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  1. Men who can’t control themselves will never understand that women VOTE in greater numbers than men. Here’s ONE from a long list of issues women really care about —

    • Asher Bob White

      Boy, do I agree with today’s post! Yes. I have a very high opinion of women in general. My mom was a very special woman within the entire family, immediate and extended, and very good to me. I was a business agent for a teachers union and found that for the most part (there were exceptions) women were both the thinkers and the actors in behalf of the general benefit of the teachers, collectively. Working for and with them was a privilege.

  2. This is an interesting tidbit of history I didn’t know!

    Another Piece of the Civil Rights Fight

  3. No matter how accomplished or how talented a woman is, her appearance is often treated as relevant.

  4. But…but….it is Eve’s fault that Adam could not control himself – every ‘good’ Christian knows that…

    See how convenient this idealogy is when men need an excuse for what THEY choose to do?

    • If Hillary Clinton decides to run for president the sexist neanderthals will come out of the woodwork to discuss her appearance. It’s a poor reflection on them and women recognize it.

      • You’re correct in your assessment. Of course, with Hillary’s run for president, the ever-clever (big eye roll) name calling of Thunder Thighs will no doubt be resurrected.

        But then again, these are the same folks who laughed with Rush Limbaugh when he inferred the teenage Chelsea Clinton was the White House dog – remember that disgusting behavior?

    • Well of course it is my wife’s fault! Every time I get yelled at for something she thought she told me to do. After a bit she admit she forgot to tell me she wanted me to do it!

      • There are exceptions to every rule – and being married is a challenge every day, isn’t it? Marriage is a give-and-take partnership.

        You’re lucky that your loving wife is a big enough person to admit she forgot to tell you – so, in that respect, count your blessings!!!

        I have a friend with a husband that is NEVER wrong. It you wonder if he is a devoted Foxxie and Tea Party Republican – the answer would be a resounding YES.

  5. As for modesty – I am of the thinking that our entire society – men and women – have become so casual in our dress, talking and behavior – that it has become a factor in how we have lowered our bar of acceptable behavior.

    When I was growing up – we never thought about wearing ragged jeans to the doctor or shopping. We always changed our clothes.

    When I go out shopping or to the doctor – I see people wearing their pajama pants and slippers.


    While I will admit that some of our rules back in my childhood days were rather silly – I do believe that a certain amount of rules should be in place because our society has seemed to have devolved into this group of folks where ‘anything goes’…..and that leads to some level of lack of self respect.

    That is my feeling towards these CONservative Republicans and their dissing/demonization of Obama 24/7.

    When are these folks going to lower the bar of acceptable behavior to the bottom of the sewer?

    And how the hell do these same folks expect any different behavior towards their next guy in the White House – and make no mistake, that day is coming when a Republican man will be elected to president (history has shown us that inevitable fact).

    Acceptable behavior in a society is just the reflection of the people within that society – and our lowered expectations to conduct oneself with dignity and respect for others is a major problem – IMHO

    From our television shows to our political arena – the days of civility fast approaching extinction…

    • The outcome of this will be an ever increasing sum offered for photos of these folks without their faces covered, with ever more photographers jousting for the prize, and an exponentially decreasing privacy for the two. Entertainment Tonight and its viewers deserve no less. Sorry, my realism wins today.

      • I fear you are correct in your assessment……is this what happens when the bar of acceptable behavior has been lowered too many freakin’ times?

        I remember my history teacher telling me that when Franklin Roosevelt was president – the media did not make it a dog and pony show about his wheelchair.

        Of course, I remember Bill Clinton being asked by some young woman if he wore boxers or briefs……IMHO – that was definitely a notch or two lowering of the acceptable behavior standards bar..

      • Watergate. That’s when the media changed. Everyone wanted to be like Woodward and Bernstein.

        I would argue the press did the nation a disservice in not addressing FDR’s polio and his affair with Lucy Mercer, and a further disservice for covering up for JFK. These things are minor, to be sure, but perhaps the American people would not be so Puritanical had these been the subject of reporting. We could hopefully be concentrating on qualifications, not behavior. Just my thoughts.

      • You may have a point about not addressing the infidelity of FDR and JFK – but we’ve seen numerous elected officials, preachers, televangelists and even teachers having sex with their students and when the press did report on these – it seemed to tantalize an already celebrity-obsessed society to gloss over those imperfections and hold these folks up on their pedestals.

        Case in point – Jimmy Swaggart when he was found out patronizing prostitutes – did it hurt his bottom line? Last time I was radio station surfing, I heard the same Jimmy Swaggart preaching fire and brimstone and begging for those donations…..

        While talking about Watergate – did you hear where they voted to tear down the garage where Deep Throat did his talking?