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  1. All is going as planned – IMHO

    Reagan started this insanity of only the rich and powerful can use and abuse America for their own personal profit..

    What is the saddest part of all is how these rich and powerful have used Fake-N-Bake Fundy Christians to give the illusion that it is God’s plan to take taxpayer money and give it to the rich and powerful but yet deny helping veterans, homeless, poor and the hungry in our very own country.

    We have a cancer in our society….. and it is more than just greed – IMHO

    These Fake-N-Bake Christians take greed to a new level. They don’t necessarily want it but they will be damned if anybody else gets it either.

    • Our military is an example of how the rich and powerful use and abuse America.

      Remember a time when going to war was considered something so horrific that our elected officials actually stopped and thought about it before actually doing it?

      IMHO – Corporations are the #1 reason we have gone to war – it’s for profit and these corporations use our military as their personal security guards while they feel they have the right to go into any foreign country to rape and pillage whatever they want.

      Usually it’s about oil………and then our elected officials still subsidize these oil companies while denying help to our needy fellow Americans – veterans’ health care, no less.

      SHAME on us for allowing this to happen.

      But, to fix the problem, we will first have to figure out a way to get peoples’ attention. That will be tricky – because we are all so self-absorbed with our blinged-out cell phones and our supersized designer coffees.

      And, of course, we will all be on the social media talking about the latest escapade of celebrities like the Kardashians and who they are marrying this week.

  2. Hi peeps, I’ve been on hiatus with company here at the farm all weekend. Back at the ‘puter today. You’ve probably all discussed the passing of Dr. Bill Roy. I couldn’t let that go without comment.

    His was the first political campaign, running against Bob Dole for Senate, that I ever worked on. In 1974, I was a college freshman and proud member of the campus Democrats club. We walked and carried petitions and did literature drops. That was the first time I realized how toxic it was for a physician in Kansas to perform legal abortions. Remember, this was shortly after Roe v Wade. Dole was losing that race to Roy when he pulled his “he’s a baby killer” get out of jail free card to win the race.

    Imagine a Kansas where Dole was retired from the Senate and replaced by a brilliant, compassionate Democrat like Dr. Bill Roy. Imagine. Roy continued to serve the state and the party in many ways, but he never held office again. I had the pleasure of meeting his daughter who served as the KDP rep on the DNC. She’s as charming, intelligent and generous as her father. The line to meet her and shake her hand wound out the door and down the hall, and I think people wanted to tell her how they admired, respected, and loved her dad. Wouldn’t every daughter like a moment like that?

    Rest in Peace, Dr. Roy. I’ll never forget you and the start you gave me in politics with the privilege of working on your campaign.

  3. The world lost another great person today —

    Maya Angelou died at the age of 86.

  4. Let’s all pause to remember that republicans voted against reauthorizing The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in 2013, and it took a long legislative battle to get it done. We cannot continue to elect republicans! See the history of VAWA, a federal law originally drafted by the office of Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) and signed into law by President Bill Clinton on September 13, 1994. Over the years it’s been a battle as republicans have voted to defund the law, and against its re-authorization.

    Pay close attention to the ACTIONS of republicans! Their words try to cover the truths of their ACTIONS!

  5. Here’s an article about Brownback’s ‘pay to play’ politics. It’s an eye opener!

    Privatization initiative offers window on Kansas government

  6. Will Issa back down, will Gowdy, will Boehner have to force someone to back down? Pass the popcorn. There is nothing like watching republicans eat republicans.

    John Kerry Pits GOP Against GOP On Benghazi

    • No Republicans will ever back down – even when faced with the truth, these folks have their mouthpieces on Foxxies 24/7 and the Hate Talk Radio shock jocks to initiate the rewriting of history….

      We’ve all seen this play out many, many times – haven’t we?

      Republicans do not care about anything but themselves and their own damn pockets.

      I swear – they are folks who would stomp on their own dead mother’s body to make that last dime drop out of her hand…..and then have the audacity to give God the glory… Can I get an Amen Sisters and Brothers??

      Talk about taking God’s name in vain……these Republicans have that down to an art….and I don’t mean they curse.

  7. I watched an interview last night with the father of one of the victims at the USBC shooting. His son – Christopher – was the young man that was shot and killed at the deli while he was working.

    This father has publicly stated he blames the Congress and the NRA – good start, IMHO

    This father has vowed that he will not be intimidated by the NRA and he will not back down.

    This man also said that people should rise up and say ‘NOT ONE MORE’….

    Maybe that is what is needed? Good people to stand up and just say ‘NOT ONE MORE’ person should die because of our inability to use our common sense to get a handle on our obsession and love for guns in this country.

    This shooter had a cache of guns and 400 rounds of ammo……what the hell was he planning to hunt – other than people?

    The NRA has been eerily silent since this mass shooting made the news…. but you can bet your last dollar that the ugly head of the NRA will be rearing up soon to spew its usual venom.

    This shooter obviously had mental health issues – but he was also able to accumulate a lot of human-killing machines and the ammo to go with them….

    Not One More……..I’ve said it before – I believe there is a cancer in our society that is eating away at our very soul…

    I think I have come to name it for what it truly is – we have allowed our people to become ‘disposable and/or throwaway’. Life does not seem to matter much anymore – does it?

    From the current VA scandal where people have literally died while waiting for health care – while the very same Republicans who voted against funding the VA are expressing their fake outrage……..

    These same Republicans voted against the Violence Against Women Act – why? Because women are seen as disposable and throwaways?

    Something is very wrong in our country when oil companies are given OUR taxpayer money and people are treated as disposable throwaway objects.

    SHAME on us……and the current Fake-n-Bake Christians only add to the problem – IMHO