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    To use Rick Perry’s logic that homosexuals can decide not to do that – then the same could be said about Republican males who are caught with their pants down and their wife is nowhere in sight.

    Or – is that asking too much ?

    And isn’t interesting to know that Rick Perry is such a cheerleader for solar and wind energy?

    Who knew????

    Somewhere there is a village missing their idiot – IMHO

  2. BTW – Rick Perry’s logic is flawed – it assumes homosexuals are making the choice.

    Again – in using Rick Perry’s logic – Catholics could have made the decision to NOT cover up the crime of child molestation?

    See – using Rick Perry’s logic can be applied in several different areas – huh?

  3. It always starts out the same, I go to Facebook to check and see what family and friends have to say. Then I end up reading through all kinds of stuff from Nazi-cons and the GOP. I generally correct what they are saying and tell them that the Nazi inspired Tea baggers are ruining the party and will if they gain enough ground will ruin this country. LOL the response I get! But I get so tired and my brain hurts by the time I am through, I really need to come here first for common sense…

    • I must confess, I had fun the other day giving lip back to some CONS on that CON website I found quite by accident.

      But trying to get these CONS to go outside of their FoxBox to find out the truth for themselves is exhausting.

      I liken it to hitting your head on a brick wall and then wondering why you have a headache.

  4. Here’s a piece I found at that speaks to the increasing ideological purity of Americans. I found it interesting. I still am of the opinion that the majority of Americans pay little attention to politics, and sadly some of those people vote regularly. But if this piece is factual it does seem whether or not we pay enough attention to forage out the facts, or not, many of us are less tolerant of political differences.

    In US, political split outgrows the voting booth

    • I think a lot of this “Us and Them’ attitude comes directly from these corporate mega churches. These folks get a lot of tax free money and what is the best way to bring in the big bucks?

      They seem to always put every issue as a life or death scenario and that YOU need to be on the RIGHT side of the issue because GOD needs YOU to fight the good fight – and take out ‘them’ out of the picture entirely.

      How many times have we heard from these mega churches – NO COMPROMISE….

      Governing IS compromise………how is that possible when the Republican Party has been using these corporate mega churches as their attack pit bulls ever since Ronald Reagan gave Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys their secret key to the GOP Men’s Room?

      • When I hear any Republican talking about how persecuted these Christians are – I simply reply with this: take a short drive going east on 21st Street from Greenwich towards Andover. How many damn huge mega churches do you see and how many tax free millions of dollars do you guess is flowing through those corporate headquarters?

        If that is persecution – sign me up!!!

    • I had a very heated debate with a dyed-in-the-wool, Muslim-hating, Catholic white male who had a fit with me because I dared to call Timothy McVeigh a domestic terrorist who was a Christian, white male.

      This guy actually said that Timothy McVeigh denounced his Cathlocism – so, therefore, he was not a Christian.

      To which I replied – if McVeigh did not consider himself to be a Catholic – then why did he request a priest right before his execution?

      Hmmm……….besides, aren’t we taught that once you’re ‘in with God’ that you’re ‘in the Heaven Club’ regardless of what you might do in this lifetime?

      I don’t know about the Catholics version of being ‘saved’ – but in the Fundy Evangelical Baptist church I was in for too many damn years – we were taught that once you were ‘saved’ that you had a place in Heaven REGARDLESS of what you do and your place in Heaven can NEVER be taken away from you.

      Hmmm……kinda makes you wonder then if Timothy McVeigh has been sitting in Heaven all these years. And if Dennis Rader (BTK) will be going to Heaven since he was such a devoted church leader for 30 years?

      If this is true – then why the Hell would I want to go to Heaven to be with these two?

      • And I am not even talking about the likes of these Fundy Corporate Mega Preachers and Televangelists being in Heaven..

        To my way of thinking – Heaven would be not a fun place if I had to be sitting next to Jerry Falwell, Pat Roberts, Franklin Graham, Terry Fox, Joe Wright or any of these Fake-n-Bake Christians for eternity – IMHO

        God – could you imagine me having to sit next to one of these Fake-n-Bake Christians and not say anything?

      • Asher Bob White

        I believe we all agree that “heaven” is everlasting. However, I do not understand “heaven” to be someplace else, like ‘out-there-somewhere’. Isn’t “heaven” right here on mother earth? Isn’t “heaven” metaphorical?

      • When I was mixed in with the Fundy Baptist Church crowd – and that Baptist College I actually have a degree from – we were consistently taught that Heaven is a real place – with real streets made of Gold and God has a big Golden throne from which he sits and makes our lives as to whatever he wishes them to be.

        I was taught that God is all-knowing and he has destined us to the lives that he has chosen before we were even conceived.

        Hmmm……..if that is the case – then I’ve got a bunch of questions for that God.

        But – I am like you. I do not think Heaven is a literal place with a literal throne with a literal vengeful/hateful God sitting on his seat of power.

        Heaven is right here on Earth – if you’re willing to look beyond the constraints of organized religion and look beyond this drumbeat of having to buy this or that to make our lives better – or better than our neighbor.

        My grandpa was not a rich man per the bank accounts, but he was very rich in family and friends.

        But try selling that idea to these corporate mega churchy people…

      • I also believe that when I leave this Earth, I will see my loved ones that have passed on. But I attribute that to the power of love – not believing in some damn verse to ‘save’ me from Hell’s fire and damnation.

        I have changed my views towards God and Heaven since I left the Fundy Baptist Church crowd.

        When my cousin was laying in that hospital bed in a coma and brain dead, my mother asked me if I still believed in God.

        I honestly answered ‘yes, I do believe in God’ – ‘but my version of God has changed’. God is not some literal being – God is more of an energy or a life force to me.

        I see God every day in my grandchildren’s happy faces. I see God every day in the fact I wake up to a new day. I see God every day when I witness someone showing compassion and kindness towards other people.

        Too many organized religions have put God into a box where he is this loving God UNTIL you piss him off and then he will throw you into Hell.

        That is the God I do not understand….and as far as the followers of that God, I know them and I do not want to be around them for an eternity. That much I do know for certain.

        My Fundy Baptist Preacher looked down his nose on my grandpa because grandpa was not a church-going man. He cussed like a sailor and he smoked like a fire engine.

        But you know what? My grandpa actually lived a better Christian life than that damn Fundy Baptist preacher man. Actions speak louder than words..

      • There — differences even inside Christianity — is only one of the many downfalls of a Christian-based Theology. I have no doubts there would be as much division, and maybe more, than we see today. Every individual should be free to choose their beliefs, or lack of, without fear of repercussion. That would involve tolerance and understanding which I don’t recognize in those people who are positive their ‘way’ is the only way. I also have questions about any person who needs an expectation of heavenly reward to behave. In fact, those I consider least likely to behave are those same ones who are positive they’ve got that reserved everlasting life.

      • fnord – I think you hit upon the point I like to call ‘the Get ouf Hell Free Pass Card’.

        I know a lot of folks who are in church weekly on Sunday but live like the Devil is their BFF during the weekdays.

        I saw this as very common when I lived in Tennessee – deep in the Bible Belt.

        Saturday nights were wild and wooly with all these churchy people drinking and carrying on – but come Sunday morning, they were in their church pew just a smiling and singing God’s praises – while their preacher demonizes those ‘other folks who are not like us’…..

        You see – when you are allowed to do whatever the Hell you want to do and still be rewarded by a pat on your head by the preacher man that you just gave your hard-earned money to – then anything is possible.

        But….the trick is to always have that ‘boogeyman in the woods’ to use as a scare tactic.

        Personally, I think this is why so many of these self-professing Evangelical Christians hate Obama so much – he fits the stereotype of the boogeyman in the woods – doesn’t he?

        He is black – he has a Muslim sounding name – and did I mention he was black?

        From the very beginning of Obama’s presidency – what have we basically heard that he was guilty of? Not being ‘one of us’……Sarah Palin made that quite popular during her 2008 campaign events – didn’t she?

        How in the world can there ever be an governing of this country when we have one major political party that encouraged their supporters to view Obama as ‘not one of us’…… There is no middle ground in that type of thinking.

        Personally, I think these churchy folks have a lot to answer for……..alot ….

      • And speaking of the major political party… I think the Establishment Republicans never thought Obama was a secret Muslim that weaseled his way into the White House to destroy America….

        BUT….these folks knew how to whip their rabid GOP base into pushing that idea and causing trouble for President Obama.

        What else could explain these same Republicans’ obstruction of EVERYTHING that Obama has proposed or even has said he agrees with?

        Establishment Republicans created this Fundy Christian Tea Party faction of their Grand Old Party….and now they cannot control this beast.

      • Asher Bob White

        Thanks for the reply/discussion. I’m among the right crowd for me. ‘May the spirit of love and the truth of wisdom’ (my version of God) bless each of you.



    Excuse me, but didn’t the Iraqi Prime Minister Malaki tell the USA that Iraq did not want any of our soldiers to stay in his country when we finally got the good sense to get the hell out of there?

    Someone please explain to me why people think the USA should always be the one to use our military to fight their battles?

    I am sick and tired of this B.S. – but I’m sure this will get some more Republican elected officials a lot more fundraising dollars.

    How sad is that?

    Maybe since Rick Perry is now bragging about how much he loves solar and wind power – maybe Governor Good-Hair will lead the country into actual getting off the damn Middle East oil ?

    Aw, what am I thinking? Republicans love the Muslim oil…..these folks keep starting wars to get control of that oil, don’t they?



    Speaking of living a Christian life – the ability and willingness to forgive your daughter’s killer….Wow – that a big one in my book.

    But…if you truly follow every word in the Bible – what does it say about forgiveness?

    I truly do not know if I could have done what this mother did. But, thank God, I’ve not been faced with that choice..

    I do believe that people can change for the good – but it is up to them and not some magical God in the sky being prayed to by some preacher/televangelist here on Earth just because they got some money into their own pockets.

    But then again – if this arrangement between this young man and this grieving mother can bring about a positive outcome in the fight against this insane gun violence war we seem to be experiencing in this country – may God bless them both….



    Why announce to the world when Bowe Bergdahl is coming home – and where he is going ?

    Why am I so cynical to think of two alleged killers in Las Vegas who were reported to have been in alliance with those good ol’ patriots in the Nevada desert when they were defending the cowboy who refused to pay his grazing fees?

    Words have consequences – and the Far Right Winger overpaid mouthpieces have kept this particular hatred pot stirred for the past few weeks…

    I wonder…at what time will this powder keg blow?

    BTW – I put these overpaid Far Right Winger mouthpieces stirring up trouble in the same category I put those overpaid Pro Life Movement leaders and their supporters into the cold blooded killing of abortion doctors – one of which was from our own community – Dr. George Tiller.

    And in Dr. Tiller’s own church – no less. What a sad, sad commentary/.

    • And why the Hell is this Congressman Jeff Miller trying to diss Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel?

      And since when is a person convicted of being a deserter based simply on what his ‘peers’ have reported?

      Hey – I just have to wonder if some of those ‘peers’ were the ones that Bergdahl was referring to when Bergdahl allegedly told his family that some of our US soldiers ran over Afghan kids and then laughed about it.

      You mean – those peers? If what was reported about Bergdahl’s assessment of those peers – why would I believe a bunch of baby killers? (to borrow a phrase from the Pro Lifers).

      There is a lot more to this story than just Bergdahl deserted – I think he was in a very bad situation and being 22 years old, did not think things through?

      But – hey – if you thought your life was not worth nothing either way – then who the hell cares at that point?

      If Bergdahl is dragged through the mud – I hope he starts naming names and dates and events.

      After all, we do want the entire truth to come out – don’t we?

    And here we may just learn exactly WHY we are seeing so much trouble in Iraq – that damn oil.

    I love seeing these Fundy Christian Republican faces when I ask them – if God loves the Christians in USA so much, then why did he put all that oil under the Muslims’ feet?


    Can I assume those same new regulations that apply to abortion clinics also apply to other health care clinics – such as those face lift centers that Debby Boone has been hawking for the past few years?

    After all – if this really is about the health and safety of women – then let’s make sure EVERY health care clinic is under the same regulations – shall we?

  10. Here is one vet commenting on Bowe Bergdahl. It’s short, it’s peppered with offensive language, it’s real and the questions this vet poses are worth pondering.

    From one vet to another, preach it brother!