman in the woods’ tactic to make people scared into buying more and more stuff they do not need.