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  1. There isn’t anything new to say about BENGHAZI !!. It’s been said, it’s been concluded and reported then said concluded and reported again. My only question is: do republicans in the U. S. House think their constituents are this dumb, or is it those republican representatives themselves who are alone in this new level of dumbness?

    Oh well, there seems to be no way to keep them from wasting more time and more of our money. We have a huge need to unelect these bozos.

    I, like all of you, can remember when congressional investigations had meaning and gravity. These republicans have made a mockery of so much…

    • Unfortunately, these Republicans their rabid GOP base to continue to be dumb (by choice).

      What I am hoping will happen is that independents and moderate Republicans will come to the realization that the Far Right Wingnut Jobs has taken over their Grand Old Party and will either sit out this midterm election or cross over and vote for the Democrat on the ticket.

      Of course, I am not holding my breath because any Republican wants to win – especially after being beat by the same black man twice….

      • It’s more than the stupidity, it’s also the whole lack of memory thing. Honestly! Do they ALL, every single last republican, lack a functional memory?

      • Oh, they remember – they just do NOT care.

        I liken it to being ignorant and then taking it to the next level and being proud of being ignorant.

        Republicans are now PROUD to be ignorant.

        Ignorance can be fixed. Proud to be ignorant cannot be fixed – IMHO

      • More then likely I will, I have voted in the last two elections for Liberian or Democrat. I also make a point to counter any comments from the far right on the stories.

      • RD – I keep forgetting you are a Republican. I know that fnord and I registered as Republicans in order to get Todd Tiarhrt out of the race….

        and I have stayed registered Republican simply because that is where my vote can do the most good – IMHO

        Before that – I was registered as Non-Affiliated

        Let’ me just say – the minute I registered as Republican – my mailbox is full and my phone gets multiple robo phone calls….

        Damn – the Democrats don’t bother my husband (who is registered Democrat) like the Republicans bother me with all that crappola

        But – to tell you the truth – I do believe in fiscal conservative but social liberal.

        As soon as the Grand Old Party can stop worshipping Ronald Reagan and start following the footsteps of Dwight Eisenhower on how to really balance the budget and stop feeding the Military Industrial Complex beast – that is the moment I might listen to anything a Republican says.

        Until that time – these Evangelinut Tea Party Mad Haters are the only circus in the GOP town.

      • I laugh when I remember that most of our small merry band of bloggers are (at least registered) republicans.

        And, yes, I agree that for now, in the state of Kansas, that’s where our votes get to occasionally count.

  2. Speaking of having made a mockery of that which should have meaning and gravity, this op-ed says it very well. I’m copying pasting because it’s well worth reading and I don’t know if it is behind a pay wall.

    John Dickerson: Veterans Affairs scandal is the real outrage

    If you’ve ever been seriously sick or helped a family member who is, you know how dark it can get. In the hospital, you look to every doctor or nurse who throws back that curtain and punches the hand-sanitizer machine as if they have the answer, but they don’t. This test or that test will tell us more, you’re told, or we’ll know more after one more bag is hooked up and drained.

    If you’re on a slower track, it’s just a gauntlet of appointments weeks away, tests on different floors or in different buildings, illegible return visit dates scribbled on little cards, lost parking tickets you can’t validate, endless pill trays (the clear one in the morning and the opaque one at night).

    This is what it’s like even if everything goes relatively smoothly and you get care: It’s scary and helpless. Now imagine if you experienced it with the inefficiency of the worst experience you’ve ever had with customer service. That’s what’s happening in some cases at Department of Veteran Affairs clinics and hospitals around the country: People at their most acute moments of need are being ignored and forgotten.

    This is an outrage to be outraged about. But does anyone have faith that this outrage will be answered by serious action?

    One primary reason to despair is that we’re already living at peak outrage. Fake umbrage taking and outrage production are our most plentiful political products, not legislation and certainly not interesting solutions to complicated issues. We are in a new political season, too – that means an extra dose of hot, high-stakes outrage over the slightest thing that might move votes. How does something get recognized as beyond the pale when we live beyond the pale?

    What makes the VA scandal different is not only that it affected people at their most desperate moment of need – and continues to affect them at subpar facilities. It’s also a failure of one of the most basic transactions government is supposed to perform: keeping a promise to those who were asked to protect our very form of government. The growing scandal points out more than just incompetence. When the wait times were long and those promises were being broken to veterans, administrators then lied about it.

    If you want another injured party, it’s the angels at the VA – the doctors and nurses who work long hours and call you on their cellphone after dinner to answer questions that to you seem like the only thing in the world that’s important. This scandal is an offense to the people trying to keep their most basic promises, even though the system is tough, battered and bruised.

    Unlike some other debates, this one can’t be delayed by a conversation over whether caring for veterans is the proper responsibility of the federal government. But the political conversation is so caught up in the wasteful cycle of outrage that this is simply being sorted as another thing to be angry about.

    The politicians are to blame for that fact, but so are we. Genuine outrage – sustained outrage – is required to move politicians. Every time we let politicians claim we’re facing another Watergate, or partisan pundits inflame us on Facebook, or Twitter trolls play on our emotions, we spoil our ability to respond to the outrages that really matter.

    • These problems at the VA are long-standing problems – it is nothing that Obama has caused.

      BUT – would these same Republicans be so outraged if this was happening in for-profit hospitals?

      And as we all know – this kind of hurry up and wait game is used across the country in our health care system – as it is right now.

      But – things were worse before the Affordable Care Act was passed and implemented.

      And I these Republicans want to privatize the VA health care system?


      • I was in the E.R. and diagnosed with divertivulitis. The resident doctor said that there might be an underlying reason – such as cancer in the colon – and for the time being, she would keep me in the hospital to manage the acute symptoms and then pursue further testing.

        that was on Friday – by Monday morning – this same doctor discharged me to home on a regular diet and scheduled a follow-up visit with her in her hospital clinic.

        I had told everyone at the hospital that I had a primary care doctor – but nobody ever called him!!!!!

        Anyway – I did not make it to the time of the follow-up visit with her. My symptoms were getting worse (hell, I was on a regular diet) and an abscess had formed from one of those bowel perforations that she said magically fixed itself. (without any testing, mind you)

        I ASKED for a CT testing – xray – sonogram – any testing of any kind before my discharge and she said – it is not necessary and the radiation would be too much of a risk.

        Within 6 days – that abscess was pressing on my diaphragm and I could not breathe. The abscess had every bacteria known to man in that big thing which the surgeon said was the size of a Coke can.

        Pretty damn big – huh?

        If that abscess would have punctured – I would have died within minutes from the toxic bacteria…

        Where was the outrage from anyone at that time?

        I had for profit health insurance – and this hospital never even called to ask for more days on my admission – and the insurance company told me they would have given this doctor more days due to the diagnosis and prognosis.

        So what the hell happened? I could not sue this doctor because she was well covered by that for-profit hospital corporation and the fact that I survived the ordeal, made my case for damages less likely to win in court.

        Seriously…..something is wrong in this country’s health care system and this VA scandal (while there is no excuse for it) – is just the tip of the iceberg.
        IMHO – the problem with our health care system is the fact that it is driven by the Almighty Dollar Profit Bottom Line……

        And if the return is not large enough – or is not what is expected – then all holy hell breaks loose and more personnel/services are cut in order for the investors and their CEOs get their big fat paychecks.

  3. Since mom has moved in with us, I get to answer the phone all day with calls for her. I guess it has been going on long enough that on occasions they hang up on me as soon as they hear my voice.

    But those who do not want to argue with me when I explain that the phone is in a different part of the house and she can not come to the phone. They actually argue with me and insist in talking to her! It is then that I explain what I think of their job. THEY MUST BE REPUBLICAN!!!!