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actions vs words


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  1. There’s an op-ed in this morning’s local newspaper that says if the Kochs influence the Republican Party they would moderate the party stance on social issues — abortion, marriage equality…

    (from the link): …”they have an opportunity to push it closer to the center on issues that have caused members of many key voting blocs – women, Latinos, youths – to shun the GOP.”

    It’s an easy read and something to give a few seconds of thought to. My first question would be where would all the evangelinuts go?

    Daniel Schulman: Kochs might help moderate Republican

    • The Koch Brothers could also do a lot of positive thing with all their millions – but I am not holding my breath for that to happen.

      I suspect these two brothers know exactly what they are doing…..and would do it again and again and again…..

      Just imagine if these two brothers would use all their political money spent and actually created real living wage jobs for people to support their families..

      NOW that would be something to vote for……

  2. Today Tiahrt is supposed to tell everyone whether he will oppose Pompeo in a primary contest.

    I absolutely abhor the Koch-bought politicians like Pompeo. But, the worst kind of republican is the evangelinut kind like Tiahrt.

    What a decision that would be. And, I will help the republicans make whatever decision is on the ballot! 🙂

    • Todd Tiarht – is he the bad penny that keeps coming back??

      • Wow – what a choice.

        Pompeous Pompeo or Todd the Toad – either way, it is just another political hack that will do nothing but squawk when not in power declare war somewhere when in power….

      • Tiarht or Pompeo – with a choice like this it reminds me of my satellite t.v. dish company.

        I’ve got 500+ channels but very limited choices of ‘quality programming’. Most of these channels are the same infomercial selling the same broken down crappola – or reality t.v. that is proving just how dumb our country can become…

      • And where the hell is the Democratic candidate to oppose these Bozos? While they destroy each other in the primary, a good Democrat could slip in, be the voice of sanity and reason, make a good case to dump the repukes, and win in November, especially if Kansas voters decide to dump pastor sam. Paul Davis is not someone I’d say has coattails, but sammy could have negative coattails.

        Ah, but the KDP will have their thumbs in their butts while this opportunity, like so many others, slips away. And without a reason to go to the polls, Democrats may stay home. A full slate of Democratic candidates on the ballot might give people hope. Hell, the KDP can’t even get someone to run against little timmy huelskamp or that asshat skinny dippin’ kevin yoder.

        One of the biggest reasons the repukes continue to run wild in Kansas is that the Democrats refuse to try and find their asses with both hands, a flashlight and a map. That, and the general willful ignorance of the voters in this state.

        Jesus wept.

    • The filing deadline for August’s primary election is Monday at noon. A smart reporter would be hanging around the courthouse that morning until it closes and see who shows up at the last minute. Could be some surprises in many races, including a bait and switch or two.

    • Asher Bob White

      Help me understand. Why won’t the Sedgwick Co. Dems recruit a candidate from a “Labor”, “Education”, “Social Work” or the “service sector” to run against immoral conservative republicans in Wichita?

      • To be fair – why would anyone with a good reputation and good career want to jeopardize that to get into the political ring in today’s toxic climate?

        Those immoral conservative Republicans do not care if they have trash someone’s reputation and career just to score political points.

        I suspect a lot of these Republicans would love to do just that – because these folks are mean-spirited and hate filled pricks.

        And then, factor in that the truth has nothing to do with political campaigning – does it?

        Just spew an innuendo here or a bit of juicy gossip over there – and some CON gossip party line will pick it up and run with it……

        Haven’t we seen this play out on the national political stage many, many times?

      • Indy has it right, anything that someone has in their past would be brought up. As the saying goes ” There has been only one perfect person that has ever walked on this earth… And damn if they did not crucify him!”.

      • “To be fair – why would anyone with a good reputation and good career want to jeopardize that to get into the political ring in today’s toxic climate?”

        Ya know, I had that very conversation this week with someone who has been asked many times to run for office. She would be a great candidate and elected official but she just won’t put herself or her family through the mud slinging.

      • Pond – you brought up another good point.

        It’s not just the candidate’s reputation and career at stake – it is their entire family – – kids and all.

        It’s like running for the class president in the Mean Girls Club Junior High School.

      • Asher Bob White

        Good stuff: thanks for the feedback. Sorta’ leaves us with a question about how we will ever get our democracy back expecting it to ever, again, serve the common good and the public interest. I don’t believe we will ever change the “bad-guys”,

  3. (from the link): We did this, not for the sport — although there was an element of that — but because it was a way to supplement what we ate.

    And we did this for years, raising and breeding hunting dogs, spending hours in the garage at night reloading our own shotgun shells and hand painting decoys.

    We felt safe in the field because the NRA had taught us how to be safe; to know where everyone else was when you pulled the trigger, to keep your weapon pointed at the ground, to open the breech and extract the shells if you weren’t hunting, to keep you finger off of the trigger unless you had reason to pull it.

    As I grew older I began to notice a different breed of hunter; men who showed up with multiple shotguns as if they were golf clubs needed for specific shots. While most of us wore jeans, t-shirts and hunting vests, these newcomers dressed like they were going on safari, wearing bush hats, shooting jackets (in the 100 degree heat), and cargo pants with more pockets than there existed implements to fill them. You would see them walking the fields; shotgun draped over one arm, can of beer in the other hand. We learned to stay away from them.

    For these men hunting was a manhood thing, a way to get in touch with their alpha male, a way to prove they weren’t soft city dwellers and what better way to do that than to get together with some buddies and shoot some guns at whatever moved.

    It was no coincidence that, at this same time (this being early seventies), the NRA changed their focus from hunting programs to promoting gun ownership and defending the 2nd Amendment from imaginary enemies.

    I was the NRA

    • This is how I feel about the gun issue.

      I’ve said this many times before – I was raised around guns. My grandpa and uncles had guns. Our family friends all had guns.

      But we had something back in my childhood that we do not seem to have today – we all had RESPECT for the gun and the WISDOM to know it was not some damn toy to be parading through town.

      And the gun was NOT some status symbol – or some corporation making money off the sale of guns and ammo.

      Maybe that is what is the real problem – the PROFIT of the gun business?

      Hell – the NRA is well funded group – overflowing with money.

      A lot like the Anti-abortion groups – they seem to have money coming out of every hole the good Lord gave them.

      Why – oh why – would these folks want to kill the Golden Goose by actually resolving the debate of abortion?

      Can’t the same be said about the gun control issue?

      Why – oh why – would these pro gun folks want to kill the Golden Goose by actually resolving the debate on gun control?

      MONEY……MONEY…..MONEY – is that really what is at the bottom of a lot of our problems in this world today?

  4. I agree with Pond, it is time for the Democrats to pick someone that can win and is right for Kansas. Of course the Democrats have the same problem as the Republicans. By the time there is one viable candidate, there has been so much bad blood. The camps see red every time selected is on the air they turn the channel.


    As this quote from Benjamin Franklin states so well — “A good example is the best sermon”

    • My grandpa always told us kids – let your actions do the talking for you

      He also used to say that whenever a man and woman is out in public making lovey-dovey eyes, kissing and holding hands – you can bet your last dollar those two fight like a cat and dog when they get home

      In other words – don’t let some actions fool you – there are a lot of hypocrits in this world

  6. I so enjoy checking my face book and mail, everyday I get some nut calling me names about some post or comment on a story in the news.

  7. #YesAllWomen is amazing even to me, and as a woman I knew how pervasive abuse and rape and power and… is. As these women tell their stories it becomes even more horrifying.

    This man has written using #YesAllMen. He says, “”For men shocked and appalled by the deluge of women’s stories of their abuse by men, there is an opportunity here to take a hard look at ourselves and the ways we might contribute to this structure that we have been thrown into. No matter how well we were raised to be good boys and men (and many of us were simply not), and no matter that we were not one of those men luring a young girl over to a shadowy corner to expose ourselves, or threatening a woman’s life because she didn’t sexually capitulate, or any one of the other horror stories women have lived, the fact is that none of us escaped this structure of man-making, even if we did not become a monster because of it.”

    It will take all of us, men and women, to change this culture. And it must change before equality is anything more than a word.

    #YesAllMen —

    • Maybe one way to change this culture is to turn the tables and the MEN are the ones being treated like nothing more than sex objects and a group of second class citizens?

      • I suspect this possibility is one reason Republican Neanderthals do not want women to make equal pay.

        Having the ability to be financially independent is a strong motivating factor in how a woman acts and reacts to all the events in her life.

        How many women are kept behind closed doors simply because they have no money of their own and no way out of that scenario?

        Sad to say – too many damn women – IMHO

      • And then factor in this stupid ideaology of Republicans to ban all birth control.

        Oh yeah, that will help things immensely – won’t it? Women getting pregnant when they are not mentally or physically ready for a baby.

        Or back to the financial aspect – babies cost money to house, feed, clothe and educate – don’t they?


    This is a link to send a postcard to your Congress people and Governor. It has the mantra of the father of one of the USBC mass shooting victims….Martinez

    ‘Not One More’……..I think that sums up my feelings about my demand for sensible gun control law.