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  1. These Republicans are already starting the smear job on the American soldier that was just released from Afghanistan Taliban for those five Gitmo prisoners.

    Excuse me, but WTF……

    These are the same folks who still worship St. Ronnie Raygun and this is the dude that sold weapons to our enemy Iran.

    Oh, but I forgot, Ronnie was a wealthy, old white dude who loudly proclaimed he was a Conservative Christian Republican.

    I guess that makes a traitor into a saint?

    Just let these Republicans keep this up – the mothers, grandmothers and aunts everywhere who have been the ones that has watched as their loved ones are used to actually fight and die for these wars for profit these same Republicans start in some God-forsaken land will rise up and say ‘ NOT ONE MORE:’…..

    I am SICK and TIRED of these self-professed patriot Republicans lying about how patriotic they are. These are the folks that are dangerous – IMHO.

    Every elected official takes the same oath of office where it says something to the effect of protecting our country against enemies – both foreign and domestic – well, IMHO, these Republicans ARE the domestic enemies…..

    As we watch these Republicans pound their chests, gnash their teeth and wail about this young soldier’s release from 5 years of captivity in Afghanistan – let’s all remember to do some research on how these same Republicans have acted and let’s start calling a traitor a traitor…

    Shall we?

    • Criticism for bringing a POW home…

      These are evil, selfish people who hate everything about President Obama. They are unreasonable in their evil hatred. There is no justification for them, no morality in them.

      Is this their long hoped for ‘high crime’ and now they’ll start impeachment proceedings? Wasteful. Who benefits? They waste all resources of time, energy, money on their vengeance.

      • Republican ‘logic’: People who are frightening Home Depot and restaurant customers and motorists by approaching them while carrying AK-47s and AR-15s are heroes and American POWs are traitors.

    • “this is the dude that sold weapons to our enemy Iran.”. have been pointing that out all morning on the national blogs and Yahoo stories. “Reagan would not have traded with the enemy!” Reagan would not have helped our enemy to kill more Americans!”.
      I point out that it was Reagan who sold arms to Iran! I not am un-American along with a Liberal, communist and a Kool-Aid drinker!


    The last sentence in this article sums up the current Republican Party – the crazy does not stop….

    I will NOT stop saying this – Reagan sold weapons to our enemy Iran – but yet Obama is the traitor?

    • Republicans have no regard for human life. They see our troops as cannon fodder in never-ending foreign wars that serve no purpose other than to line the coffers of global corporations. They are traitors to America.

      They fight FOR nothing. Every word and action is cruel and meant to tear down, never to build up, never to improve. They give back NOTHING.

  3. The tea baggers darlin’, Ted Cruz, says, “We can go in and use military force, as needed, to rescue our fallen compatriots.” Military force seems to be high on every republican’s list of options for everything. It’s pretty easy to make claims that you know you’ll never be in a position of having to back up.

    Speaking of the tea baggers darlin’, Ted Cruz, this is interesting —

    (from the link): Canadian immigration lawyers say they’re baffled why it’s taking Sen. Ted Cruz so long to renounce his Canadian citizenship. The Republican Texas senator and potential 2016 presidential candidate vowed several months ago to terminate his dual citizenship. He says he’s hired lawyers and is preparing the paperwork. But experts in Canada say renouncing citizenship is a simple, quick and straightforward process. There’s even an online, four-page PDF form on the Government of Canada website to initiative the process – no lawyers needed.

    Richard Kurland, a Vancouver-based immigration attorney, told the Canadian Press wire service that absent some security or “mental health issue that hasn’t been disclosed, there’s no reason for anything other than a lickety-split process to occur.” Kurland said he wonders if Cruz is trying to make the Canadian system look bad by suggesting a lengthy and complex bureaucracy. “It’s just not true. Revocation is one of the fastest processes in our system.”

    Toronto immigration lawyer Stephen Green agreed. He told the Montreal newspaper: “It’s not complicated at all.” Green says his firm offered to help Cruz at one point but never got a return call. It’s easy, he said: “They make sure you understand what you’re doing, that you’re not going to become a stateless person, and then you’re rock ‘n’ roll, and good to go.”

    Why is it taking so long for Ted Cruz to renounce his Canadian citizenship?

    • When has Ted Cruz done anything honorable? Just because he says something does not make it true.

      I find this man to be less than credible when it comes anything that spews from his mouth – and his daddy’s mouth.

      Just another bunch of Fundy Evangelinuts – IMHO

    • Not only did he give weapons of mass destruction to our enemies, he used the illegal drug trade to do so. And he used American assets to destabilize democratically elected foreign governments, leading to the deaths of 10s of thousands of innocent people.

      Not to mention changing the tax code so that the wealthiest Americans no longer have to participate economically in our government.

      • And then Ronnie had the audacity (or stupidity?) to try to classify ketchup as a vegetable for school lunches.

        Yet these Reagan-worshipping CONservative Republicans demonize First Lady Michelle Obama for pushing for healthy school lunches?

        CONservatives are a special breed. I still suspect that breed is called INBRED

    • These 5 men who were released were never tried and never convicted of any crime.

      • Has any of these moron Republicans given a thought as to what this release deal means to the USA?

        These five men are bound by this agreement to live in Quatar (the country that helped negotiate this deal) for one full year. These men are to be monitored by Quatar and American Intelligence.

        Just suppose – we have full access to monitor these five guys and possibly – just possibly – find out more as to how the Taliban is operating…

        DUH……..this may be an advantage for our side….


    Take special notice that Nancy Reagan was said to have borrowed designer clothes and not returning them and/or not declaring them as gifts.

    If this was you or me in the real world – wouldn’t that be called stealing and/or lying?

    • BTW – in the real world, we would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But, since it was Nancy, she is a special breed all to herself. She is one First Lady that was no lady – IMHO

      • I’ve often wondered how these Fundy Evangelinuts can justify Nancy Reagan’s reported known obsessiveness with astrology. Remember?

        Can you just imagine the outrage if this was Michelle Obama using an astrologer to guide what the president does and does not do on certain days?

        All HOLY Hell would break loose – wouldn’t it? But since it was precious little Nancy – that was okay.

        Kinda like when my ex-friend – the devoted Catholic, Pro-Life, Fox News Foxbot, Tea Party CONservative Republican actually said to me with a straight face that the sex abuse scandal that rocked the Catholic Church was ‘a little problem’.

        A little problem? Since when is destroying a young child’s life considered a ‘little problem’???????

        And this woman had a young grandson…..of course, this is also the woman who had two grown men in her family that were full time military but yet NEVER once left the safety of our shores to go fight their Little Cowboy’s two wars for profit……..

        It is very easy to sit back here in the comfort of the USA and spew how much we need to go in to foreign countries and kill all those Muslims – when you know your own loved ones will NEVER have to put their butts on the sacrifice line…

        Just pass the barf bag now……..

      • It’s been a year since I have spoken to this ex-friend – and I have not once missed her incessant whining and gnashing of her teeth over ‘that black Muslim man in the White House’.

        Of course, she was the one that sent those forwarded emails incessantly….full of lies and innuendos. I sent them back with a link to articles refuting the email’s message…

        But she kept on sending those forwarded emails to me….her justification was that ‘she was not saying those things’ – she was only ‘passing them on her friends’

        Yeah – she was not spreading lies or gossip – she was just passing it on…

        Again – just pass the barf bag now..


    These two grieving fathers (one the victim’s father and the other is the shooter’s father) found common ground and hopefully they can work together to bring some sanity back to our country’s #1 problem – IMHO. The problem of two many damn guns…..

    But…why would Republicans want to tackle the problem of two many damn guns in America when they can sit and foam at the mouth over the prospect of getting Obama impeached because he dared to do what Reagan and countless other presidents have done when they traded prisoners for the release of our own soldiers.

    As that article I posted above stated – Israel traded over 1,000 prisoners for just one of their guys…..

    Hmmm…….when will we hear these Republicans demonize Israel for doing that trade deal?

    I suspect…when Hell freezes ?

    • Their extremely small and incompetent minds have no room for more than hating Obama. Facts? Nope, they don’t need no stinkin’ facts. They’re outraged! Over everything.

  6. Sen. John McCain slammed President Obama for exchanging five Guantanamo Bay prisoners for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. I guess he forgot to remember just how it was that he himself was released as a POW.

  7. Andy Borowitz —

    Republicans Harshly Critical of Taliban for Agreeing to Negotiate with Obama

  8. What’s your nomination for the best nickname for the gun nuts? Some currently popular choices: ammosexuals, gun fetishists, gundamentalists, and, the ever-popular, fucking morons.

    • Hey – if you want to call these guns nuts something comparable to what Evangelinuts call liberals – let’s use the term – baby killers.

      How many babies were massacred at Sandy Hook Elementary school last year and these NRA-lovin’ gun nuts refuse to do anything about the problem of way too many guns being accessible to way too many NUTZ