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  1. Dear Soldier: We Need Some Information In Case You’re Captured

    Thank you for your willingness to be sent wherever it is we’re sending our military forces, for whatever reason we’re sending you there. Your willingness to give your all “for your country” — or, let’s be real, for your comrades, or just not to look chicken in front of them — is greatly appreciated.
    However, it has come to our attention that, should you fall into enemy hands, new circumstances dictate that your country may not want to actually bring you back. The standard has changed from “Leave no comrade behind” to “Leave no suitably telegenic comrade behind.” To help us decide whether you are fit to be rescued, or even searched for, we need to gather certain information to help us determine whether you are worth bothering with.

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  2. I kinda figured “stupid, idiotic, extreme, wingnutty evangelinut” wouldn’t be on any of the maps, but still I was surprised and pleased by the diversity of Kansas. Check out these maps —

    The second-largest religion in each state

  3. This morning’s storm was loud and early. The hail hit the glass doors that lead to the back patio so hard I wasn’t sure the glass wouldn’t break. I had just finished making my patio look nice and colorful with pots of flowers. When it’s light enough I’ll see if there is any damage. I can already see the patio and yard are littered with leaves from trees. Hope that is the extent of it! Hope all of you are snug and safe too!

  4. The numbers don’t lie, but Republicans certainly do.

    • Here’s a thought – if Republicans would have allowed the Gitmo prisoners to be transferred to the USA court system – perhaps those five that just got released would have been inside a maximum security prison within the US borders and harder to get released.

      Hmmm…….Republicans are so damn stupid they don’t even know how the reason why JUSTICE should be served and not just keep a bunch of Muslims inside a prison camp in Cuba for years and years without any legal proceeding of any kind being done……

    • After returning back here from answering all the replies I got from my comment on a national report about this. The response I was getting was that is history and we only deal with the facts of today! Of course my reply: If you were that concerned about facts you would not be stating such moronic things in public.”.

      • Isn’t it interesting how history is not important to these CONS when they are trying to score political points and not have an actual debate over some issue

  5. Here’s a graph that shows the history of Executive Orders by president. Just to bring some truth, facts and perspective to the loud-mouthed republicans screaming about President Obama. Not that the republicans will believe it, they’re too stuck on stupid to comprehend facts.

    Keep scrolling for additional graphs on legislative activity. This tongue-in-cheek bit from the link made me smile: Despite president Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s flurry of orders establishing the New Deal, Republican presidents have, on average, been more reliant on executive orders than have their Democratic counterparts. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that Democrats were lamenting a certain Republican president’s use of executive orders to green light the CIA’s torture of detainees and constrain stem cell research.

    It’s almost as if both Republicans and Democrats would be happier if we had a different, less unilateral way to enact rules. Perhaps a system by which both parties could propose, debate, and enact legislation.

  6. “You’ll Need to Relearn How to Be a Person”: A Letter to Bowe Bergdahl From a Fellow Former Hostage
    When I came home after 26 months in captivity, I didn’t know how hard it is to be free again.

  7. Alison & Kentucky are ready to “ditch Mitch” in November.

  8. I just heard Bowe Bergdahl’s hometown has cancelled their celebration to welcome Bowe back due to numerous angry messages and even death threats.

    WTF …………….

    Maybe Bowe’s daddy should have been making duck calls, giving marriage advice on how to get those women when they are young and, of course, hate homosexuals ……..that apparently is how a bunch of long-bearded rednecks get on television and then make it into the GOP Fantasyland of presidential material?

  9. I still think Obama should have traded George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for Bowe Bergdahl……

    If these CONServative Republicans are going to be outraged no matter what happens – let’s give them something to really fuss about……..

    Besides – doesn’t justice deserve to be served?

    • I like and wish there was a button I could hit to say such.

      • fnord said about the same thing yesterday – I wonder how many other people feel the same way as we do?

        Serious question R.D. – your boy is in the military – how does he feel about this Bergdahl deal? Or have you had any contact with your boy since all this happened?


    Since we’re talking about stupidity…….look at these Tea Party Mad Haters and the fact they got themselves locked inside the courthouse when they were there to investigate as to how the votes are being counted…

    Hmm….this is the same damn group of folks of that Tea Party Darling candidate who is trying to unseat Thad Cochran in Mississippi.

    McDaniel is also the candidate whose Tea Party supporters are charged with going into the nursing home where Cochran’s bedridden wife has been living for quite awhile and take her picture. Cochran’s wife has dementia.

    Let’s see……Tea Party Darling candidate McDaniel is the common thread between those TP’ers that broke into the nursing home and these TP’ers that got caught in that courthouse.

    Hmmmmm….surely nothing is unusual about what these Tea Party folks are doing… there?

    The sad fact is – this McDaniel dude and Cochran both got about the same amount of votes and there is a runoff election…

    Do you think maybe that is why these TP’ers were locked in the courthouse when the votes were being counted?

    I am so sick and tired of this Mean Girls Club S-H-I-T….


    How low will the Republicans go for a scandal? Come on folks – George W. Bush was caught strolling through that damn garden hand-in-hand with the Saudi King and NOBODY from GOP Fantasyland got their panties in a twist about that…..

    But, then again, GWB did play an important part in the Saudi’s plan to get rid of Saddam Hussein – didn’t he?

    That is the only reason that I can think of as to why GWB never asked the Saudi King why all but one of those 9/11 hijackers came from his country – Saudi Arabia.

  12. Great quote! I always like it when I find that someone has said what I think, but said it better than I could have.

    “I understand guns in war, in hunting, in sport. But when a man feels he needs a gun to leave his house in the morning, I fear that man. I fear his fear. He believes that the only man more powerless than himself is a dead man.” ~ Roger Ebert

    I’m sick and tired of the people who are the real terrorists — those who practice being terrified as a political philosophy. Those who hate so much and so many for being different than they are. Their OUTRAGE is silly, childish and downright paranoid.

    • I grew up around guns but we all had respect for the gun – back then.

      And we also had common sense and common courtesy.

      All three of those things are sorely lacking in today’s society.

      Oh, but we do have a bunch of mighty profitable and huge mega churches – don’t we?

    • There you go another I wish for a like button, for some time I left the house everyday with a weapon on. It did not make me feel like suddenly I was the envy of every man and the desire of every woman. Unless in uniform it was never in the open or did I make a point of letting everyone know I was armed. I never had to fire it or for that matter actually had to have it out of the holster once I determined it was safe to continue through or in to a situation.

      There are time it is true that I have it with me and where I can reach it. But You can count on one hand how many times in a two month period and depending on which finger you are using… Some would ask you why the hell are you giving me the finger!!!???

  13. Correct me if I am wrong – but didn’t America spend money to go rescue that missionary woman from Rose Hill?

    And all these same CONservative Fake-N-Bake Christian Republicans were whooping and hollering and praising their Jesus because America ‘did the right thing’.

    But yet these same Fake-N-Bake folks are now demonizing an American soldier who was held captive for 5 years by the enemy in Afghanistan?

    Please ….someone explain to me why these Mean Girls Club GOP members are so hellbent on determining who is worthy and who is not worthy of America’s protection?

    Last time I checked – missionaries go to foreign countries VOLUNTARILY and are not paid by America to be a soldier….

    So – why are their butts more worthy than a soldier’s butt?

    I am just asking a fair question…..


      BTW – this woman got a hero’s welcome when she came home. And if I am not mistaken, she also got a brand new home built for her and her children. And all because she was a ‘worthy’ person to rescue from the bad guys?

      But yet our soldier Bowe Bergdahl is not worthy of being released from the bad guys – when he was over there in that hell hole country because America military sent him there to fight……..

      From the Bible I read where the Romans in the coliseum voted on whether to let the Christian in the ring live or die.

      Are these Fake-N-Bake Christians now the Romans in the Bible – to the extent they feel they can determine a man’s fate?

      What a sad, sad commentary……

      • I still believe there are factors in this release deal that we do not know about. I do not believe President Obama is so stupid that he would sign off on some deal that we were getting shafted.

        But, then again, I am not in the GOP Fantasyland Group that thinks Obama is a secret Muslim and this is why Obama rushed to release those five Muslims – the hardest of the hardcore in Gitmo.

        And if you have a rabid GOP base that strongly believes Obama is a Muslim out to destroy America – what better way to get these sheeple riled up than to play this Bowe Bergdahl case for all the political points you can?

    • They were all for getting this POW back safely before President Obama did it. There is NO WAY sense can be made from nonsense and on this issue, along with most every issue, they are crazy with hate for President Obama and full of shit. Attacking a soldier and a soldier’s family — it’s a new low.

      • Attacking a soldier and a soldier’s family – isn’t that what these Republicans just displayed when they voted against the Veterans Bill recently?

        The only time Republicans care about the soldiers is when there is a photo-op for themselves – to score more political points.

        I mean it….I am sick and tired of this B.S. from these Fake-N-Bake Christian CONservative Republicans.

  14. “I do not believe President Obama is so stupid that he would sign off on some deal that we were getting shafted.”. Indy I put it this way when someone commented about the same thing: ” Plain and simply while in our custody they could not be harmed… Released they are fair game and have a death sentence the moment their feet hit the ground there.”


    Does anyone else remember this episode from the ‘All in the Family’ television show – the one in which MIke’s friend the draft dodger is at the Christmas dinner table and the father of a young soldier that had been killed in the Vietnam War.

    As we can imagine – Archie goes off on the draft dodger by denouncing him. The father of the slain soldier takes another viewpoint…..

    Remember what happened?

    I was reminded of this television episode as all this hate-filled talk about Bowe Bergdahl has been coming out in the news.

    Maybe we all just need to take a deep breath and think about what is really the issue at hand?

    There is another side to this story that I have not mentioned yet – while President Obama is abroad, we have elected officials in both parties who are demonizing him for bringing an American soldier home after 5 years of captivity by the enemy Taliban.

    Correct me if I am wrong – but what did these same CONservsative Republicans do to the Dixie Chicks for daring to say they were ashamed George W. Bush was from Texas (or something to that effect).

    What hell did these same Fake-N-Bake Christian CONservative Republicans do to those poor girls in the Dixie Chicks?

    And what was the mantra during the Bush run-up to the Iraq War – if you dared to criticize – or even question – Bush and his reasons for going to war – YOU were the traitor.

    It is the moral duty and obligation (IMHO) for every American to question everything done around this world in our name…….

    These Fake-N-Bake Christian CONservative Republicans also happen to be the Fake-N-Bake Patriots – IMHO. Wow – would have thought that??


    I’ve heard this story several times now – and I wonder if it is true or not.

    Were their non-dislclosure forms that were signed by all those soldiers in Bergdahl’s unit when he went missing?

    If so – then wouldn’t the military officials have copies of those non-disclosure forms?

    If so – then produce them. Otherwise – this seem a lot like the Swift Boaters that sunk John Kerry during the presidential campaign.

    And the fact these folks all seem to find their way to CONservative talk shows and Foxxies Hen House to do their squawking……that makes me more than suspicious..


      Here is another issue I have not seen mentioned anywhere in this current debate over Bowe Bergdahl and his ‘worthiness’ to be rescued and brought home.

      Military suicides appear to be on the rise – both while deployed into war hell holes and even those not deployed to hell holes.

      Why are we not talking about this issue – as well as the VA hospitals scandal ?

      No, Bergdahl is quickly becoming a bigger political point-scoring machine than Benghazi, the VA scandal and the IRS scandal.

      I suspect some Republicans are wetting their pants and foaming at their mouths at the mere thought of accomplishing their intended goal the entire time – bring down Obama.

      Hate is a powerful weapon…..

    • Is this evidence that if you tell a lie long enough that it becomes truth?

      • BTW – imagine the outrage if Obama had sold weapons to our enemy Iran….

        But because some old white dude with the gift of the silver tongue (ie telling lies without getting blamed for it?) is a proud CONservative Republican – it is okay for a traitor to continue to be worshipped as a GOP Saint?

        I knew Americans had been dumbed down – but seriously, folks, we need to start educating our citizens and NOW….

      • I still remember my paternal grandmother – when Reagan was president – she would get a frown on her face and then say ‘I never liked Reagan when he was a player’. She then would shake her head in total disdain for this old doddering moron.

        My grandmother called all the Hollywood actors by the term ‘player’.

        My grandmother

      • My grandmother was never a person that talked about religion or politics very much – but in Reagan’s case, she would initiate the conversation as to what the old fool did that week……

        Imagine her comments when Reagan actually tried to classify ketchup as a vegetable for school lunches.

        And then these Reagan Worshippers demonize Michelle Obama for pushing for healthy school lunches…

        Only in GOP Fantasyland would that even make sense…..

    So, now the news that Bowe Bergdahl’s life was threatened and that was why Obama moved so fast to get his release…

    Even with this news – we have hate-filled people doubting the validity of the news.

    Hmmm…..let’s put each of these doubting Thomas’ in Bowe Bergdahl’s shoes for the past 5 years and then see how they react…

    I would love to put a bunch of these CONservative Republicans through a waterboarding session and then hold them captive for 5 years in solitary. I suspect these CONS would come out looking and acting even goofier than they do currently in their Congressional actions.

    • Do Republicans honestly think that if they are lucky enough to manage to get another one of their old white men into the White House that our levels of political discourse and levels of pure hate will simply go away?

      NOT on your life…….

      Personally, on that day if and when any Republican sits in the main chair at the White House, I plan to watch that man (and we all know if it is a Republican, chances are it will be a man – and a white man at that) carefully and scrutinize every single thing he does, he says and even thinks about saying.

      I plan to treat their ‘boy’ the same way they have treated President Obama.

      Then sit back and listen to what their mantra will be – just like it was when GWB took started the Iraq War – if anyone dared to criticize or question the Little Cowboy – we were called a traitor and unpatriotic.

      I am so SICK and TIRED of all this GOP B.S.

      • I don’t think it’s possible for you, or for most people outside the ‘conservatives’ to stoop that low. We aren’t capable of the kind of hate, malice and immorality of these evangelinuts.

      • I know, you’re right. But it is a nice dream to have when these CONS stoop to an all new low and just grates on my last nerve….


        But, seriously, once that level of accepted behavior has been dropped to the current sewer level of GOP hate for Obama – then that seems to become the ‘new normal standard’ – you know what I mean?

        The behavior of people in our society has come down the tubes so much since my childhood – and nobody seems to care or even turn their heads anymore…..

        It’s like we have all been brainwashed to think that these CONS’ outlandish and rude behavior is totally accepted – and expected…..

        That is the part that bothers me – expected rude behavior……

  19. When I hear these Republicans attacking Bowe Bergdahl and even his father – why am I surprised? These are the same folks who sat in that presidential GOP debate and cheered when Rick Perry bragged about how many death row inmates have been executed in his state.

    These people sat and booed an active duty soldier in Iraq simply because he asked a question about gay rights.

    These people sat and yelled ‘let him die’ when presented with a scenario of an uninsured man in a coma.

    With malice and downright hate-filled hearts like these folks displayed – am I really surprised these are the same folks that are demonizing another active duty soldier in Afghanistan that has been a P.O.W. for the past 5 years?

    I keep thinking Republicans will have to reach the bottom of their sewer of hate at some point – but they keep surprising me and go lower, lower and even lower with each passing day.

    And – let’s not forget – it seems like one of these morons spews their hate-filled rants and then the next moron has to ‘out-do’ the first one and say something even more outrageous and ridiculous.

    When will this insanity end???