Monday, 5/26/14, Public Square

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  1. I just read a wonderful, entertaining, informative, FUN post from back in the day. If you want some smiles and maybe even some tugs to the heart take this stroll down memory lane and find lots of friends talking about lots of subjects, laughing through the day together —

  2. In honor of Memorial Day. It’s three and a half minutes and we all need to remember these happenings!


    I wonder…..does the average American know the true meaning of Memorial Day?

    I remember the red poppies from my childhood. I also remember the Vietnam War and that draft. I still have memories of our entire family watching the television while birthdates were being called out – one by one.

    My brother was turning 18 yrs old very soon – the war and the possibility of losing him to a war we did not agree with – was very real.

    But….I wonder …… with our country not having a draft and wars being treated like they are no big deal anymore and they are something that is fought by ‘those people over there’…. what is the current thinking about Memorial Day.

    I just have to wonder… a lot of Americans really think Memorial Day is just the official first day of summer???

    And then….like Bernie Sanders said in that video – if you don’t want to pay for the wounded veterans when they come home – then don’t send them to war..

    • My ex-friend – the devoted Catholic, Pro-Life, Fox News devotee, Tea Party Republican – was always demonizing the federal government.

      But yet – her son and son-in-law both JOINED the military and have made it their careers.

      So – if the federal government is so bad – then why did both of these young men willingly and knowingly sign up to work for the bastards?

      Of course, they signed up when George W. Bush was in office – but yet neither one of her precious boys were ever sent to any foreign land. They both had their butts stationed within the safety of our borders.

      I asked her once how they got out of serving overseas and she never did give me a response.

      Don’t get me wrong – I don’t wish either of these young men any harm – but when I have family and friends in the National Guard being sent over to Iraq and/or Afghanistan for multiple tours……my anger gauge did rise a little when I realized that her two (who CHOSE the military as their full time career) were never sent overseas to face the real dangers of war.

      I’ve often wondered if this was part of the reason my ex-friend could so callously and coldheartedly talk about how America needs to go show those Muslims that America won’t be pushed around.

      It’s real easy to sit back and run your mouth when your own loved ones are not the real bodies being shot at…..

      Just my opinion


    Another tragic story of a young man with known mental health issues being able to accumulate a cache of human-killing guns and ammunition.

    But – as we’ve seen in the video above – if we have Republicans – elected officials – not willing to pay for wounded veterans that our country sent to war – do you really think these same elected officials are going to want to pay for increased funding for mental health for all Americans?

    Hell – these same Republicans still promise to repeal Obamacare because it costs too much to provide access to health care.

    When is this madness going to stop?

  5. (from the link): Miller crossed that fine line between snake oil salesman and man of the cloth. In 2006 he was arrested for lewdness and prostitution after exposing himself to an undercover cop. His Christian-based school for elementary through high school students closed.

    And get this. Miller opened his school at the “former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base in 1995, purchasing property at a reduced rate under a federal program that gave incentives to educational facilities relocating to closed military sites.”

    And these, my friends, are the people who want to privatize public education.

    Here’s the whole story about this piece of shit man —

  6. When we think about the latest mass shooting (until the next one replaces our talk of this one…), let’s also think of this —

    “…this kid had the top shrinks. It didn’t matter. It’s a bigger problem.”

    • It’s not just a matter of access to mental health care – we are living in a very toxic society – IMHO

      We are living in the world where MONEY is the only things that is important. Reagan started this with his Greed mantra from the 1980’s..

      It’s only gotten worse – because not only are we segregated by how much money we have – we are also segregated by the color of our skin and our religion.

      After all, if you’re a good Evangelinut Tea Party white Republican – you’re good to go……

      Case in point – that creepy preacher upthread where his family and friends are trying to get bail together to get his sorry ass out…

      • And the main factor in today’s society – it is easier to get all the guns and ammo you want than to buy a can of beer.

        Guns are EVERYWHERE and we have people who WORSHIP guns…

  7. (from the link): If Republicans supported the troops and appreciated the sacrifice of those who made it home alive, then they would not propose privatizing the Veterans Administration, cut Veterans’ pensions, obstruct Veterans’ jobs bills, reject Medicaid expansion, cut active-duty soldiers’ food stamps, or block new construction for desperately-needed VA hospitals. There has been a call for the Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs, Retired General Shinseki, to resign or be fired after reports surfaced Veterans died waiting for treatment at VA hospitals, but if Republicans adequately funded the Veterans’ Administration there would be no so-called scandal. The only scandal remotely related to the unnecessary Veterans’ deaths is that there are insufficient hospitals and medical facilities as a direct result of Republicans underfunding the VA.

    Republicans argue, like they did when they withheld increased security funding for diplomatic missions that led to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, that they have to prioritize where funding goes, but that is never the case when they subsidize the oil industry, corporate agriculture, pass budgets with new tax cuts for the wealthy, or call for new American military intervention at the drop of a hat.

    f Republicans Really Supported The Troops They Wouldn’t Propose Privatizing the VA

    • If Republicans truly supported the troops – they would not be starting all these wars for profits for those certain corporations to make all that beautiful taxpayer money.


    Speaking of empty words with no actions……. I am still waiting for this new Pope to actually do something about those church leaders who knowingly made the choice to cover up the crime of child molesting…

    But…let’s see…Pope John Paul just became a saint last month – and he was in charge of the place when this crappola hit the public news…..wasn’t he?