Monday, 6/9/14, Public Square

Just the regulation that you can’t be denied insurance is a life saver for many people.

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  1. These Republicans need to ask one very big question – if Obamacare is really going to ruin health care in America – then why did the Catholics buy the majority of hospitals and health care clinics AFTER Obamacare was passed?

    Catholics are not known to ever lose any money – are they?

    Catholics are very well trained in how to manipulate the system to make as much money as possible – aren’t they?

    Just because Catholics are a non-profit group – does not make them poor people. Non-profit simply means they do not share the profits – they keep all the profits to themselves.

    My hairdresser is a Catholic and she has told me that there is one thing about the Catholics – they always use OTHER peoples’ money in order to appear they are giving charity.

    If you doubt this – do some research into the funding of the Catholic-based so-called charity groups – there is a taxpayer trough supplying their funding……

    This is one reason this Church is wealthy enough to give a million dollars to a nursing home so they can build a new chapel when there is a huge, brand new Catholic Church just across their adjoining parking lot.

    Just imagine…..a million dollars for one room?
    Just imagine ….a million dollars providing health care, food, homes or even life-sustaining jobs.

    I’ve been told I do not understand why Catholics do the things they do because I am not Catholics.

    I must confess – I am not Catholic, but I will never understand how one Church has used and abused the system for centuries and is still a wealthy and powerful group – even powerful enough to make everyone ‘forget’ that their church leaders were found guilty of covering up the crime of child molestation within their church walls…..and this crime went on for years and years.

    Sorry, if you have to be a Catholic to understand that – then I am glad I am not a Catholic.

  2. RD – I just got off some CONservative Right Winger website and I have ruffled more than a few of their sanctimonius and pious feathers.

    Boy – that was fun….

    They especially got very nasty with their colorful descriptions of me when I dared to tell them to do some research on Ronald Reagan and the numerous times he negotiated with terrorists.

    Was it something I said??? LOL

  3. I hear much less about Obamacare today than just a short time ago. Satisfied, insured people seem to have quieted the chatter. Maybe people finally figured out the entities ‘in control’ are the same for-profit insurance companies who have always been in control.

    Thankfully, those insurance companies have some common-sense regulations to follow because of ACA. Selling ‘insurance’ to people, collecting the premiums, and then canceling when the people got sick and needed the insurance to cover some of their medical bills was the practice of these greedy for-profit companies before. Now they can’t cancel, they can’t exclude pre-existing conditions, they can’t spend over a reasonable amount of the premiums on things other than health care so no more out of whack ad budgets or salaries for those at the top. They can’t charge women more for coverage. People get tax credits and federal subsidies to help them pay their premiums because that help is no longer only given to companies who buy group plans for employee groups. People aren’t tied to an employer for access to reasonably priced health insurance. In other words insurance companies are accountable for the product they sell, and the people who buy their product have some reasonable protections.

    And, once again, a program that benefits average Americans was brought to Americans by The Democratic Party! FDR-Care (Social Security), LBJ-Care (Medicare), and now Obamacare. What do you get from The Republican Party? Wars, inequality, tax cuts for the wealthy, regulations relaxed for business while being increased for average Americans, and increased debt.

  4. Paranoid people armed to the teeth killed more innocent people yesterday. I cringe when I realize it’s just another day in America.

    I read a Letter to the Editor in this morning’s newspaper from Hank Price. Remember him and his son, Nathan, from WEBlog? One time Hank bragged about his concealed carry weapon by describing the gun, the holster, how he wore it, how he pulled the gun from that holster… No details were left to the imagination — on a public blog under his own name. He was so proud of his concealed weapon… You can’t fix stupid. And, you can’t make a real man out of a Hank Price.

    • Maybe these gun nuts should learn a lesson from that university student in Seattle that took down the shooting suspect with pepper spray?

      What am I thinking? These guns nuts would never go for a solution like that – there is more profit in guns than pepper spray. Money comes before people..

      • I suspect many many of these idiots who are incapable of leaving their homes without being armed are looking and hoping for a shootout. They can talk all day long about protecting themselves and their families, but I’ve never heard a single one who does talk sound convincing. Now, there might be some people who do carry, and we never hear from, who don’t fall in the gun nut category. Their concealed weapon isn’t something they feel the need to brag about.

      • These guns nuts that have to brag they are carrying are missing the point of concealed and carry aren’t they?

        But – I liken these gun nuts to those folks who have to plaster their vehicle with all those Christian bumper stickers or how much they love their wife/husband.

        If you have to scream it to everyone – then who are you to trying to convince – other people or yourself?

    • If I heard correctly this morning – those Vegas shooters were connected to White Supremacy group?

      Hmmmm….angry white man and woman who truly believe that God likes them the best?

  5. I listened to Sen. Dianne Feinstein say that Bowe Bergdahl will be investigated and charged if needed when he is returned home.

    Hmmmm… why are we so worried about charging this US soldier when those five Taliban Gitmo prisoners were held for 12 years and never charged?

    • This is what is so stupid in all this fighting about those Taliban prisoners and Bowe Bergdahl.

      If Republicans would have helped Obama to bring those Gitmo prisoners to America to go through the legal proceedings – then how many of them would have been in a maximum security prison at this very moment?

      And – they would have been LEGALLY found to be guilty and LEGALLY incarcerated.

      As it has been for the past 12 years – each of those five Taliban Gitmo prisoners had been held for more than a decade with no charges ever being filed..

      Can you imagine the outrage from these same Republicans if the Taliban was holding Americans in prison for 12 years with no charges ever being filed?

      • Republicans need to practice sounding sane. Maybe the same people who gave them lessons on speaking to and about women can cover a broader range of subjects in the training they seem sorely in need of.

      • Maybe just reminding them about modern advancements like microphones, cameras, recording devices and the fact that what they say is recorded and heard broadly!

      • Thank you for stating the obvious….LOL

        I’ve often wondered why all these folks are so astounded when they get caught saying something utterly stupid and ignorant.

        Just like the time Obama told Romney that we have these things called submarines and we don’t need to rely on warships as much (or something like that)…remember that debate?

      • I knew I was not paraphrasing Obama well on what he said during that debate.

        But ….just look at how Romney sits and has that blank look while Obama is telling him about how the military really works..

        BTW – let’s not ever forget how Romney and Republicans were yammering for him to spend trillions of taxpayer dollars (that we don’t have) in order to build more warships that we don’t need. Never once did I hear any Republican say that we could not spend that much money because it would blow up the budget….

        Priorities are important. Trillions for warships that we don’t need? On what planet does that make sense? Oh yeah, that’s right , the planet of Republicans love Military industrial Complex ….

        While these same Republicans demonize a US soldier after he has been in captivity for 5 years – and all for scoring cheap political points?

        What a sad, sad commentary..

  6. Let’s face it – Republicans will never get over the fact that a black man beat their old wealthy white guys – not once, but twice.

    There will be hell to pay for this ……..and we are witnessing it every day as these same Republicans show their lily white butts and display their ignorance with every arrogant utterance from their Neanderthal mouths.

    • Their racist side showed when they lost to a black man. Their sore loser side has never been camouflaged well. Yet, they’re unable to see that doing the same thing hoping for different results is insane. They’re also unable to recognize that changing demographics leaves their racist, misogynist, hateful butts in the dust bin of history!

  7. Robert Reich —

    Today, Time Magazine, once the pride of its parent company Time-Warner, is being spun off on its own with a load of debt. It’s been a drag on its parent’s profits, so it now begins trading as an independent company that’s no longer part of the Time-Warner conglomerate. If it goes bankrupt, the parent won’t be touched. Thus can corporations (and their major owners) rid themselves of their problematic parts. But owners of small businesses and people whose money-making assets are mainly themselves (that is, most of us) cannot. If we get into deep financial trouble, our only option is bankruptcy. People laden with student debt can’t even declare bankruptcy. The rules of capitalism are designed for and by the owners of large amounts of capital, who also pay less taxes on their capital-gains income than the rest of us who earn our income by working for it. Is this fair? If not, what would a fairer system look like?

    • Fairer system would look a lot like the system the average American has to live with…

      After all, if corporations are people, then let’s treat them like a person and hold them to the SAME rules as the working class Joe and Josie.

      • Today’s republicans sure prove these truths!

      • When I was told by an elementary school principal ‘we don’t like to use the word bullies’ – I simply could not hold my tongue.

        I replied with ‘a bully is a bully.

        This particular classroom has had two bullies for the entire school year. Eight parents have come forward to complain (there were only 19 kids in the room)

        Count them – 8 parents= 8 kids + 2 bullies – that is a total of 10 kids in that room. That leaves 9 kids unaccounted for – but possibly had the same problems with the same two bullies?

        And these two bullies are both 8-yr-old girls…… It’s not the boys.

        We have an epidemic of bullying in our country. Do you suppose it might because we have adults that don’t like to call the problem what it truly is and will look the other way – because the bullies’ parents are friends and/or fellow church members?

        Or is it because the parents are bullies also? ie Tea Party Mad Haters who knowingly disrupted those town hall meetings and were bused around from town hall to town hall to do just that – bully and throw their hissy fits.

        Hmmm……yeah, that’s right. Do some investigating into why people do what they do – and you will learn the reasons why they make the choices they do.

        I am so sick and tired of all this B.S……..when is this country going to wake up and smell the damn rancid tea?

      • A fairer system would be one in which people like Donald Trump are not seen as a hero….

        When you listen to Trump’s personal story – it sounds eerily the same as those billionaire brothers that also had a wealthy father from which the original money came from ….

        And listen to Marla Maples (Trump’s second wife) when she said that Donald Trump was raised to always to impress daddy and make daddy proud.

        I remember the feud between Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump when she said Trump has taken bankruptcy – to which Trump denied.

        Hmmm……..a fairer system would be in which everyone could manipulate the system to come out looking and smelling like a rose each and every time – no matter how much B.S. we just crapped out..

  8. From LADY LIBERALS Facebook Page:

    I’d place a bet that less than half of this country had ever even HEARD of Bowe Berdahl before last weekend. Hell, I bet less than half of this nation knows we are still at WAR in Afghanistan. But that doesn’t stop them from pontificating on the situation and spewing vicious hate and bile in 140 characters or in every comment section of every article or post that mentions Sgt. Bergdahl.

    The tiny town of Hailey, Idaho, knows all about it. They have been inundated with hate. They cancelled their “welcome home, Bowe” party because they don’t have the infrastructure to accommodate that many un-American, unpatriotic, uninformed asshats.

    The parents of Sgt. Bergdahl know the hate as well. For being diligent and determined to see their only son released from the hell of being a POW, they have received death threats. For learning to speak the language of his son’s captors so he could communicate with them, Mr. Bergdahl is now a terrorist supporter. For hugging Mr. Bergdahl in the Rose Garden, all suspicions have been confirmed – President Obama is Muslim.

    You can’t make this stuff up folks. You can’t…but Fake News and Outrage can. Murderers get more respect on the news than Sgt. Bergdahl. News reporters say “alleged” to describe suspects but for Sgt. Bergdahl “some say” is good enough to try, convict and execute a man who spent five years as a POW.

    THIS is how we “support the troops” now. Congratulations ‘Murica! You have officially become no better than the Westboro Baptist Church. Wear your hate proudly. Strap on your stupidity and keep talking. You officially disgust me.

    PS. Don’t get me started on the political grandstanding and outright garbage coming from our “leaders.” They’ve never met a story slamming our President they didn’t like. As I read in one comment someone along the way: The President was damned if he did, damned if he didn’t. Thank God he made the right damned decision.

    • I keep thinking these Conservative Republicans will reach the bottom of their sewer level of hate at some point …..but damn if they don’t prove me wrong with each passing day.

      I truly believe these CONservatives are just having a pissing contest to see who can be the biggest weiner…….

      I liken these folks to a bunch of boys just entering their puberty years and they all stand around and snicker/laugh when one of their buddies say the word ‘boobies’….

      Seriously, just GROW the F___ up already CONS….

  9. I keep hearing the argument from Republicans that if these five Taliban Gitmo prisoners are released that they will return to Afghanistan and rejoin their side and then that, in turn, will endanger our remaining soldiers already in Afghanistan.


    Our soldiers are already in harm’s way and I sure did not hear any Republicans crying about when their Little Cowboy president sent thousands of our soldiers into harm’s way in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    So why all the concern and gnashing of teeth now?

    I also hear the argument that now the Taliban will be emboldened to kidnap more Americans to make America release more Gitmo prisoners.


    I suspect the Taliban has not been sitting around their campfires and thinking – now if we just had a plan to make Americans scared.

    Hmmm…… these insurgents are not stupid and they are very adapt at fighting. These are the guys that wreaked havoc with the American overload of very expensive military weapons by the use of their homemade bombs.

    How many of our soldiers have been killed or wounded for life from coming into contact with one of those homemade bombs?

    Since when are Americans so naïve and stupid to believe that these Taliban fighters have NOT thought of kidnapping Americans to hold as hostages – before they hit the jackpot with the capture of Bowe Bergdahl in 2009?

    Seriously……folks… I alone in this thinking the Taliban fighters are not as stupid as some Republicans paint them to be?


    Again, Republicans show their lack of listening or reading comprehension.

    Hillary said they were dead broke due to legal bills. Hmmm…..then Reince Priebus (who the hell names their kid Reince?) pounces on the fact that the Clintons had mansions but yet thought they were broke.

    Hey – Reince – Hillary said they were dead broke and owed millions in legal bills AFTER they left the White House.

    The millions they have accumulated since that time was made once Bill Clinton – being an ex-president – got to start raking in the high dollar speeches.

    You know those high dollar speeches like all good little Republicans make? Yeah, those high-dollar speeches.

    Reince is a peach – isn’t he? Is that a step up from being a GOP weinee?

    • I also remember Romney trying to say he and his lovely wife Ann had to tear down that mansion in California to build a larger mansion – with a car elevator – because the original house was too small.

      Yeah – that’s a Republican trying to pass himself off as a regular, working class Joe.