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  1. Every morning when I wake up and turn on the news, I get that deja vu feeling – kinda like Bill Murray in that movie ‘Groundhog Day’

    • LOL I have been having that happen for he last two years! I at one point started writing down everything that happens but stopped because I kept forgetting to do it!

  2. Wow, isn’t that graphic the truth?

    • At the end of my life, I will not be counting the money in my bank account. I would rather be counting my blessings of family, friends and trying to make a difference in this cold, cruel world called LIFE.

    • I keep tell my oldest son that could happen to him, he goes everywhere for the big money. And his wife and son stay in Wichita with out him.

  3. Does anyone ever wonder why the Republicans (the pro-life party that claims every life is precious) has politicized the release of Bowe Bergdahl to the point where Bowe’s life is not worthy of our country bringing him home?

    But, I guess the Republicans have decided to become the death panel that decided Bowe Bergdahl is not worthy of saving his life?

    Republicans – they may claim they are morally superior people but I have yet to see any shred of common decency in this entire bunch…

    But, then again, I do remember this same bunch when they actually booed an active duty soldier asking his question from the Iraq hellhole that Republicans sent him …to fight for the oil these same Republicans wanted…

  4. http://americablog.com/2013/02/gop-bans-guns-at-pro-gun-meeting.html

    Just heard the news about the latest school shooting – this one in Oregon. One student killed and the shooter is dead.

    I have been trying to find out if the NRA headquarters is a gun free zone – does anyone know for sure?

    But – I did find this bit of interesting news on this ‘American Blog’ site… Don’t know if it is 100% factual, but I do think the Capitol and White House are both gun free zones – aren’t they?

    And this guy does raise an interesting point – when he says this Steve Stockman could have held his event off Capitol Hill – but, then again, he would not have the protection of the Capitol Hill and the gun-free zone – huh?

    Hmmmmm……..this kinda sounds like all those CONservative Republicans who love wars so much they have no problem sending other peoples’ loved one to do the actual fighting – huh?

    But don’t expect these same CONS to have the compassion or moral compass to actually pay for any health care treatment if your loved ones come back wounded from fighting their wars.

    Oh, and now since these same CONS have determined that Bowe Bergdahl is not worthy of our country bringing him back home from 5 years of Taliban captivity – who the hell would even want to send their loved ones to fight some damn CONS’ much-desired future wars….

    • Yesterday in LasVegas three good people with guns were killed by two bad people with guns. All of yesterday’s victims were armed.

      • And the two bad people were out with Clive Bundy and his fellow self-professed ‘patriots’ who have caused a lot of problems doing the cock strut with their big guns strapped across their chest.

        Wow – I wonder how long that euphoria lasts to feel like a man – does that feeling leave if the big manly man has to take it off to wipe his own ass when he goes S-H-I-T?

      • Legally – could the victims’ families try to sue the NRA, Clive Bundy, his buddies and anybody else that the two wacko-birds were associated with?

        I suspect that is why the Bundy family wasted no time yesterday when they said they had kicked those two Vegas shooters off their ranch due to their ‘radical views’.

        Hmmm……what luck in timing for that to happen – huh?

      • Also – it would be justice and/or karma to be able to sue Foxxies Hen House, Hate Talk Radio and any other Republican politicians that ran out to the Clive Bundy fortress to proclaim them as patriots.

  5. Pretty soon there’s just going to be a “Today’s Shootings” segment, right between weather and sports. Or maybe after sports.

    • Isn’t that a sad commentary on our country?

      Seriously – is anybody else as mad as I am today….I heard some news anchor talk about the ‘radical views’ of those Las Vegas shooters yesterdays.

      What ‘radical views’? – you mean the same views that a majority of CONservative Republicans have been spewing since beat their old white guy – John McCain – in 2008?

      I keep hearing Republicans say that all terrorists are Muslims. Well, let’s take a trip down the Crazy Lane of Shooters and let’s see how many are Conservative White Christians – shall we?

      Hmmm…..yesterday’s shooters had connections to the White Supremacy movement – I’m pretty sure that group is largely angry white people who used to burn Christian crosses as their message to the blacks – right before those blacks were shown the lynching rope.

      Christians? Not in my book. These folks may be church people – but Christians they are not…

      • spewing since Obama beat their old white guy..

      • As for radical views held by the majority of a group…..just look at the Phelps Klan of Westboro Baptist Church fame.

        At least Fred and his Klan were upfront and vocal about their radical views – unlike a majority of Kansas Conservative Christian Republicans that sat back and snickered and laughed when ol’ Fred would go after those gays and lesbians.

        I still remember watching Rush Limbaugh’s television show when he was first starting his overpaid GOP mouthpiece gig……

        Those folks in the crowd would snicker and laugh when Rush called Chelsea Clinton the White House Dog.

        Imagine that……a bunch of self-professing ‘Christians’ bullying a young teenage girl about her looks.

        My – oh my – take took a lot of bravery and courage – didn’t it?

        Like I said before…….I am so sick and tired of these sanctimonius, pious, self-righteous, hate-filled and downright nasty creatures…..

  6. I way past being sick and tired of this CONservative Republicans. NOW they have just pissed me the hell off……

    There is not one of them that I consider ‘worthy’ of anything but a big, red-hot poker up their tight-white butts.

    • People being shot are one of the costs of doing business for the NRA.

      • One guy on the news coverage works for The Daily Beast – and he got it right when he said the NRA represents the gun manufacturers….those folks who profit off guns..

        The NRA used to represent the hunters and responsible gun owners. Those days are long gone…..

  7. Why are Republicans so worried about the release of those five Gitmo prisoners?

    The way these Republicans and their own morally superior folks are going – there will not be an America left for any foreign terrorist to worry about.

    • Oh, wait a minute. Are those Taliban prisoners the same guys that Ronald Reagan said were the moral equivalent to our Founding Fathers?

      I posted a link to this story above.

      I also did not remember good ol’ St. Ronnie dedicated our space shuttle to the Afghan freedom fighters…….

      Well, of course that was when Russia had invaded Afghanistan -so Ronnie had to demonize the Russians because they were Communists, you know.

      Ronnie HATED those damn Communists – but I guess Taliban fighters are the good guys until the day that America invaded Afghanistan and then those same freedom fighters become the enemy?

      Quoting the old Rock and Bullwinkle cartoons – Bullwinkle would say ‘ I’m so confused’…

  8. OMG If Eric Cantor wasn’t a BIG enough asshole for Virginia republicans who in the hell is this Dave Brat??