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Wednesday, 6/18/14, Public Square

“Guns aren’t just a tool of last resort. They’re awesome. That’s why people stroke them. And name them, and take pictures with them. You guys aren’t just firearm enthusiasts — you’re ammosexuals.

And before you try and deny you have some sort of unnatural romantic relationship with your gun, consider this. You’re taking it out to dinner! Because it completes you. Get a room.

You know, I love Tiffany lamps, but if I couldn’t bear to leave the house without carrying one, they would lock me up! It’s no secret I favor marijuana rights, but I don’t go to the Olive Garden and blow bong hits into people’s faces. Anymore.

Here’s a crazy idea. Try going out without your gun. I know there may be some separation anxiety, but just think how exciting it will be when you get home and there she is. Oiled up and just wearing a holster.” — Bill Maher goes after Open Carry “ammosexuals”

ammosexuals take their guns out to dinner...


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