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    • Shoot that is the nicest thing I am call when I make a statement correcting some comment about the President or Liberals. LOL and I only on occasions refer to them as Nazis inspired….

  1. Conservative Republicans are making boatloads of money off fundraising to the sheeple when they continue to say climate change is a hoax.

    And these CONS are helped by all these Evangelical preachers and televangelists by continuing to blame homosexuals for any and all problems.

    Both of these issues are the Golden Goose just popping out those golden eggs like clockwork.

    Why would any CON (politicians and church people) ever willingly give up those golden eggs??

    • Asher Bob White

      “The sheeple” are this society’s greatest indictment. Education, in this regard, is failing and that is why we need to focus on liberal arts, and not STEM, at the levels where society is educated. America needs a huge dose of the spirit of love and the truth of wisdom.

      • But…but…Bob…America is God’s favorite – didn’t you get that particular memo?:

        Sorry for my cynical sarcasm – but I think this is a major problem in America today – we have folks who actually believe that God loves us best so we can do whatever we want, to whomever we wants and Hell be Damned…

        Pay close attention to when CONservative Republicans screaman and yammer about America being ‘exceptional’.

        In other words – America can shit on you and you’re supposed to like it.

        In Obama’s speech the other day about the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan.

        He said something to the effect that just because we have the best hammer does not mean every problem is a nail.

        I wonder how many Americans really got what Obama was saying?

        I’m sure these CONS had a few choice for Obama upon hearing that…

        I, for one, am glad and grateful we finally have a president that ‘gets it’ about our obsession with shooting off our big guns…….in an effort to show just how great we are..

        Maybe this is why so many CONservative Republicans are such gun-lovers? Their guns is nothing more than a substitute for what they don’t have for themselves?


    Did you hear this? Is this the next Republican witch hunt for a reason to impeach President Obama?

    Tell me again – why is Reagan a G-D hero when he sold weapons to our enemy Iran but when Obama gets an American POW freed after 5 years – these same Reagan-worshiping Republicans want to cause trouble?

    God himself could never please these CONS – and I do mean CONS…

    • Of course, notice that it is again Susan Rice – this is the woman these same CONS have demonized since the Benghazi incident.

      CON Republicans – they are special breed – aren’t they? Maybe they are inbred?

    • Andy Borowitz —

      Until today I didn’t realize that the correct patriotic response to a P.O.W. release is to be pissed off about it.

      I am waiting for Fox to demand that Obama give the P.O.W. back to the Taliban.


        I just found this article in which there is a question as to if this American soldier willingly walked away from his unit and allegedly sent emails to his parents that he was ashamed to be an American.

        Has the smear-job already started? Will these Republicans who are so hellbent on starting another damn war be successful in turning this American soldier into a person who is not ‘one of us’. You betcha…wink-wink

        Haven’t we seen this GOP tactic used before – and by folks who still bow and kiss the old prune ass of Ronald Reagan – in which Reagan sold weapons to our enemy Iran – but that was okay and a patriotic thing to do.

        I call B.S. on all these damn Republicans….. just pass the barf bag now..

      • Is the real problem the fact that these CONServative Republicans have no current active war going on – somewhere in the world?

        Let’s not forget – during the 2012 campaign, Mitt Romney bragged about how he wants to spend trillions of dollars (that we don’t have) on building warships that we don’t need.

        Does anyone else remember this – I sure do…..

        Republicans cannot seem to function if they don’t have a G-D war to start somewhere…

    • Thanks I will have to point that out the next time I am commenting on national stories and encounter some buffoon calling the President a Muslim or a traitor because of the trade.

  3. TRUTH!!

    One comment to this tweet — “That’s unless the behavioral changes made are to teach the woman how to rip the man’s genitals off and stuff them up his backside.”

  4. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts now full-blown disaster for Kansans
    May 30
    The Kansas City Star

    Read more here:

    • Oh, what does Sammy care – he can just blame the Democrats and all those Obama-loving liberals..

      Oh, wait a minute, the State Legislator is packed on both sides with majority of Republicans – so they can’t blame Democrats.

      Wanna bet? Of course these fools will blame Democrats for the mess because they count on the fact that their GOP base does not EVER look into the true facts of anything.

      These base fools are too busy eating up the GOP-infused cotton candy..

  5. Jim wrote: “It’s just as bad or worse over here with the Libertarian’s. We get all the worst fringe extremist refuse from both parties. Kansas libertarianism has become a political refugee camp for those whom Republicanism can never be extreme enough. Walter Mitty Armed Insurrectionists and those nostalgic for the Good old days before the Moral Majority went belly up.”

  6. He has invited me to join the party.. thinking about it?