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  1. He he, I must be making end roads since my e-mail is filling up everyday with more and more hate mail! I keep commenting on national stories concerning Con reps. I now have added the names I am known by One guy has even called me public enemy number one!

  2. Jindal says, “…people are ready for a hostile takeover of Washington, D.C.”

    Wow! If anyone had espoused open rebellion or revolution against Washington during the previous administration, they would have been branded by people like Jindal as traitors. Peaceful demonstrators against the war were told “…you’re either with us or or you’re with the enemy…” (see below for a memory refresher).

    I feel my freedoms being assaulted by people like Jindal every day. Women, minorities and those with less than extreme views should be very alarmed by what is being promoted by the radical right.

    Jindal says rebellion brewing against Washington

    • JIndahl is simply throwing red meat to those primary voters who will think of LIl’ Bobby as presidential material for 2016.

      Does Jindahl realize when he says Washington DC is under a threat of attack – that also means his fellow Republicans in Congress?

      The approval rating of the Congress has dropped to an all-time low of 7%. That rating did not get there without a lot of help from Jindahl’s GOP buddies.

      I agree that people are frustrated with Washington DC – but that is in large part due to the Jindahl’s GOP buddies obstructing everything and becoming a Do-Nothing Congress with an approval rating of 7%.

      If this bunch was in a venture capitalist owned corporation – they would ALL be fired – – wouldn’t they? But, sadly, Jindahl’s buddies are fat cats sitting there with guaranteed paychecks, health care and pensions. And then when they leave, they hit the mother lode – a lobbyist job.

      I think it was Bob that brought up the issue of our elected officials wealth just the other day. If the elected official is not wealthy when they are elected, they are certainly wealthy when they get into power.

      • The federal government has no role, no right and no place dictating standards in our local schools across these 50 states of the United States of America,” Jindal said
        I copied this from Jindal’s speech and let’s take special note as to where this speech was given – Faith and Freedom group.

        Since these folks feel federal government has no role, no right and no place dictating standards in our local schools – then why are they trying to get every public school to teach creationism and mandate prayers in those same schools?

        You see, this here explains why I have a problem with these self-professing morally superior Christian folks.

        They want the big bad government to get out of the way and to allow them to implement any of their religious beliefs they deem appropriately.

        Exactly how would that fit into the guarantee of our freedom of religion?

        Because I do not see any of these self-professing Christians fighting to allow the Jewish, Buddhists, Muslims and all the rest of differing religions their right to put in their prayers in the public schools.

        If public schools allow these Christians to do what they want – then to truly follow the intent of the guaranteed right to freedom of religion – those same Christians should also fight to allow other religions (those they do not approve of) to have their say in what is taught at the public schools.

      • I do think our current public education system is in dire need of help – but making kids pray a certain Christian prayer and learning about creation is not the answers to a better public education system.

  3. I can only think of three groups of people who actually vote for republicans:

    ~ Rich people (or people that they somehow convinced will eventually BE rich while they pass policy that keeps those same people poor).

    ~ People who remember when the party actually stood for something like conservative economics — really old people, who must be too stupid or stubborn to realize that party no longer exists.

    ~ And the most moronic voters in the world – single issue voters.

    Did I miss any?

    • Those really old people are probably also the ones who falls into the category of ‘my father was a Republican – so I am a Republican.

      I found that particular sentiment alive and well in the Deep South. When I graduated from that Fundy Baptist College in Chattanooga TN, that was an all too familiar response to a lot of my questions. BTW – Chattanooga was more like Georgia and Alabama than the northern part of Tennessee. Chattanooga was truly a Deep Southern tradition.

      Figure in that mindset with the emphasis on their education (strictly religious tones within their public schools) and this is why so many Republicans are still Republicans.

      Let’s not forget – Lyndon Johnson single-handedly gave the Republican Party when he signed the Civil Rights Act. And these folks make up a lot of the group I have described above.

      Then – figure in Medicare and Medicaid – and these are the same folks who have had the benefit of their health care needs being met by government programs – and they are the seniors in today’s Republican Party.

      Let’s not overlook the fact that Deep Southern States are largely the people who get government assistance for their housing, food, health care and anything else they can get for free. All the while, these are the same folks who will call ‘Yankees’ all kinds of names for being a leech and not pulling their weight.

      Does that sound familiar???

      • Funny but I actually do not know what my father was as far as Politics. We talk issues a lot but never actually talked about parties. He had been in Korea and said that it was for no other reason then politics. We had no business in Vietnam. But those he did vote in every election I do not know whom for or a particular party.

      • Sounds like your father was a person who voted his conscience – rather than straight party line?

        I still believe the majority of voters are in the middle – middle left, center and middle right.

        I still believe that same majority of voters want governing done once elected officials are in Congress.

        But – I also believe that with all the corporatization of the media and politics – there is a reason we are being bombarded with partisan fighting and we are constantly being told we have to be this or that – and no compromise whatsoever.

        While we are all fighting – the true corporatization of America has quietly been taking place – which, I believe will bring the downfall of our country.

  4. I just heard Dick Cheney on television spewing his pearls of wisdom. Seems he now wants Obama to send in 20,000 troops – not just 300 – into Iraq.

    Okay Dickie – you can pack your bag and volunteer to go. Since the taxpayers have paid for your new heart – you should be able to do something constructive over in Iraq.

    So, sir, if you truly believe you’re right about Iraq – then you show us by your example and you volunteer to go and fight. And please take your daughter Liz and lovely wife Lynn with you.

    You betcha …… wink – wink

  5. indypendent
    We need to learn from history – what person using a gun in any hot spot in the world will be the start of World War III

    Hell, we have more than our share of overpaid Republican mouthpieces that use their sharp tongues as weapons and these war mongerers are salivating at the idea of all that blood money from sales of even more weapons

    • indypendent

      Here’s a puzzling question – why do self-professed morally superior Christians always seem to support the war mongerers?

      When did Jesus ever pick up a weapon to go kill someone that did not look like him or have the same religious beliefs as he did?

      Did I miss that particular page in the Bible?

      • indypendent

        Maybe that particular page will be in the new Duck Dynasty Bible that is reported to be in production?

        Whew Boy, can’t you smell all that morally superior money from those Fake-N-Bake Christians now?

  6. indypendent

    Since Eric Cantor was defeated in his primary and is no longer the GOP Majority Leader of the House and a lame-duck Congressman – is it too much to ask for Mitch McConnell to lose his election to the Democrat Allison Grimes come November?

    Wouldn’t that just be a big kick in the pants of the Republicans?

  7. indypendent

    Look at the picture of Republicans above. Why are Republicans always scowling?