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  1. Instead of trading those five Taliban prisoners from Gitmo – Obama should have given the Afghanistan Taliban both George W; Bush and Dick Cheney – and I bet the Taliban would have LOVED to get their hands on those two….

    • I would have used the like button on that comment! I would have used the LOVE button if that had been a possibility! And, it would be quite sufficient if even a few level-headed conservatives quit being outraged over everything President Obama while being complacent, in fact ignoring, actions of President Bush’s Administration.

      • I have figured out why the GOP base are majority of these Evangelinuts.

        For the most part, Evangelinuts are those folks who are capable of looking the other way when they KNOW their leaders are doing wrong – for example, the Catholic Church leader knowingly made the choice to cover up for the child molesters – but when this was made public and proved in Court – what did a majority of the Catholics do? They looked the other way and said what my ex-friend said to me – it is a ‘little problem’.

        A little problem?

        Molesting children is NEVER a ‘little’ problem…..

        It takes a special breed to be able to turn off your conscience by simply choosing to ignore the truth…

      • To BE religious and follow what your leaders tell you is THE way to salvation and eternal life is to be pretty gullible I think. Because what I hear from churches has little to do with loving acceptance. If the only thing keeping a person decent is the expectation of divine reward, then that person isn’t much of a person.


    When the Tea Party Mad Haters came to the Grand Old Party, they brought in a certain breed – IMHO

    That breed seems to think it is okay to go into a nursing home to take pictures of their opponent’s bedridden wife who has had dementia for years.

    And yet the Tea Party Darling candidate knows nothing about it…….yeah, sure. You betcha…wink-wink

    If you wonder why this country has a problem with bullying – just look at the adults in the room…………

      Talk about bullying……..have you heard about this group of gun nuts in Texas?

      The NRA even backtracked on their criticism of this group of bullies who seem to think it is okay to openly carry and proudly display their military style weapons while shopping……

      What has happened to America?
      What has happened to common sense and common courtesy?
      What kind of cancer is eating away at our very soul in America?

      Is it only rampant greed?
      Is it only rampant intolerance?
      Is it only rampant ‘I’ve got min and screw you’ mentality?

      For all those Texas gun nuts who think that just because they carry around a big gun does not mean you’re just a little dyck….

      • And where are these Christians at the sight of all these people walking around with their military style weapons?

        Where is the outrage ?

        Where is the good sense God gave a damn goose?

        I swear – I am starting to HATE every Republican……

        Here is an article talking about the NRA backtracking their original statement that this Texas open and carry group as being counter-productive and weird…

        Hey – let this group continue to terrorize the folks in Texas – with every passing day of live coverage of these gun nuts gang of bullies will perhaps drive reasonable and moderate folks in both parties to rise up and say ‘Not One More’…

  3. If we were truly a nation of laws and justice – there would have been many, many hearings and investigations during the Bush and Cheney reign of terror.

    I keep reminding these CONservative Republicans that their party had TOTAL control from 2000 to 2006.

    If they are so outraged about things now – then why were not outraged during those long six years when their Little Cowboy and his Sidekick Dyck had total control…….and gave us nothing but a high deficit due to two wars ‘off budget’ – Medicare Drug Program that was not funded – No Child Left Behind crappola and then the cherry on top of their GOP sundae was when the economy finally crashed due to the housing bubble fiasco…..

    And who on Wall Street was ever prosecuted for their role in that mortgage housing fiasco????

    So, let’s not keep on yelling and screaming about how America is so damn morally superior to the rest of the world and how WE are the only ones that follow the law, justice and truth…..

    It’s about time WE the PEOPLE start demanding our own people straighten up their act and fly right…….or get the hell out of the way and let the true patriots take over…

    • I keep hearing Republicans loudly proclaim that America is ‘exceptional’.

      You know the meaning of exceptional is not that you can do anything you want, to whomever you want and any way you want to do it to them…

      Exceptional simply means that you’re stand out from the crowd.

      In the case of these CONservative Republicans – America has become exceptional at being proud to be ignorant….


    Here is what I found on the Working Families Party – it appears to be the New York chapter?

    I’ll try to find more…


    Whenever this guy is on television spewing…… let’s remind ourselves that he is retiring from Congress to go into talk radio career…

    This guy is a NeoCON…… enough said?

    I just listened to this dude talking to Andrea Mitchell and he spewed the current GOP talking points about the release of our soldier Bergdal in exchange for those five Taliban men in Gitmo.

    But…at the very end of his spewing….this guy said that we were releasing bad men back into the Taliban and they do not even want women to read….

    Was this a bone being thrown to women in America to make us think that this dude Rogers – or any damn CONservative Republican – actually cares about the women in America?

    Oh please….just pass the barf bag now…

    I predict this Rogers dude will do quite well in talk radio – Hate Talk Radio shock jocks have proven they do not need actual facts – or even the desire to resolve real problems – in order to make a lot of millions in dollars.

    And isn’t that the saddest commentary of all??

  6. Are all Republicans born with that obsessive desire to start wars – or is it a learned trait – or just a character flaw?

    I think we should press each and every one of these CONS to say they want to bring the draft back while they are spewing their Let’s Go To War crappola.

    I wonder how long these CONS would last on their multi-million dollar political campaigns if they had the balls to say they want the draft brought back…

    • Maybe we could pass a new law stating that if your elected officials votes to start a war – then YOU have to either pack your own bag – or pack your kids’ bag – and report for front line duty……..

      I wonder how many of these morons would get votes???

      • I am so sick and tired of hearing this War Mongerers knowing that their lily-white old butts will never be used as fodder for their damn wars..

        It’s time to make these folks put their butts where their mouth sends them…..right in direct fire from those evil Muslims they seem to want to kill……

      • Clarification: if your elected officials vote to go to war AND you voted for the moron – then YOU have to report for front line duty or send your kids to report for front line duty.

        Why should I or my kids have to be killed or wounded for the likes of these CONS from Kansas????

    • What I find most unbelievable is that the goppers can say anything and their constituents take them at their WORD instead of paying attention to their ACTIONS. Look at their voting records against Veterans, against women, against minorities, against, against, against… and then don’t believe one single word they say about being for anything!

      • I know what you mean……sometimes I have to laugh when I get all that GOP crap junk mail and knowing how I really feel about the Grand Old Party.


    Look for more of this GOP-inspired (?) talking points to come out as Bowe Bergdahl returns home…

    But….I wonder…..are these folks who are so outraged at the lies (as they state) surrounding this Bergdahl story – were they also outraged when it came out that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney Administration told those lies about the death of Pat Tillman and the rescue of that female soldier Jessica (I don’t remember the last name).

    Both of those stories were told in the propaganda light of future recruiting use to get more American men and women to sign up to go fight a war for Bush and Cheney to get their damn oil….

    • See – it all depends on which side of the political fence you choose to sit on – as to if it is all ‘lies’ or not.

      But…it does help that Republicans seem to all have a pair of Reagan Rose-Colored Glasses that makes everything the GOP says look to be the gospel truth.

      I wondered if I would get my own pair of Reagan Rose-colored glasses when I registered as a Republican….

      But, alas, I did not get them. All I get is a mailbox full of their junk political crap mail asking me for donations………God, they’re worse than these Fundy preachers and their cousins the televangelists..


    So, Foxxies HenHouse thinks that Bowe Bergdahl’s father looks like a Taliban because of his beard?

    Now that is really ironic…..given how much praise this same Hen House has given Duck Dynasty’s top dude……..

    What’s the matter – does the Duck Dynasty Commando shop not have any razors????


      Read the headline to this article…..this long-bearded guy kinda looks like Bowe Bergdahl’s father – doesn’t he?

      And lookee here…..Phil Robertson – Duck Dynasty top dude – is telling the GOP they need religion.

      Hmmm….so if the Taliban are nothing more than long-bearded old men who are hellbent on their religion……then pray tell, what is the difference between Phil Robertson and the Taliban men?

      They all appear to have the same disdain for shaving razors and they all seem to think they have the right to tell others what religion to follow….

      My grandpa had a saying…… throw them all in a sack and you would not know which one popped their head first…


    Yeah, folks, there are people who would love to see Phil Robertson run for president in 2016.

    I wonder….do these folks even KNOW how much trouble this kind of one-liner mouthpiece would cause around the globe if he was the leader of the Free World?

    America really would prove that we are in the race towards the bottom if the GOP even thinks of running a long-bearded old white whose only claim to fame is how he hates homosexuals and hates Obama and all the evil Democrats.

    Hey – I just thought – there is another thing these CONservative Republicans have in common with the terrorists Muslims – they all hate homosexuals..

  10. Is Bowe Bergdahl the new Benghazi?

    Oh Hell yes – If it will suit a CON’s obsessive need to make political points.

    Like I said above – if Foxxies Hen House want to label a terrorist Muslim by their long beards – then perhaps they should tell their Duck Saint to start shaving his long beard off and stop all the religious talk.



    Catholics burying their ‘unsaved babies and children’ in a septic tank because Conservative Catholic thinking at the time was children of unmarried women were not worthy of burial in sacred ground?

    How can this church continue to act like they are so morally superior to everyone else?

    Come on folks… God gave me a working brain to use and NOT to fall for all this crappola.

    When is enough going to be enough?

    • BTW – what was the Conservative Catholic thinking at the time as to the fate of those men who impregnated those unmarried women?

      Need I remind everyone here that this Catholic Church and other Evangelinuts are advocating that we as a society return to those ‘good old days’ before women were given access to birth control?

      • I do hope there is a real Hell where real justice is served daily.

        For all those folks in these damn churches who knowingly looked the other way when children were being harmed………I hope their hell has them as a small child at the hands of a person ‘just like them’…….

        Oh, I know, these morally superior fake-n-bake Christians have their Get Out Hell Free Pass card that they can use everytime they get into trouble here on Earth…..I wonder, are those Free Pass Cards good after these sickos die?

  12. If they just had an idea, a solution, anything more than opposition!

  13. Somehow Fox News is able to tell the difference between a good beard and an evil beard.