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  1. My very first thought last Tuesday when I heard Cantor had lost his primary race was what in the world kind of bat-shit crazy does it take for Virginia republicans?

    The tea partiers cannibalizing themselves isn’t even entertaining. What a weird bunch of lunatics!

  2. The Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds don’t trust one another. In other news, the sun rose in the East this morning.

  3. If I will see it in my lifetime I should probably pay attention.

    (from the link): As the clock ticks over to 12:11am (EDT) tonight, the world will experience the first full honey moon on Friday the 13th in almost 100 years. It will appear golden and huge in the sky, so pay attention because it will not happen again until June 2098.

    No human has seen tonight’s full honey moon in almost 100 years


    Perhaps these US contractors should have not have their butts in Iraq in the first place?

    This may sound cold and callous – but why should my tax dollars go to pay to keep these people safe? These people and their corporate CEOs made the choice to go to Iraq. If they did not want to take the risk of being in a potential war zone – then DON’T GO….

  5. Gas prices could climb on Iraq conflict
    Prices this summer could set 2014 highs

    • LOL in the comments after this the general consensus is that he is saying he has Homosexual sexual tendencies! I and I did not even start it with my comment! Heeeee

      • It appears there is a village missing their idiot..

        Gov Good Hair – a wannabe preacher man or just a CONservative Republican politician that knows how to milk the churches?

  6. Here’s a thought – let’s make Iraq pay us back for that damn war by giving the US taxpayers their revenue for the damn stuff until their ENTIRE bill is paid in full.

    Oh, wait a minute – I forgot, Bush and Buddies told us that the Iraqi oil would pay for that war – didn’t they?

    Of course, all these buffoons will sit and lie to our face that they never said any such thing.

    Here’s another thought – Suit up McCain and pack your duffle bag – YOUR butt is going to Iraq this time…….

    You want to fight? Then go fight …and take all ur war mongerers with you..

  7. Here are PolitiFact’s top 5 most viewed fact-checks of May 2014, counting down to the most popular item.

    Our top 5 fact-check reports for May 2014

  8. (from the link): What Sessions seems to be suggesting is that this is somehow a new program. Guaranteed healthcare benefits for veterans isn’t new or some sort of liberal plan to expand government. It’s something we’ve done since the founding of the United States of America. The Veterans Administration itself is well over 80 years old. The new legislation passed by the Senate yesterday – with Sessions one of only three people to vote against it – is simply intended to solve a problem that has prevented our country from fulfilling its promise to those who serve our country in the military.

    But, according to Senator Sessions, we simply can no longer afford it no matter how “strongly” he feels we must “do the right thing for our veterans.”

    Apparently “Support the Troops” has a different meaning in Alabama.

    GOP Senator Jeff Sessions thinks providing healthcare to veterans is an “entitlement” we cannot afford

  9. RD, this is for you. I think it has the possibility of destroying most political discussions by wiping out every tool in the arsenal of the average commenter. I also think it has the possibility of improving what passes for ‘discussion’ today. —

  10. The president will speak to us soon about the happenings in Iraq. I’ve turned on the television so I can listen. I’m hearing the talking heads speak about whether the Iraqi war was “worthwhile.”

    For Halliburton it was worthwhile. For those whose pockets were overflowing the war added even more. Thousands died, and those few gained profits from their deaths.

    • I think he is taking the mature and wise stance that America can’t do for Iraq what they seem unwilling or unable to do for themselves.

      Thank goodness we have a President Obama and not a war monger.

      • Besides – if anyone would care to do some research – George W. Bush was the president that made the deal with Iraqi leader Maliki that the US would follow what the Iraqis wanted us to do – leave or stay.

        Maliki and his Iraq government made the choice for the US soldiers to LEAVE……

        But then I wonder how many of these war mongerers also remember how Maliki ran over to Iran to become BFF with their ex-crazy leader – the short guy with the long name….Madennijai (spelling???)

        Maliki even insisted that the Sunnis had no representation in the new Iraq government that was set up due to the USA soldiers losing their lives and being wounded for life.

        So …is it any surprise to anyone that there is now fighting going on in Iraq?

        Maliki left out the Sunnis…….just the Sunnis…….so, if I was a Sunni, wouldn’t I be pissed off?

      • Can you imagine President Romney?

        We would have already been at war in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and back into Iraq – with the intended goal to go to war with the Mother of all Holy Wars – Iran.

        So – tell me again why these Republican war mongerers who lust for the Holy War with Iran still worship Reagan who sold weapons to Iran?

      • Reagan – IMHO – was a traitor.

        Isn’t a traitor worse than a deserter?

        Or am I not wearing my Reagan rose-colored glasses today?

  11. McCain has been “in the news” banging his war drums and telling everyone how Obama wanted out of Iraq.

    Yes, the president wanted out!

    I wonder what part of that’s one of the reasons he was elected and not Grampa Warpants he doesn’t understand?!

    • I just listened as Grampa Warpants actually said – with a straight botoxed (just asking…lol) face that we had the Iraq War won when we did the surge.

      Hey – Grampa – ask George W. Bush who made the deal with Iraqi leader Maliki about who would decide if and when the US military would leave.

      It was the I-R-A-Q people that decided – not us.

      So – I guess if we had won that war – then why the hell did Maliki run over to Iran to become best friends with their crazy-ass leader?

      I’m still waiting for Grampa Warpants and George W. Bush to make good on their promise that the Iraq oil would pay for their own damn war..

      WHERE is the MONEY Grampa????

      • Oh, yeah, Grampa Warpants also said he would have Gen. Petraeus on the first plane over to Iraq.

        Hmmm……do you think he might have to clear that plan with his personal party planner and/or mistress who is on speed dial?

        This is Friday night – you know – the best Party Night of the week.

        You betcha….Wink-Wink

      • The only explanation I can find is that rich men’s pockets are filled with the blood of the poor. The republicans will do anything for the rich, or for money. It’s time we put a stop to human beings being cannon fodder to feed the Military Industrial Complex!