Saturday, 6/14/14, Public Square

Rich men’s pockets are filled with the blood of the poor.




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  1. freedomwriter

    Boy Fnord, the message in this one hit home today. War benefits the wealthy. Why does humanity keep falling for the hoorah rah we get everytime they tell us there is one more conflict we need to get involved in?

    • Who benefits from war — the Halliburtons…

      10 companies profiting most from war

    • “Why does humanity keep falling for the hoorah rah ”

      Because war is always wrapped up in the American flag and God.

      If you listenened carefully to the Republicans during the 2012 presidential campaign – Romney would always say that America is ‘exceptional’.

      But their definition of exceptional is not the same as mine.’

      Republicans – especially the Evangelical Christians – truly believe that God has made America for his own and that we are his favorite.

      With logic like that – isn’t being the biggest bully on the block just seem natural?

  2. Robert Reich —

    I’m here in Florida visiting my father, Ed Reich, who, at the young age of 100 and a half, just came up with one of the most incisive assessments I’ve heard of what’s happened in Iraq: “George W. Bush and the crooks he hired are responsible for this. If they hadn’t lied to the American people about weapons of mass destruction we wouldn’t have lost nearly 5,000 American lives and god knows how many Iraqi lives, and stirred up this hornet’s nest. Obama has spent his entire administration cleaning up Bush’s shit, like someone with a giant pooper scooper.” Dad has lived during the administrations of 17 presidents. “Bush was the worst,” he says. “Reagan the second worst.”

    • Where is the ‘LOVE’ button for this comment……..

      And yet we just heard John McCain saying that Obama needs to fire the entire National Security team and get Bush’s Iraq War Mongerers back into power.

      Oh yeah, that’s what this world needs – big eye roll

  3. Map: All the Countries John McCain Has Wanted to Attack
    Syria, Iraq, Russia, North Korea, and nine other nations the Arizona senator has been eager to bomb, invade, or destabilize.

    • Let’s not forget – Mitt Romney is right there with John McCain for all this bomb dropping and going to war B.S.

      Just thank God the country dodged two very big bullets – McCain and Romney as president

  4. I saw a comment yesterday that summed up my feelings :

    We need to declare war on the USA because that appears to be the only way to get infrastructure built, health care from new hospitals, education from new schools.

    Isn’t this a sad commentary ?

    • I saw another comment last week that I also liked:

      Politics is like driving a car. To go forward, put it in D for drive. To go backwards, put it in R for reverse.

      Ain’t it the truth??

    • President Obama lives the very ideals that these Conservative Republicans profess to love – long term traditional marriage, still loves his wife and they are raising two beautiful girls.

      And, let’s give the man some credit, Obama has lived with his mother-in-law for years.

      So – wouldn’t you think these Conservative Republicans (especially those Evangelicals) would be jumping up and down for joy that our president lives the lifestyle that they preach?

      No – these Cons would rather choose to be hate filled and driven by partisan politics to drag Obama down to their own level in the sewer of H-A-T-E

      It only takes a male’s sperm to make a baby – but it takes a man to be father.

      Do you think there will ever come the day these Pro Lifers get to that level of understanding?

  5. This quote could come from one of the five Catholic Republican Justices currently on the US Supreme Court, most republicans in Congress, the evangelinuts… The list is very long!

    This morning I read an article about Iraq in our local morning paper. One sentence read, “People are scared of the Wahhabi invaders,” Abu Zeinab said, using a term common in Iraq to describe ISIS ideology that allows killing Muslims deemed insufficiently pious, particularly Shiites.

    Insufficiently pious. Let that sink in and then think of Scott Esk, a Republican Tea Party candidate in Oklahoma, who recently said it would be okay to stone gays to death. Think of the bills introduced to charge a woman who miscarries with murder. Think about the comments of David Brat, a self-described Calvinist, who recently beat Eric Cantor in their primary contest and thinks economists have to get back to telling us how to live, and not just how to live efficiently. Or at least be explicit about it, so we can judge whether we like the ethics behind their economics.

    This list could be very long too.

    There are many in America today, and many who hold positions of influence, who would change our very form of government to a Theocracy. A kind of government whereby being “insufficiently pious” could land you in jail or dead.

    Think about it!

    Here’s the article about Iraq I quoted:

    • The only difference in the Muslim Taliban and the Christian Taliban is the book they profess to follow.

      Oh, wait, many of the same ideas are in both the Koran and the Bible.

      Hmmmm…..interesting how that worked out – huh?

      • BTW – think about the Catholics who have started this campaign that they are being so persecuted because they don’t want to provide birth control for women.


        Why are we even considering taking birth control advice from a bunch of men wearing their gold-blinged robes?

        On what planet is this even seen as a smart idea?

      • fnord – can you get this cartoon to pop up as a pic? I’ve tried and cannot seem to do it.


        I did it.

        I don’t know if I do it the correct or best way, but here’s what I do — I Right click on the image and select “copy image URL.” Then I type something — just a period or a letter will do and hit “post.” Then I go into “edit” on that post and on that screen I choose “img” and add the url I copied earlier. You have to click a couple of times to get the popup box closed but then it’s just a click on “update” and it’s done.

      • Thanks – I have better luck with the Youtube videos than I do with links to pics.

        Maybe I should get my 8 yr old granddaughter to show me how to do these computer things…..LOL

        Kids are more tech savvy than I have ever been..

  6. If there is one bright spot in all this Iraq chaos and these same Republicans banging their same war drums – it might just wake up enough voters to send a real message in the midterm elections.

    IF you want more of the endless and useless wars for profit we’ve had from these same Republicans – the vote for every little R you see on the ballot

    IF you are sick and tired of wasting OUR money on endless and useless wars for profit that Republicans start – then vote for every little D you see on the ballot.

    But what will it take to make voters wake up? The Corporatists have us so busy addicted to their designer coffees, designer cell phones, overpriced Jesus-approved deep fried chicken sandwiches and now the Jesus-approved craft items at a certain hobby store.

    What will it take ? – the bombs to drop on our soil?

    What will it take ? – more lives lost for some Corporatists to make that extra dime in profit?

    What will it take ? – to lose everything with no hope to survive?

    Just exactly what will the tipping point be?

    As we’ve seen with this insane and endless gun violence – how many more school kid being gunned down for no reason will it take before WE as a PEOPLE stand up and say NOT ONE MORE…

    Not One More – is a good mantra to fight this gun violence and the Republican-fueled run up to more wars.

    • IF bombs were ever dropped on our soil again — during any Democratic president’s administration but especially the black mans — it would energize those warmongers who are already saying everything Obama does is wrong. When planes were flown into buildings in our country few even paused to question why those intel briefings from the past administration or the daily briefing saying Osama bin Laden plans to fly airplanes into buildings weren’t heeded, but then came the black man…

      • If bombs were dropped on our soil – of course the black man would get the blame.

        Maybe this is why Republicans are so publicly about their hatred for this man – to stir up trouble so one of their military industrial complex’s BFFs will have too much liquor to drink one night and think it is a good idea to go bomb the USA?

        This is not such a far-fetched scenario – why else is the constant drumbeat from Republicans is that Obama is so weak?

        Words have consequences – look at the Cliven Bundy Nevada rancher fiasco and all those Republicans and gun nuts out there calling Bundy a patriot. And then down the road, two of those Bundy supporters shoot and kill two police officers and an innocent person in the nearby Wal Mart

        And for what? Because a bunch of self-professing ‘patriots’ have this insatiable need to strap on a big military-style weapons and walk around like he/she is Rambo?

        Bottom line – you can have a disagreement with your government – but to advocate violence against the government takes it to a whole new level – IMHO

        There are too many gun nuts in this country – and way too many damn guns and ammo – to make feel safe around any of one of them.

        But – let’s just compare what the Dixie Chicks said about George W. Bush and what these CONservative Republicans have publicly said about Obama. And the Dixie Chicks were symbolically lynched by these same Obama haters for daring to speak ill of their president.

        What a bunch of G-D hypocrits

    • I don’t think the republicans will ever be anything less than livid, green with envy and irrational until they have their guy in The White House. I also think that could take a while. They’ve alienated too many — women, gays, minorities… to win at the national level fair and square.

  7. “An interesting game. The only winning move is not to play” — WarGames

  8. New essay up on Stonekettle Station: Absolutely Nothing

    And so, the usual suspects rattle the saber and it’s just more of the same. These sons of bitches want to go to war so bad, let THEM lead the charge this time.

    • Let THEM and their kids die this time..

      • I still say we should make an offer to these Islamists they cannot refuse…

        In exchange for all their Islamist groups to stop fighting – the USA will turn over George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and all the other NeoCons that wanted the Iraq War….

        Do you think all these Islamist groups would at least consider taking the deal?

        What if we throw in Pat Robertson and the other Evangelical preacher men and their cousins the televangelists?

      • And especially that Fundy preacher guy behind that video that helped to spark the Benghazi attack.

        Even if this video was not the only reason for the attack – it certainly did not help the situation – did it?

        And I can never get any Republican to tell me why their side supports this person that did make that anti-Muslim video – that did play a factor in the Benghazi killing of four Americans.

        Like I said before – words have consequences.

        So do making an anti-Muslim video and then proudly showing it on the Internet around the world – and then try to act like it was not a factor in four Americans being killed.

        Oh, please, just pass the barf bag now..