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  1. A comment by an anonymous blogger I felt deserved to be repeated:

    Maybe Bergdahl should do something to regain the respect of conservatives: Make some homophobic slurs, announce his support for a deadbeat rancher who doesn’t pay his grazing fees, insult the parents of a mass murder victim…

  2. President of Central MS Tea Party Found Locked in Circuit Clerk’s Office

    Here’s a bit more information about this piece of shit woman —

    • If she truly feels this way – then why is SHE in a leadership role? Why doesn’t she let some man do it?

      Hmmm…..Rules for Thee and Not for Me??

      Hypocrit Puritan strikes again….

    • LOL it is funny to me that most of the women in my wife’s family are pretty much hard core tea party leaning. You just know I have to repost this one to face book!

    • I wonder – for the final exam to graduate from this reparative therapy – will the person have to stand in line to buy an overpriced deep fried chicken sandwich to prove how much they love Jesus and hate homosexuals?

  3. I would love to see these Holier than thou Puritans follow the footsteps of their Mayflower buddies and go sailing away to find another land.

    If the world is lucky this time – that land’s natives will have strict illegal immigration laws and either kick them out or put them into a Gitmo-like prison for years and years..

    Lady Karma – where are you ??



    Call the NRA – this is a way to take down the gunman without adding more guns to the volatile mix….

    Pepper Spray…….This should be the lesson learned from this shooting. We do not need MORE guns in our society – more pepper spray maybe???

    • This shooter had guns that required him to reload. Probably saved lives.

      • If President Obama was wildly supportive of the NRA could we then see all the idiot gun nuts take an exactly opposite position?

      • Now there is a thought – I wonder what these gun nuts would do if Obama suddenly said -you know, you’re right, let’s put more guns into our society.

        I suspect these same gun nuts would then be screaming that Obama wants to give guns to his fellow black thugs..

    Did I miss the memo where anyone from this bank (or the other bank JP Morgan that previously paid $6 billion) was charged and prosecuted for their role in the 2008 economic crash?

    Imagine if that was the average American that carried out this fraud – our butts would be in prison…


    My grandpa told us kids – don’t worry about the Russians, worry about the Chinese.

    My grandpa only got to the 9th grade of school because he had to go to work to help feed the family. My grandpa was never a wealthy man with millions in a bank. But my grandpa was a very smart man.

    My grandpa died in 1971 – long before the current day where the Chinese basically have the USA over the barrel when it comes to money. How much money have we borrowed from China? And where would our economy be without all those Chinese-imported goods we buy? WalMart would be half empty stores without Chinese imported goods – wouldn’t they?

    Hmmm……do you think for one moment the Chinese give a damn about the USA. But yet we still have those folks who want to spend trillions of dollars that we don’t have (and possibly borrow from China?) on building warships. Remember back to the 2012 presidential campaign – this was Mitt Romney’s proposal…..

    So the CONS want to spend trillions on warships but deny funding to help veterans, working people to make a living wage and hungry kids?


    But – don’t fret about how the USA does not already spend more than enough money on our military…..the military industrial complex beast is fed – and overfed – many, many times..

    Take special note of the quote by James Madison on top of first page of this article

    When it comes to military spending – the USA does not come in last….

  8. I posted a link to a piece written by Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station titled, “Negotiating With Terrorists” a few days ago. I hope you read it. Here is the link —

    He has written on the topic again, this time including a letter from a Marine who holds an opposing opinion. This post he titles, “Negotiating With Terrorists: The Counterpoint.” Here is the link —

    I think all of us hold information very dear. We don’t turn away from new information or opposing information, but instead seek it out because new input is the only way we are able to reevaluate our conclusions. So here are two sides to a complicated issue, there may be more ‘sides’ as new input is received and evaluated. We all know now that what we were told about Jessica Lynch was a bunch of propaganda. I hope someday truth and facts about Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will be known. Until then, I will wait and not make judgments. I am still of the opinion that Americans cannot differentiate between soldiers or make bringing one home what should be done while bringing another home isn’t. We don’t leave anyone behind — not one single person! I won’t participate in the hate fest. I won’t denigrate a soldier or a soldier’s family. I’ll leave that to the haters who seem to have honed their skills of hating to a new level.

    • As I’ve previously shared, I was personally affected by the Vietnam War – and that changed my views – a lot.

      But I still hold those same views today – I am very cynical when I hear politicians and their paid mouthpieces to push for WAR-WAR-WAR.

      This does not make a traitor.

      This does not make unpatriotic

      This does not make me a heathen destined to go to hell for all eternity.

      My cynicism is in large part directly a result of how MY government has knee-jerked their way into starting wars…….. and let’s face it, the Iraq War is a bunch of unanswered questions as to even why we were there in the first place.

      This is what these folk son the right side of political aisle will NEVER allow – Americans like me to question their country’s leaders when we are spending MY tax dollars to go fight a WAR for no good reason..

      But I also posted that link to the episode on ‘All in the Family’ about the Vietnam draft dodger and the father of the slain Vietnam soldier – at some point, this country will be populated with folks from both sides of the issues. And if we cannot even sit down and discuss these serious issues without some asshole bringing out his big military-style assault weapons and start shooting – then our country’s future is already pre-destined to be nothing more than what we are today – a bunch of infighting folks with those few paid mouthpieces taking turns to stoke the fires of hate.

      And the sad fact is – isn’t this the best gift to give to those terrorists? We are handing them our country’s demise on a silver platter…… IMHO

      I tried to state yesterday that each and every time a new low has been reached in how we treat and demonize President Obama or a soldier named Bowe Bergdahl – it is one more nail in our the coffin of our country.

      Because each time we sink to a new level of pure hatred for the other viewpoint – that becomes the new standard for what is seen as acceptable and expected behavior.

      What a sad, sad commentary……

      • I wonder how many of these Bowe Bergdahl haters are also the US soldiers that allegedly ran down the Afghan children and then laughed in the local Afghan peoples’ faces because they did not understand what they were saying.

        Think back to the Iraq War and those disgusting pictures of the Abdu Grai (sp?) prison pictures.

        Is that really the picture of America we want to send across this globe?

        I do not want that……but yet I don’t hear anyone on the right side of the political aisle getting their panties in a twist about those things.

        And – as far as those five Gitmo prisoners that were released – none were ever charged for the past 12 years. If they were such terrible men – then why were charges filed and/or prosecuted in a court of law.

        How would we feel if Afghanistan had a Gitmo with US men and women as prisoners being held for years and years without ever being charged with a crime?

        We would be outraged…..and rightfully so…

      • Those were soldiers the republicans honored. The atrocities they committed were against enemies. I remember the hateful way republicans condoned torture and even those horrible pictures. Republicans judge who is and who isn’t worthy of ____________ (fill in the blank).

        You said it all, when you said, “Because each time we sink to a new level of pure hatred for the other viewpoint – that becomes the new standard for what is seen as acceptable and expected behavior.”

  9. Five Quick Things to Know About Bowe Bergdahl

    It’s an open question whether the White House handled the recovery of Bowe Bergdahl well. Probably not, and it’s a legitimate topic for speculation. But on the substantive question of the prisoner exchange itself, here are five things you should keep firmly in mind:

    1. We don’t know if Bergdahl is a deserter. We’ll only know that after the military legal process has run its course and rendered a verdict. Obviously nothing is going to shut up the hotheads and Fox News blowhards, but the rest of us on both left and right would be wise to reserve judgment until that happens.

    2. Either way, we still should have gotten Bergdahl back. We don’t leave prisoners behind to face justice from the enemy. We dish it out ourselves.

    3. The evidence suggests that, in fact, probably nobody died searching for Bergdahl after he left the base.

    4. When wars end, you exchange prisoners. This is always distasteful and contentious: the issue of POWs was so fraught at the end of the Korean War that it actually extended the fighting for more than a year. But eventually you agree to an exchange, and the Afghanistan war is no different. Foreign policy hawks might not like it, but America’s longest war is finally coming to an end, which means our Taliban prisoners would have been exchanged fairly soon no matter what. We didn’t actually give up much in this deal.

    5. As Michael Hastings reported two years ago, Bergdahl didn’t think much of his unit, and his unit didn’t think much of him. Given the rancor between them, it’s not surprising that his teammates have plenty of lurid things to say about him now. They never liked him much in the first place. For the time being, you should take everything they say with a big grain of salt.

    Practically everything you’re hearing right now about Bowe Bergdahl is being driven by extreme partisans with a huge ax to grind. You should view the entire feeding frenzy with intense skepticism until we learn more about what actually happened.

    • Perhaps Bowe Bergdahl did see fellow soldiers run over Afghan children and then laugh about it? I read that somewhere earlier this week – to explain his reported disillusionment with the US and our military.

      But think about it this way – we already know how some military personnel treat their fellow soldiers by how the military has addressed the issue of sexual assault and rape within their ranks.

      How many times has this particular type of crappola has been reported in the news about our military – to refresh your memory – Tail Hook, anyone?

      SO….if Bowe Bergdahl did say something about what he saw some fellow soldiers do to the local Afghan people and the commanding officers did nothing about it – then of course, those Bowe accused of doing something would be tempted to treat Bowe like a piece of dirt beneath their feet – and probably get their buddies to help stomp Bowe into the dirt even further.

      We all know how whistleblowers are treated in the USA – they are treated like dirt …..

      But – for all these folks who are hating on Bergdahl – I just wonder how they would have acted and/or reacted when their butt was sent to a hell hole by their country on the misguided mission of War on Terror?

      Especially when it is reported numerous times that Afghanistant President Karzai (sp?) is nothing more than a corrupted leader who appears to be playing both sides of the fence…

      How would that play on the minds – would these Bergdahl haters come out of that experience and not be affected mentally?

      There are very good reasons we are witnessing an epidemic of military suicides and cases of PTSD in our wounded soldiers when they come home.

      War is H-E-L-L and the last damn thing we need are partisan political hacks who yell, scream, rant, demonize and denounce the men and women who did volunteer to join our military and were the ones that had to do the actual fighting.

      Like I told my ex-friend – devoted Foxxy, Pro-Life, Catholic, Tea Party Republican – it is very easy to sit in the comfort of your own home and applaud when the country goes to war when you know that your butt – and your own loved ones’ butt – will not have to pay the real price.

      • Soldier Trashing Bergdahl Received ‘Other Than Honorable’ Discharge

      • This is ONE of the comments to the above article. Let’s remember we don’t know what is truth and what isn’t about any of these soldiers.

        There’s a number of reasons for that to happen.
        A Medical Discharge.
        A General discharge.
        It doesn’t mean he was a bad soldier.

        I’m not gonna do what the right has been doing. I’m not going to judge this guy on speculative hear say evidence.
        He could have been discharged to telling them to go fuck themselves.
        There’s a lot of reasons to get discharged.
        A friend of mine had FTA ( fuck the army) tattooed on the pinky side of his hand. So everything he saluted, his hand sad, Fuck the Army.
        He was discharged shortly afterwards. General discharge.

    • “”

      I am trying to remember how to get this to show up opened.

  10. Why would a physician-turned-politician make a medical diagnosis about a patient he’s never seen, based on a short video?
    In 2005, it happened during the Terri Schiavo story. Yesterday, the exact same thing happened – the patient, in this case, was Bowe Bergdahl.

    Tom Coburn pulls a Bill Frist, makes a diagnosis via video

    • I watched the same video and what I saw was Bergdahl looking confused, blinking his eyes a lot and appearing scared.

      Think about this – it has been reported that Bergdahl speaks very little English. And perhaps, just perhaps, he was blinking so much because his eyes are not used to the sunlight?

      We don’t know under what conditions Bergdahl was living while in captivity – do we?

      And maybe Bergdahl was not told what was going on – maybe he did not even know that the USA chopper was coming to get him.

      These Holier-than-Thou Republicans make me angry…….

      To spit on this one soldier without knowing the facts and they are doing this for what purpose? —- to score cheap political points with their damn rabid GOP base?

      This bunch of spineless cowards and bullies (NOT patriots) have to be make Bergdahl into a traitor – because that is how Obama needs to be painted – as a traitor-loving secret Muslim that slinked his way into the White House to destroy God’s favorite country – the USA.

      You see – this has been the rabid GOP’s tactic from the very beginning – hasn’t?

      Muslims are out to destroy America – so they got Obama into the White House – so that Obama could one day release Bergdahl in exchange for five of their guys in Gitmo.

      Nevermind the fact that those five guys in Gitmo have been there for 12 years and have never been charged with any crime…..

      We would certainly NOT want any facts to get in the way of a good conspiracy of Muslims out to destroy Christians.

      Because – as I suspect – these same GOP cowards and bullies are just foaming at the mouth for a good Holy War. Why else would all these Evangelical mega preachers and televangelists be stoking the fires of Obama hatred and banging those war drums ever since Obama won election in 2008?

  11. Anyone else watching All in with Chris Hayes? He is talking about our beloved state and Gov.! Man oh man it is so good … He is a Wiener on a national lever now!

  12. The “Duck Dynasty” clan has lent their celebrity to all sorts of merchandise – including lighters, Cajun seasoning, smart phone apps, and firearms.

    (from the link): The reality TV stars will next release “The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible,” a King James translation of the Old and New Testaments that will include branded features about the family.

    The Bible, which will be published Oct. 28 by Thomas Nelson, will focus on patriarch Phil Robertson’s five core values — faith, family, fellowship, forgiveness, and freedom.

    Mallard be thy name: New ‘Duck Dynasty’-themed Bible coming in October

    • Oh…Oh….Phyllis Schafly and her boy are going to be mad….someone else cutting into that big pie of Sheeple’s money

      • I wish – just once – that if there is a God in Heaven on his golden throne , that he would just reach down and slap these fools upside their heads….

        Besides – one of the Ten Commandments was about to not take the Lord’s name in vain.

        Let’s see – making money off selling the Lord’s holy book – smothered with your faces ……..

        What could possibly come next from these folks?