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  1. Ah, but the main difference between Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama is really only about one thing – black and white

    I don’t care how many times these CONservative Tea Party Evangelinut Republicans scream that they are not racist – from their actions, I can only surmise that racism is a very big part of their motivation in everything they do

    • Asher Bob White

      Well Indy, I thing there might be one other difference between Reagan and Obama; morale and immoral?

      • You’re right – but in today’s Grand Old Party, those Evangelinuts seem to preach this idea that Jesus was a greedy old white dude that only cared about becoming a millionaire.

        And to that end – Reagan was the one that invited Jerry Falwell and the Immorality Boys into the inner sanctum of the GOP – remember?


    When is our society going to grow up and stop all this nonsense such as vandalizing a person’s campaign headquarters?

    And I say this without even adding the factor that this particular man is openly gay – but I suspect that was the overriding factor in this case.

    DAMN – why do people think they have the right to do whatever they please, to whomever they please and however they please…..

  3. Reagan – IMHO – did a lot of damage to our country. But this old white dude will never get the blame – and we all know that is just the way this political game is played.

    Reagan could have handled the AIDS epidemic in a more grown-up way – the scientific way – but when has scientific facts ever factored into anything a Republican does?

    Reagan caused a lot of social injustice to continue in this country by not coming out strong in a scientific way to combat the AIDS epidemic.

    Instead – Reagan gave in to his fellow Evangelinuts in demonizing an entire population of people who have been scapegoated for years……

    Yeah, Reagan was a weiner…..IMHO

    But – then again – Reagan was the genius that actually tried to classify ketchup as a vegetable for school lunches.

    When was the last time you had a big side dish of ketchup?

    • I agree about the amount of damage to our country during the Reagan Administration — it is still to this day having a negative influence! But, from everything I’ve read about how early on his Alzheimers started it doesn’t sound like he personally had any idea of what was happening “in his name.” Kinda reminds me of all the people who do evil in the name of their gawd.

      • Maybe all the excuses republicans had to make and all the revisions to history in order to cover up Reagan’s poor policies, such as bloating the national defense, drastically cutting social services, and making illegal arms-for-hostages deals was the beginning of their ability to rewrite the script to fit what they chose to believe. They had a bunch of practice during his term of office and they say practice makes perfect!

      • That selling weapons to our enemy Iran was true Republican – IMHO

        Money comes before any moral or patriotic duty – doesn’t it?

        Whenever someone asks me what the difference between Democrats and Republicans is – I can truthfully say there are only two differences:

        1) Democrats do not care who you sleep with
        2) Democrats are not generally those folks who would stomp on their own dead mother’s body if she had a dime in her hand

        That about sums it – for me….

        I may put it bluntly – but that is exactly how I view these Republicans – they are truly immoral people who have figured out a way to have their own Evagnelinuts somehow give the illusion that they are such morally superior folks. But, in reality, these folks put the Devil to shame….

    • indypendent

      This is Maya Angelou in an interview with a known friend of Ronald Reagan – Merv Griffin – when this woman bravely stated that Reagan’s administration frightened her…..

      • Asher Bob White

        And she was correct. Reagan’s administration turned-out to be frighteningly bad for the USA.

  4. I’m doing the happy dance. She has been very difficult for this tolerant liberal to tolerate for a very loooooong time.

    Pauls jumps to GOP, citing stances on abortion, gay rights

    • Birds of a feather flock together…don’t they?

      I suspect this woman thinks she is assured a victory if she runs as a Republican in this red-state.

      Isn’t this the same woman that bought a church and said she lives there because of her districting?

      Hell – she will fit right in with the other fake-n-bake Evangelinuts

  5. Please proceed, Mr. Murdoch.

    Fox News Suffers Worst Ratings In Thirteen Years – And That’s Not Their Big Problem

  6. (from the link): Imagine that. Running on a platform of taking health care benefits from millions of people isn’t the winning strategy far-right lawmakers thought it’d be.

    Color me shocked. [eye roll] 🙂

    The Republicans’ subtle retreat from ‘Obamacare’

  7. I have so much fun getting the e-mail crap from harder’s. My replies send them into a catatonic state. Then there is Facebook, my reactions to posts from the loony Right makes them stutter when answering me. I will not tell you what I have been called when commenting on stories on yahoo. But for the record: I do not wear a dress and I do not drink gallons of Kool-Aid!


    I am so happy that America has a nice and good man in President Obama.

    When Republicans yammer on and on about how their party are the folks with the family values – I just have to shake my head and laugh.

    President and Mrs. Obama have shown what true families are all about – they have raised two beautiful girls. And not one hint of a scandal about any of the Obamas and their personal lives.

    And I suspect these CONservative Republicans have done their best (and then some) to dig up any dirt they could possibly find on the entire Obama family.