Tuesday, 5/27/14, Public Square

equal pay


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  1. Republicans seem to hate everyone that is not a corporation, wealthy or old, white males.

    • This is a perfect example of paying attention to actions vs. words. The republicans say words that sound okay and their actions tell us the truth with is a totally different story.

      • http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/federal-eye/wp/2014/05/27/sen-burr-fights-with-veterans-groups-during-memorial-day-weekend/

        Now it appears Republicans like this Congressman Richard Burr does not even care about saying works that sound okay…..

        Who the Hell is this Burr guy to sit and demonize the veterans groups like he did – and on Memorial Day weekend (of all damn days)

        This is not the first time Richard Burr has been after the VA Secretary Shinsecki (sp?) to resign – Burr has been after him for a few years now…

        Where was all this Republican outrage when George W. Bush was sitting president when this VA scandal first started in 2001?

        Where was all this Republican outrage when George W. Bush and Gang sent our American soldiers into not one war – but two damn wars?

        Guess what……you spend a decade in two wars and you’re going to have wounded veterans coming home needing health care.


        Republicans act like a bunch of deadbeat dads – these morons just don’t want to pay for the kids they created………

        Maybe we should try another approach to this problem?

        What if every solider changed their name to a corporation – and since Republicans love to throw taxpayer money at corporations – at least this way the veterans will get the money for the health care they need…

  2. http://t.foxsports.msn.com/jim-nabors-reflects-after-final-indy-500-performance
    I never knew Jim Nabors sang at the Indy 500 race each year for the past 42 years..

    I’ve always liked Jim Nabors….

    Well, Goooolleee – Shazaam