Sunday, 6/8/14, Public Square

The bill they blocked would have allowed the VA to open 27 new clinics and medical facilities. Oh, and they want YOUR vote for their reelection this November.



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  1. They seem to always be able to find funding for war. Taking care of the folks they send to risk their lives or die in their wars — not so much. But, their donors make bundles of more money so they’re ensured the campaign contributions won’t be affected.

    • If there was no poverty – there would be no millionaires and billionaires. And those poor little rich things are suffering so…..

      Has anyone seen the trailer for the new television show – Mystery Millionaire?

      It goes likes this: these millionaires pretend to be working class men so they can find love. Then these men tell their girlfriends the truth about their millions.

      Is this a feeble attempt at the Republicans’ idea that all millionaires and billionaires have it so rough these days??

      I call B.S. on all the GOP crap

  2. The republicans really need to pick better heroes!

    • Sad to say – a lot of those people who call themselves ‘patriot’s are also those folks who call themselves ‘Christians’.

      Just because you can pronounce the word does not make it true…

  3. SAWYER: And what would you like to say to Karl Rove about your brain?

    CLINTON: That I know he was called ‘Bush’s Brain’ in one of the books written about him, and I wish him well. (laughs)

    Let’s turn this scenario around – shall we?

    What if this was Afghanistan holding Americans as prisoners for years and years without any charges filed and/or prosecuted?

    Can you imagine the outrage from these same Republicans who are hell bent on keeping these Muslims in Gitmo?

    I don’t know all the facts surrounding these prisoners. I don’t know if they are guilty or not. But when these same Republicans refused to let President Obama bring these prisoners to within American borders and start legal proceedings against them – then what makes them such an expert on what these five released Taliban are going to do once they are sent to Quatar?

    Unlike these Republicans, I do not think Obama is a stupid man.

    I do not believe Obama is a secret Muslim that has weaseled his way into the White House to destroy America.

    What I do believe is that Obama has a good reason to make this exchange for Bowe Bergdahl’s release – and I trust Obama to do the right thing.

    In some political circles – just saying the above three sentences would get me lynched……IMHO

    • Republicans profess to love our soldiers – but let’s take a walk down memory lane and watch how these same Republicans treated an ACTIVE duty American soldier in Iraq…

      Also note how Santorum took his response to a level that was not even asked for – sexual activity in the military.

      Hey – Ricky – if you’re so concerned about sexual activity in the military – then why aren’t you and your fellow Neanderthal buddies cracking down on the problem of sexual assault/rape within our military?

      The Women in Congress have tried to get legislation passed about dealing harshly with the problem of sexual assault/rape – and with no help from the likes of Republican males.


    Since Texas Republicans feel reparative therapy for gays is okay – then when may we expect for this group to advocate for reparative therapy for bullies?

    Oh, wait a minute. Being gay is not a choice. Being a bully is a choice.

    Besides – if bullies need reparative therapy – there are not enough therapists in the world to fix all these Republican bullies.


    Take special note of what John McCain said about getting our US soldiers back – but not at the cost of other lives.

    Hmmm…..I wonder if he would have liked being left behind in Vietnam when there was a prisoners of war exchange to get his butt home…

    McCain has made quite a little empire of fortune off his military experience – hasn’t he?

    McCain proclaims to love the military so damn much but yet he will go along with his Republican buddies to demonize and denounce a fellow US soldier and even deny funding to keep our military safe and their families in homes and their families fed.

    Yeah – that McCain sure knows how to ride his own gravy train but then has the nerve to question whether Bowe Bergdahl should have been rescued?

    I call B.S. on every Republican that dares to call themselves a patriot.

  7. My best guess is NONE OF THE REPUBLICANS who caused this mess will tell us the truth. These should be some of the biggest whopper lies ever to be told!

    (from the link): Candidates for the governor’s office and legislative seats must acknowledge that the state is in a fiscal crisis, and talk about what they plan to do about it.

    They should spare voters the platitudes about “shrinking government.” Kansas government is starving, and politicians are going to have to contemplate the unthinkable — a rollback of the draconian tax cuts that never should have been passed.

    The numbers are bad and primed to get worse. No flowery campaign talk can change the dreadful mathematics.

    Kansas budget is running on fumes, and it could get worse

    • Don’t worry….I am sure Pastor Sammie and his Pope Boys have it all under control.

      I fully expect Sammy to announce that he is running for president in 2016 and will suddenly find a whipping boy that he can blame for all the damage he and his boys have done to our state.

      Of course, Sammy will blaming Obamacare – and his minions will simply sit back and applaud, cheer, boo and hiss at the appropriate times during Sammy’s many speeches as to how the evil Democrats and that black man in the White House has ruined the country for all the ‘good’ and ‘right’ people… You betcha…wink-wink

      • BTW – who was the last Republican president that actually balanced the budget?

        It sure wasn’t Ronald Reagan, Daddy Bush or Baby Bush – it was Dwight Eisenhower.

        And we all remember Eisenhower was a RiNO…….he believed in the right of people to join unions and he believed in not overfeeding the military industrial complex beast……

        And check out that tax rates during Eisenhower’s time……….he was a Republican when the Grand Old Party was not being run by a bunch of cowardly, selfish, greedy, arrogant and ignorant morons who use their Bible to justify all they say and do…..


    Now this teenager has restored my faith for the future……

    Only problem is – we need millions more like this young man.