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  1. This headline is a tad misleading which the subhead addresses. Anyway, any reduction in gun sales is good news to me. Better news would be a reduction in gun nuts!

    Smith & Wesson: Americans are buying fewer guns
    Handgun sales up, demand for ‘modern sporting rifles’ drops

  2. Did you guys hear the latest about Romney being favored by some to make another try for the presidency? Pretty sad when reviving last election’s loser is even considered, but look at the other losers sometimes mentioned as potential candidates and it’s more easily understood.

    Do take a look at the link for the absolutely awful terrible cartoons — someone really has it in for the republicans! If you scroll past the cartoons you’ll find the poll results. ONE poll which may or may not be any place close to accurate!

    GOP’s Horrible, Awful Month Getting Worse — Disarray Deepens — Romney Now Frontrunner

    • Its the Tea party morons, I just left a battle on face book with them. FYI you do not make friends when naming others Nazis or fascists… In case you did not know LOL.

      • Are the Tea Party morons behind this Romney 2016 movement?

        I thought it was the Establishment Republicans trying to get Romney to run again because Jeb Bush is bombing out with these Tea Party types because he is FOR immigration reform and he has stated the GOP needs to get off the hot button issues of gay marriage and abortion.

        If they are trying to get Romney to run again in 2016 – perhaps this is why I’ve seen his face on several news shows lately – spewing the fact that he was right and Obama is always wrong about foreign policy..

      • Romney can at least relate to these Tea Party folks on the social issues. He is a devout Mormon so being against gay marriage and abortion are certainly right down his lane.

        Plus, IMHO – Romney will say and/or do anything to get elected. Some people find that an attractive characteristic – I am not one of those people.

  3. Can you imagine if Romney was actually in the White House?

    We would have been in several new wars and our troops would have never left Iraq – per the agreement that George W. Bush signed.

    Why do people not educate themselves as to exactly which president signed the agreement to withdraw our troops?

    But don’t you love hearing these Chicken Hawk Republican mouthpieces spewing this crappola that Iraqi Prime MInster Maliki was never their choice as the Iraqi leader?

    Please……George W. Bush and his War Boys have their bloody fingerprints all over that country and the Middle East region.

    It just make me sick to know that a lot of Americans do not even understand the basics of what happened in the Iraq War – and what people were involved from DAY ONE..

    • Asher Bob White

      Don’t be fooled by anyone among the wealthiest of those in any society; especially not ours. There are too many persons that are much smarter among the remaining 90% and that is where we need to go for our leadership. By the way, that wealthiest-among-us includes all current and future legislators who may not have that wealth when elected but will certainly have it after being elected: which is our biggest political problem. The implication of this call is — one term and out! Elect citizens, not politicians.

      • I agree with you about the money part.

        IF we wonder why our political system is so corrupt – just follow the money.

        And speaking of following the money – do some research on the NRA. Today’s NRA is nothing like it was during my lifetime.

        I remember when the NRA represented the hunters and their first goal was safety.

        Now – IMHO – their first goal is to make MONEY – MONEY – MONEY and the gun manufacturers are calling all the shots.

      • Pun was completely intentional…..LOL

    • It really is not surprise to me, most do not even remember what happen yesterday or who was behind it! Little alone what happen before last weeks Fox news broad cast!

  4. This can’t be seen often enough!