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    Remember the news reports of that Republican meeting in 2009 – the very night of President Obama’s first inauguration – with the purpose on how to bring Obama down?

    Well – that was called ‘strategy session’ and was organized by Frank Luntz. We all remember Frank -don’t we? He is the legend-in-his-own-mind (IMHO) Republican pollster.

    Well – Frank was on The CBS Morning Show this morning and was lamenting the fact that Eric Cantor lost his primary last night to a Tea Party challenger.

    Frank actually said that Eric Cantor was trying to compromise on immigration and other issues and that is what brought him down. Frank went on to say that it is a bad thing when politicians are punished by even daring to talk to the other side.

    DUH….Frank,…..what were you doing that night in 2009 when you called it ‘strategy’ to get a bunch of sore loser Republicans together to come up with ideas on how to bring down Obama?

    DAMN…..I am sick and tired of these folks who are complete ASSholes.

    I liken Frank Luntz to just another one of those churchy folks who are so indignant and outright offended when they get caught doing their nasty deeds.

    It’s okay for Frank to sit and make money off stupid Republicans to help them bring down the newly inaugurated president – but it is not okay for Tea Party folks to use their strategy to bring down Establishment Republicans?

    Frankly (no pun intended) – I think both the Establishment and Tea Party Republicans are cut from the same cloth – but at least the Establishment used to be a little more tolerable – IMHO. But that has changed in the past 6 years – ever since Obama beat them at their own damn game.

    I do agree with Frank Luntz about one thing – our current Congress and political arena is doing nothing constructive because of this inability to be seen as willing to compromise.

    But who the hell helped that ‘strategy’ along Frankie? Could it have been you back in 2009 helping those sore loser Republicans to find ways to bring down THEIR president?

  2. BTW – I think it is rather funny that Eric Cantor lost his primary by being seen as too moderate.

    in what alternate universe do these folks live?

    But I did notice there was a low turnout at the polls. So – is this yet another lesson in how voters need to tune in and then turn out to vote?

    Republicans and Tea Party folks NEED to have low turnout at the polls – which is why both of these groups have worked so tirelessly in the past few years to pass state laws restricting the voting process.

    If these folks were to allow every potential voter to actually vote – their side would lose more elected officials than they have currently…..

    • Maybe Eric Cantor can run as an independent for the general election? That is one way for a Democrat to win the seat. Eric can split the votes on the right and leave the left as the guaranteed winner..

      But…that would take someone with principles – and I’m not sure if Eric Cantor would do that.

      You see – the Establishment GOP created the Tea Party monster – and now they don’t know how to control the damn thing.


    Expect to hear much more from Republicans about Bowe Bergdahl and those five Gitmo prisoners.

    After all – there are cheap political points to score and this is an election year.

    Don’t let facts get the in the way of some huge fundraising .

    As I recall, John Boehner was at the infamous 2009 inauguration dinner party of Republicans who were plotting on how to bring down Obama…. And these busy little elephants have been plotting ever since that time to do just that – cause trouble.

    Let’s not also forget Mitch McConnell (which IIRC was also in attendance at that dinner party) proudly boasted that the GOP’s #1 goal was to bring down Obama…

    Just imagine how much good these same Republicans could have done if they had chosen to put on their big boy pants and acted like mature adults?

    Alas – that is not to be…

  4. OMG–I LOVE Flo Kennedy. She was one hell of a woman. I remember in 1975 when she was a guest speaker at Ft. Hays, believe it or not. I was the Student Senate person who hosted her around campus. I guess because I was the only known feminist and non-racist on campus? She was a hoot and we had a great time even if she did call me “white girl.”

    A couple of years later I got to host Gloria Steinem when she came to speak. By that time I had risen to the lofty position of Student Body President. The great Ms. Steinem was a wonderful and humble dinner companion and was just so warm and approachable at the reception after the speech. Needless to say, we were all awestruck in Hays, America and she broke the ice and made us laugh.

    Oh, youth is truly wasted on the young. RIP Flo, and GO GLORIA!

    • I’m impressed – you got to meet two great women pioneers.

      I am always wondering what would have happened if Gerald Ford would have won the White House and his wife could have pushed the Republicans into realizing the Equal Rights Amendment movement was the right moral thing to do…

      Oh, what am I saying? Republicans doing the right thing – is that even possible?

      Especially not since Reagan kissed the butts of Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys and gave them keys to the mens room.

      God knows what they were all doing in that mens room – LOL


    So this Tea Party Darling believes in free trade? If so, then I wonder if he knows how his beloved Tea Party was started and who has been bankrolling them for years???

    Hmmmm….free trade when one of the biggest corporations in America – and who receive a lot of government subsidies and/or special tax breaks BTW – run over the rest of Americans simply because they can?

    If that is what he considers free trade…..then we are already on opposite sides – IMHO

    But – the minute this Tea Party Darling kissed the butt of St. Ronnie Reagan – that was enough for my indypendent stomach to handle…..

    Reagan was too busy having the Afghanistan Taliban as his homeboys and touting them as comparable to our Founding Fathers.

    Yeah, you read it correctly – Reagan was pallin’ around with terrorists….

    Republicans really are on the stupid end of the stick – aren’t they?

    • P.S. – whenever any person says that God gave them a political victory – I just have to cringe. Because you know that any day now, the other shoe will drop and then the truth will come out about this Dave Brat dude.

      Let’s remember – Sarah Palin came out of nowhere with a blaze of high praise and glory – didn’t she?

      Then she opened her mouth……enough said??