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Right-wing media: your source for racist, homophobic and misogynistic gibberish that only makes sense to people who are okay with leaving logic at the door.


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  1. Unfortunately, I think there is way too much garbage on a lot of our television channels.

    I’m not talking about movies, I am talking about the everyday shows.

    I also believe when the first reality television show appeared on our screens – that was the beginning of our downward spiral of quality entertainment.

    And I am so sick of watching the same crappy products being hawked by these overpaid celebrities. They have even gotten to the point where the run the exact same television ad twice in a row – as if we did not get it the first time?

    The average television show insults my intelligence – and then their ads further insult me. I am NOT that stupid.

    I guess this why I am not a devoted Foxxie Hen House groupie? It takes a certain level of stupidity to sit there day in and day out listening to each one of these buffoons screech, screech and screech some more just because some billionaire from Australia hates Obama.

    • Speaking of sitting day in and day out and listening to garbage – look at the average mega church crowd.

      I am still not convinced that donations to a mega church should be counted as ‘charity’ when that money is used to build yet another huge building on their already gawdy and tacky campus – or to allow their preacher man to buy yet another Gucchi suit or more gold bling for his vast array of personal adornment.

      Exactly where is the ‘helping others through charity’ happening when these mega churches have huge campuses filled with pompous asses who would not cross the street to help feed hungry children while on their way to buy that overpriced deep-fried chicken sandwich to prove how much they love Jesus and hate homosexuals?

  2. Garbage in – garbage out
    You are what you eat

    These are two sayings that are very common in our society.

    Don’t they explain why we are witnessing the Foxxies Hen House Tea Party Republicans act like they do?

    When all you hear is constant negativity and how the terrible black man in the White House is out to destroy your very core values – aren’t you going to spew back the same garbage you listen to 24/7?

    Add to this the fact that Evangelicals overpaid preachers and televangelists also seem to paint Obama as the Anti-Christ who is out to klll all Christians.

    And when devouring that garbage for 24/7 – isn’t that basically the ‘diet’ we feed our minds and souls?

    When eating a constant diet of HATE and more HATE….. why are we so surprised when this group of folks are filled with HATE?

    This is why these Foxxies Tea Party Evangelicals are also the folks that deny science facts and want to get rid of public education. In order for their ‘kind’ to manipulate their power – they need the masses to be as dumb as rocks.

  3. I get the same effect as Fox news on my face book account! Sadly often I go there first thing before coming here and then spend nearly two hours countering and arguing with posts and being called everything but a white, male, Republican! I start out not on Face book but my e-mail takes me there since I get ninety nine percent of e-mails from replies to something I have said there and name calling for something I have said on Facebook.

  4. I saw a small portion of an interview where Megyn Kelly with Fox called Dick Cheney on the carpet. I guess there are limits to stretching the truth and even she could see that letter Dick and daughter Liz wrote and The Wall Street Journal published was pure bullshit. Moments like that are rare for Fox but I’ll give them credit when credit is due.

    • I saw that being profiled on The Rachel Maddow Show or Chris Hayes’ show (I think it was one of them)

      Any way – did you notice the demeanor of Dick Cheney when Megyn Kelly dared to tell him back? And then the look on Liz Cheney’s face was even more priceless.

      Poor Little Liz……a daughter of an VIP Republican and cannot even handle a senate campaign in her daddy’s home state!

      And this new group they are starting – can we say ‘good way to make a lot of money really fast from very stupid people’?

      Make no mistake – there are still a lot of Republicans who will gladly follow Dick Cheney into any war(s) he wants to start that day…


    Try to wrap your head around this statistic – over 50 million people are leaving their homes and why?

    All because powerful people with big egos cannot seem to fathom they are not the Emperor of the Planet – and all wrapped up in somebody’s flag and somebody’s religion.

    I’ve got a solution – let’s take a show of hands who wants to join this senseless fighting all over the world and then send those folks over to the hot spots and drop them in the middle of the damn desert.

    Surely their gods will bring them out victoriously – or, if the world is lucky – they will all kill each other or die of starvation.

  6. Asher Bob White

    I’ve always believed that FOX-NEWS was all garbage but I certainly did not think of portraying it so well. Great visual statement!