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  1. I do so love getting in to it with a tea bagger, it always starts out with them calling me everything short of a child molester. Then by the time they stop and listen to what I am saying. They finally agree and me have at least seen my points and back to governing their thoughts with logic and not emotions.
    Don’t get me wrong, I do not think I have made a convert but at least I have them thinking with their heads and not their stomach’s.

    • Pretty good for some one with brain damage I think. Or maybe that is the level we are relating on?

      • You may have a point about the level we are relating on…..

        There are times when I close my eyes and just listen to the conversation on television political debate and I swear it’s a bunch teenage Mean Girls with all their drama…..

        Like yesterday some Republican strategist was spewing the GOP talking point about the VA scandal lies at the feet of Obama.
        When the host of the show stated that these problems went back as far as the year 2001 – this Republican strategist looked bewildered but yet kept on blaming Obama.

        Like I’ve said before – this VA problem is nothing new and Obama should follow through to see things are corrected and people held accountable.

        But why be so outraged about the VA when the Wall Street Fat Cats were never held accountable and the taxpayers were on the hook for all those bailed out crooks?

        Same theory – if someone does wrong, then hold them accountable – regardless of who they are and how much power they hold.

        Personally, I think this is what is wrong with our society today. So many people are getting away with their crap and there are no consequences anymore. And this includes these damn Evangelinuts.

        But – instead of holding everyone accountable for what they do – too many times we hear the scapegoating of the gays and lesbians wanting equal rights (how dare they, big eye roll) and the abortion/birth control endless debate..

        And I now see the same thing happening with immigration reform. Let’s blame the illegals for everything that is wrong with the country.

        Here’s a better idea – let’s punish those who knowingly exploit the cheap labor and do not want their source of cheap labor to dry up by legalizing these same illegals.

        But – when you think about this problem – doesn’t it sound a lot like the damn Catholic Church and the way they never punished their church leaders who knowingly made the choice to cover up for child molesters?

        There are NO consequences anymore……….. unless you’re gay/lesbian, minority or minority/white women who use birth control and want to be in charge of your own reproductive rights.

      • Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station writes about “the VA scandal.”

        The VA Scandal, More Of The Same


        This is just one article I found about Allen West’s (Tea Party Darling) public rantings about Rep. Tammy Duckworth.

        I remember when Tammy Duckworth was running against Joe Walsh (you remember this guy, don’t you? He is the family values Republican that was dragged into court by his ex-wife for not paying back child support).

        Joe Walsh really dissed and demonized Tammy Duckworth during the campaign.

        Joe Walsh is also a Tea Party Darling – how do these people live with themselves and why do they have so many followers?????

        This is how defeated Tea Party Mad Haters land on their feet.

        They get a talk radio gig…..but notice the part in this article where this guy has requested his child support be reduced because he lost his job in Congress.

        WOW – those GOP family values keep on speaking loud and clear – don’t they?



      This is former Rep. Joe Walsh (Tammy Duckworth beat his ass) about Tammy Duckworth and her military service..

      Yeah, isn’t Joe just a wonderful example of how these Tea Party Mad Haters just love America??

  2. How does the GOP get around the problem of saying that they will destroy Obamacare while it continues to grow in popularity? Well, they start speaking in delusions and lies….naturally. The republicans already know how stupid their constituency is, and how easily they fall for lies.

    Mitch McConnell Says Obamacare Is Not Obamacare

    • Republicans created their Evangelinut/Tea Party Monster so they have to feed that beast.

      And these same Republicans have to hope and pray that enough independents are gullible enough to buy their B.S. just one more time….

      The midterms have generally been about who gets out the most voters – haven’t they?

      The younger generation and women are the two keys to the 2014 midterms – IMHO.

      You get those two groups to come out big time – and the Republicans are sunk.

      • BTW – a devoted Republican will vote for a upright walking turd if they have to if it means the Democrat would lose…

        So, Mitch McConnell can do and say whatever he wants without fear of any retribution. This man has already shown his loyalty to America when he has proudly proclaimed that his #1 goal was to drag down Obama and this was from the very first term of President Obama.

        This man was among that reported group of prominent Republicans that were dining in some fancy restaurant down the road from Obama’s first inauguration and were plotting on how to bring down Obama.

        That SHOULD bother more people than just me……but I feel this is now viewed as just ‘strategy’ – WTH

        I wonder what a bunch of men plotting to bring down the president in a foreign country would be viewed as – possibly treason – or at least being labeled unpatriotic…

        Now, I will be labeled as a person who does not believe in freedom of speech.

        Saying what you think in public is freedom of speech. But when a group of prominent and powerful political leaders are actually plotting on how to bring down the newly inaugurated president – while the country was in an economic downfall disaster – that goes beyond just expressing freedom of speech – IMHO.

        And to think – every one of these men have been paid (quite handsomely) and received their health care and pensions from WE the TAXPAYERS ever since that night they all sat around and plotted to bring the downfall of their president.

        Something is just wrong about that – IMHO


    Robert Gates is a Republican that should be calling the shots at the Grand Old Party headquarters.

    I do not agree with everything Robert Gates has said or done – but he has displayed the ability to view both sides of an issue and then look towards the ‘big picture’ . Gates is also not afraid to speak his mind.

    And for that – I admire this man.

    If Republicans were smart (a big IF in some cases) – more of the party powerful should shut their mouths and listen to fellow Republicans like Gates.