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  1. Real capitalism is when people use their own money (or get investors using their own money) to build a business.

    What we have today are people using TAXPAYER money (or getting vulture venture capitalists to use TAXPAYER money) to build a business – and then to make the TAXPAYERS take the fall if/when that business fails.

    All this talk that Romney and Republicans spewed about how they built everything by themselves made me want to puke….. Where in the hell would these folks be if the Taxpayer money was not available to them like some damn ATM?

  2. wicked

    Ain’t it the truth.

    • wicked

      I’m getting to the point where I don’t want to read the news anymore. What is happening to our country is just too damn depressing. It’s hard enough to get through each day, and then reminded that the light at the end of the tunnel grows smaller and smaller.

      On the other hand, I found something to laugh at this morning. A small, bright spot that only a select few would understand. (Game of Thrones joke.) Whatever lights the way a little more. đŸ˜€

      • It’s good to find one bright spot in every day… keeps us going.

        I am just wondering at what low point in al this political bickering are we going to hit bottom and then have some chance of coming back up?

        Each time Rush Limbaugh and his fellow Hate Talk Radio overpaid mouthpieces spew their latest crap……I think to myself – surely, this is the bottom of the barrel.

        But – sad to say – we are still witnessing people going to even lower depths of pure evil and hate.

        It’s like watching a pissing contest – and I am sick and tired of all this.


    Remember Romney praising how his venture capitalists saved Staples and turned them into a winner???

    Well – look here at this article….

    Hmmmm….do you think what I said above might have just taken place? These Vulture Venture Capitalists go in and swoop these businesses up – gouging at the taxpayer trough for their ‘expertise’? Just to watch as the company fails down the road?

    This is not the first company that has been used this way by Vulture Venture Capitalists…….just do some research on Bain Capital…..and remember what came out during the 2012 presidential campaign about Romney and Bain Capital.

    IMHO – we are currently in this world where only the elite few can manipulate the system into lining their pockets at the expense of others….

    And – to me – this is why we have homeless people and peopleless homes….

    That mortgage housing economic crash that happened on George W. Bush’s watch………..was it an accident or was it just a necessary ‘collateral damage’ to those elite few that walked away with their millions in profit…

    And yet – nobody has been prosecuted for that – or did I miss the memo that day?

  4. One thing that happened during that mortgage housing crash was something I don’t hear too many people talk about…….. when people lost their homes, suddenly all the rental properties’ prices just shot up to the sky.

    So……we allowed people to lose their homes – through no fault of their own – to end up having to pay more money to rent another home?

    A lot of people that were hurt by that crash are good, working people. They paid the price for what these fat cat Wall Street bankers – and their friends in the White House – did to our economy.

    But then on top of that – I remember CONservative Republicans demonizing these people that lost their homes and called them lazy, leeches, etc.

    But yet….not one single word of demonization about the Wall Street fat cats from these same CONS.

    In fact, Obama was demonized for daring to say that these Wall Street fat cats should not be paid their bonus checks – or to buy new private jets.

    Remember the pure HATE from the Republicans at that time?

    Remember their mantra that their bonus checks was a contract and HAD to be honored?

    Fast forward to Scott Walker in Wisconsin (the first Republican governor to try to deny state workers their earned pension and health care benefits).

    Republicans – again – demonized these state workers as lazy, leeches, etc.

    But…..IMHO …..these pension and health care benefits were a contract between the workers and their employer – the state. So, why didn’t these Republicans demand that these workers’ contract be honored????

    I think we all know why……don’t we?

    So, when the Tea Party Mad Haters scream they are against the corporate bailouts – just ask them directly – why is your group financed by the corporate billionaire brothers if you hate corporate bailouts so much?


    When these Republicans are demonizing Bowe Bergdahl as a traitor – what do these folks think of a man who sold weapons to our known enemy during the time when there were sanctions against the same enemy’s country?

    Hmmmm….Now who could that potential traitor be??

    If Republicans insist on going down this road – then let’s include EVERYONE’s history of being a traitor – shall we?

    Well, of course, if you want to compare actual military experience – that cuts out Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh and many other GOP overpaid mouthpieces – doesn’t it?

    • I just heard a news report that the Taliban now think if they can capture more Americans, then the USA will give them back even more of their own people.

      WOW – do you really think the Taliban has not thought of this tactic before Bergdahl?

      Please – these CONS are grasping at damn straws to make themselves holier-than-thou…..

      The Taliban and Al Queda are the folks who crippled out blinged-out military weapons in Iraq by using homemade roadside bombs.

      I don’t think these Taliban Al Queda men are too stupid to figure out that if they capture Americans – then they have something of value to bargain with..

      Geesh….just how stupid do these Republicans think we Americans are when we hear them push this latest GOP talking point?

      • BTW – the Taliban and Al Queda are called insurgents – but in their own countries, they are called the freedom fighters.

        It all depends on which side of the fence you’re on…..doesn’t it?

        And – if you look at from their perspective -George W. Bush declared war on Iraq and then presume that Americans will be greeted with cheers and applause and the war will be over in a matter of months – remember Cheney and Rumsfeld both said that….

        If you were an Iraqi – wouldn’t you wonder what the hell is all these white men from America doing to our country – and wouldn’t you want to fight like hell to keep your country out of the hands of ‘foreigners’?

        And then let’s talk about Afghanistan – I also remember when the Russians invaded the same damn country. What happened at that time?

        And which president was hellbent on saying that the Russians were wrong to be there?

        Hmmmm……….that potential traitor that sold weapons to our known enemy Iran…

        Could be……could be…..

      • Wow – that Reagan sure did believe in spreading those war weapons around the world – didn’t he?

        Well, of course, Reagan hated Communists and Russia had invaded Afghanistan – so I guess Reagan was only doing what God wanted him to do – HATE those Communists.. (big eye roll) Let’s not forget Reagan’s role as an informant during the Blacklisting days in Hollywood. Reagan seemed to relish in the idea that he was getting rid of those evil Communists. He truly was a real weiner…..IMHO

        But then – decades later – America is playing the role that Russia played in Afghanistan..

        What a big, big and ugly mess…….


    While we sit back and helplessly witness this stupid political-point-scoring fight about the release of Bowe Bergdahl – this real issue of climate change is NOT going away….

    Isn’t it very telling that the same CONServative Republicans demonizing Bowe Bergdahl are the same CONS who demonize climate change….

    Hmmmm……..makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

    Bobby Jindal got it right when he said the Republican Party is at risk of becoming the Party of Stupid