Wednesday, 6/18/14, Public Square

“Guns aren’t just a tool of last resort. They’re awesome. That’s why people stroke them. And name them, and take pictures with them. You guys aren’t just firearm enthusiasts — you’re ammosexuals.

And before you try and deny you have some sort of unnatural romantic relationship with your gun, consider this. You’re taking it out to dinner! Because it completes you. Get a room.

You know, I love Tiffany lamps, but if I couldn’t bear to leave the house without carrying one, they would lock me up! It’s no secret I favor marijuana rights, but I don’t go to the Olive Garden and blow bong hits into people’s faces. Anymore.

Here’s a crazy idea. Try going out without your gun. I know there may be some separation anxiety, but just think how exciting it will be when you get home and there she is. Oiled up and just wearing a holster.” — Bill Maher goes after Open Carry “ammosexuals”

ammosexuals take their guns out to dinner...


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  1. Leave it to Bill Maher to sum it up so nicely…and honestly

  2. The same folks who put their guns onto a pedestal are the same folks who glorify being a bully.

    Look around our society – there are bullies everywhere. That is no big secret.

    We had bullies during my childhood. BUT, back then, the bullies were the ones being reprimanded.

    Nowadays – if you’re a really good bully, you can be elected to Congress, be a leader in the Tea Party or even manipulate enough people into actually believing you’re some G-D preacher man who has a direct line to God.

    You betcha …..wink-wink

    • I will never forget the day when an elementary school principal actually said to me – we don’t like to use the word bullies.

      Well – what else would you call a 2nd grade bully? A future Tea Party Evangelical Conservative Republican?

  3. The biggest cowards are those who strap on a gun before they can even leave their homes. If they were going out into wilderness to find a lost cow or some scenario similar it would make sense. To go to work, the store, the bank, out to eat with a gun strapped on screams I’M LOOKING FOR VIOLENCE to me. And, every concealed carry person who brags about that concealed weapon is just a teeny tiny bit of a person trying to overcome their obvious shortcomings.

    • What part of ‘concealed’ do these buffoons not understand?

      But – hey – I have learned throughout my life time that the people who brag the most about what they have – are usually just a big bag of hot wind – or the owner of a limp noodle, so to speak?


    After looking at the cartoon above – read this article about the armed militia surrounding the Cliven Bundy fiasco out in Nevada.

    Why should local townspeople have to be subjected to these armed militia threatening that hotel owner and the setting up checkpoints.

    Who the Hell gave them the authority to do that? Is that in the Constitution they so proudly display in their pocket?

    What I see are a bunch of Neanderthals trying to be Rambo-macho types and breaking the law….yes, I said it…breaking the law.

    I’ve said numerous times before – I grew up with guns all around me. But the people back in my childhood days RESPECTED the gun and had common RESPECT for others. I never saw my father, brother, uncles or cousins EVER bully others just because they had a hunting rifle in their hand.

    What I see the major problem is – people today are bullies, mean and downright nasty creatures.

    And who are not deserving of respect – because they refuse to show respect to others.

  5. I received a short, to the point, polling call yesterday. It was a recorded voice who identified the group (which I don’t remember) and asked a few questions I answered by pushing “one” or “two.”

    They asked if I was supporting Pompeo or Tiahrt in the primary. When I pushed the option for Pompeo they asked if I would vote for Pompeo no matter who opposed him or was I open to another candidate. They asked if the fact that Pompeo had voted to repeal Obamacare (multiple times) made me more or less convinced to vote for him.

    They didn’t ask if I would vote for EITHER of those yahoos in the general election. 🙂


    I do hope the Fake-N-Bake Christians, Foxxies Hen House and Hate Talk Radio overpaid mouthpieces are happy with themselves.

    See what a bunch of gossip, innuendos and constant/incessant Obama Hatred can cause?

    Perhaps this is what is the true motivation of these Repukes? They have laid the groundwork to ramp up another senseless war – or maybe two or three more wars at the same damn time?

    Don’t be surprised if these RePUKES use this polling to further promote their ideas of Bomb the Hell out of everybody we H-A-T-E

    I, for one, have not forgotten how this same damn bunch of Fake-N-Bakes (Christians and Patriots) used the same scare and lying tactics to get us into Iraq War.

  7. It is so much fun being a Republican, I get to spend nearly half the day on Face book countering and disproving the claims and lies of the Neo-Cons and the Hilter works like Viagra Political wonks from the Right. It generally takes half a page just to list all the names I have been called and Liberal Is the kindest!

  8. I could not believe it! My father-in-law asked me to go over and mow the grass at the house he is renting to his son. The grass was so tall I did not see a tree stump and when I ran over It. It bent the shaft in the mower! My Brother-in law came out looked at the mower then said if I needed to borrow his mower he had a good one! MF he has about lost everything because he is addicted to gambling. His wife, his home and job. He is as bad as a alcoholic. But it is gambling!

    • I believe anything can become an addiction – like my mother was addicted to that Fundy Baptist preacher man who always patted her head to assure her that she was going to Heaven and that her daughter (me) was marrying the devil himself because he was a Southern Baptist preacher with hair touching the top of his ears.

      BTW – my husband was a preacher of his own church, a full time seminary student and very little money – DUH, it was also 1976 and men wore their hair longer…..

      But – my mother was thoroughly mesmerized by this Fake-N-Bake preacher man. She did and said horrible things all in the name of God and I was supposed to just magically change my mind and get the same disease that she had – addiction to that Fundy Baptist preacher man.

      Hell – I graduated from a Fundy Baptist college and I always asked way too many damn questions – for their taste.

      My cynicism of all organized religion is deeply rooted in my past experience with these Fundy Baptists – and that was in the 1970’s. These people were mild back then compared to what they are today.

      • My mother and I finally was able to mend our relationship AFTER she left that damn church – and that was helped by the birth of my first baby.

        My mother refused to come to my wedding and refused to even acknowledge I was pregnant. My daughter was about 10 months old when she finally came to her senses….

        Which was helped when the fundy preacher man was asked to leave the church because law enforcement was on his trail… eventually came out that he liked little girls…

        Wow – what is it with organized religion and young kids?

      • I have always been concerned that it would effect my friendship with my best friend. He was a long time member of Fox’s church, he still goes once in awhile. But it is so far from where he lives that he goes to a church in wellington most of the time. Even his parents now know that Fox is a false prophet.

  9. A little more cooking the books from Brownback and crew.

    We anticipate seeing charts showing an “increase” in state funding vs. last year, because we’re changing education accounting again, just like there was an “increase” when KPERS was rolled into education funding. Money raised locally will now be routed through Topeka, and local banks will miss out on a significant amount of deposits.

    “But Sen. Laura Kelly, the ranking Democrat on the Senate budget committee, says the matter may not be that simple. ‘If that 20 mills from every little school district comes to the state treasury,’ Kelly said, ‘I don’t know how that would not be considered at that point state money.’Moreover, she said, this may be a “disingenuous” attempt to make it look like schools are receiving more dollars.

    Kelly said she suspects most legislators weren’t aware the change was part of a bill related to mineral severance taxes and oil and gas depletion funds, which also included a provision to put mineral severance taxes toward schools.

    Property taxes for schools to be rerouted through state treasury
    More than half a billion in property taxes will now be reported as state aid