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  1. When was the last time I believed anything a Republican said? Try the 12th of NEVER.

    • New Study Proves Republicans Are Significantly More Likely To Lie Than Democrats


      • Speaking of people that tell lies – what do you do when a teacher knowingly lies straight to your face when she is in a meeting with her principal and a grandparent asking the tough questions?

        This principal stated she did not know what I was talking about when I asked what one bully’s 1-2-3 finger game was and yet this teacher stated that she had ‘nipped that in the bud last fall’.

        WTF……for one thing – the bully is still doing the damn game.

        Second thing – why didn’t this teacher share this problem with the principal last fall – or since then – because apparently the principal was trying to act like this was the first time she had ever heard about this when I came in to ask the tough questions.

        Between the two of them – I would not believe one word they said.

        How does a 61-yr-old grandma deal with this type of authority figures – let alone a 2nd grader?

      • I also asked why there were a total of six parents that came forward about this one bully and her 1-2-3 game….and yet the bully is still active.

        And the only way we found out about this was because there is another bully in that room and she happened to go to the same daycare and was caught putting a scarf around my granddaughter’s neck like a dog leash.

        The scarf was so damn tight that the teacher had to cut it off.

        That was how we found out anything about this particular bully – plus when I started asking questions – that is when I was told by other parents that a total of six parents have already come forward about the other bully in that same classroom.

        And yet this school has a zero tolerance policy for bullies?

        I call B.S. on that……..

  2. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/odd-news/california-mayor-sparks-controversy-by-telling-bullying-victims-to-%e2%80%98grow-a-pair%e2%80%99-172657192.html

    This old white dude has the remedy for all these bullies – just tell the victims to ‘grow a pair’.

    I have been dealing with a bullying issue at an elementary school and when the authorities in that school do not give a rat’s fat ass…then exactly how will a victim have the ability to grow a pair?

    This old white dude said he is sick and tired of all this bullying mantra?’

    WELL I am sick and tired of people like him – who have the power to do something and refuse to do their damn jobs to provide a safe environment for everyone.

    Do I think this anti-bullying proposal would work? Probably not – but at least it’s a good start in how to handle the little bullies that have learned their trade from their parent bullies.

    When has bullying become a chic thing to do? Could it be when these mega churches started being bullies?

    Or was it when the Catholic Church leaders knowingly covered up for their child molesting priests and there was no consequences – except for some payment of lawsuit settlements.

    But did this church suffer a mass exodus of their faithful followers? I never saw a max exodus – did I miss that day?

    Too many people are sitting back and allowing things like bullying to go on because too many damn people are afraid to ‘rock the boat’…..

    I am to the point now where I am about to blow the damn boat out of the damn water………

    Yeah, old white dude in California , I have grown a pair and I will not back down. Not from any school principal, the ineffective teacher that has allowed two known bullies this past year and/or the school board.

    We are talking about an elementary school………these are young kids where these school authorities are more concerned about some damn standardized testing looking good so they can get more brownie points for their own damn careers than the safety of our kids that we place in their care.

    This issue has really made me mad as Hell ….and I am not going to take it anymore.

    BTW – do read this article and find out exactly why this anti-bullying proposal is so controversial – it has to do with the perception that this is intended to help the gay community.

    Oh, well that explains everything ….doesn’t it???

  3. I am so glad the school year is about over……just one more damn day, after today.

    I used to be a big fan of this particular elementary school – NOT anymore.

    What is wrong with this country? We cannot seem to ‘grow a pair’ to protect our school children here in America.

    If it is not the Gun Nuts of America wanting schools to be filled with guns – it’s these damn bullies getting away with their damn S-H-I-T.

    What the Hell is wrong with our society today?

    • “What the Hell is wrong with our society today?”

      I’d say it’s the unholy alliance between conservative republicans and churches, especially evangelicals and catholics. Toss in some income and wealth inequality, falling wages, rising consumer and housing prices, the dumbing down of education and citizens, and you have a very toxic brew.

      • Very toxic and downright NASTY brew – IMHO

        As I told that principal last week – in my generation, the bullies were punished and sent home. Now the victims get sent to the counselor?

        She looked at me and said ‘ we don’t like to use the word ‘bullies’…


        So – what should we call them? Future CONservative Evagnelical Tea Party Republicans??

        I still say that little bullies come from big bullies…..

        And I don’t put up with bullies….

      • Just curious – what is the bond amount and what is the possible charges and sentence if one old grandma just smacked the shit out of these bullies’ parents?

  4. http://msn.foxsports.com/college-football/story/giant-sinkhole-opens-up-at-austin-peay-football-stadium-052014

    Wow – a huge sinkhole in the football stadium in CONservative Evangelical Bible Belt Tennessee.

    Perhaps this is a sign from God trying to tell his feckless followers to STOP worshipping football players/team and start supporting the academics – especially science – which might just explain why there are sinkholes showing up so much around our country.

  5. This may sound terrible – but with all the news coverage about the year anniversary after the Moore Oklahoma tornado just makes me want to scream.

    MSNBC Thomas Roberts was with the Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin (sp?) this morning. He was asking her about the progress of all the schools getting shelters put into their school buildings.

    This little feckless leader Fallin (I have no respect for this woman – AT ALL) stood there and said that she is leaving it up to the local districts to decide what they want.

    OKAY Lady – if you truly believe that is okay, then the next time a damn tornado goes through your state, let’s let the local districts decide how they are going to pay for the rebuilding……

    I am so sick and tired of this SHIT. Something as simple as putting in shelters in a known tornado-prone state is now something that may be or may not have enough money for them?

    ON what planet are we living? In what alternate universe does it make sense that we can spend money on foolish crap for these schools but yet fight over whether there is a need for shelters for these kids.

    And last year – there seven kids that died in that one school. SEVEN….count them ….SEVEN.

    Oh, what am I talking about? If the mass shooting deaths of 20 kids in Newtown Connecticut cannot get these people to have a compassionate heart – why would 7 dead kids in a tornado bother these folks?

    Besides – there is always money for another useless program like No Child Left Behind or this damn Common Core crappola with all that damn standardized testing.

    Why bother testing these kids when their safety is NEVER an issue…..?

  6. One comment about the picture in our header today:

    Along with those elephants and clowns for this Benghazi witch hunt circus – there will be a lot of cotton candy being spoon fed to their GOP base by the Foxxies Hen House and Hate Talk Radio Shock Jocks.

    Now – tell me again how this is not going to be a circus?

    I wonder if and when Donald Trump is going to jump into one of those three-rings in that circus and dressed like the ringmaster and announce that he is going to run for president.

    BTW – did I miss the memo where Trumps investigators ever returned with that undeniable proof that Obama was not born in Hawaii?

    That memo must be in the same place where the memo from the Pope kicked out all those child molesters and their church leaders that knowingly covered up their crimes against children.

    • Hey – do you think spending the money on yet another Benghazi hearing would be better spent on providing shelters to all those Oklahoma schools to provide safety for our country’s kids?

      Oh, what am I thinking….. of course that money is better spent on a bunch of overpaid, under-talented, morally lacking, bloviated political partisan hacks showing their asses -yet again – than to spend that money ona bunch of school age kids.

  7. http://msn.foxsports.com/southwest/story/major-structural-problems-close-texas-high-school-s-60-million-stadium-052014


    Maybe it’s just me – or the mood I am in today – but wouldn’t you think that football stadium with a price tag of $60 million would not have structural problems so major that it has to be closed – and only two years after being built?

    May – oh my – I guess $60 million just does not buy what it used to buy – in my generation.

    BTW – I went to the same high school building that my parents did – and my father was a star athlete.

    Of course, when I came along, there were additions and improvements but NOTHING like these football stadiums that we see all over the country today.

    Something is very wrong in our society …..we are making a lot of stupid choices….IMHO….

    And we are spending a lot of money on things that just don’t last……….

    • When I went to high school – the drop out rate was very minimal. Do some research on how high our drop out rates are for senior high school kids.

      And then we have people who want to abolish al public education.

      We have people who want to use the public education to further their own careers – at the expense of the students.

      We have people who will throw as much money as they can towards the public school without demanding accountability.

      I don’t know what the solution is – I seriously don’t.

      I am in full support of public education and I believe our country’s future depends on the quality of public education.

      But I am so frustrated with what I see in one elementary school that I just want to shake some teeth and kick some butts.

      What has happened to our educational system in America?

      I know NCLB was a bunch of crappola – and it appears this Common Core crappola is not much better.

      But it cannot just be these two programs. There is a cancer eating away at our public schools – and I think that same cancer is eating away our elected officials and politicians – and that same cancer is eating away at our entire society.

      I suspect that cancer is this – Nobody really cares anymore about US – it all about Me-Me-Me….

      God – is this a flashback to the Reagan years?

      • Even tho I’m a few years older we’re of the same ‘era.’ We didn’t have or need the ‘things’ high schoolers do today. Very few of us had cars. We had adequate clothing but we needed to take care of what we had because things couldn’t easily be replaced. We had two to three pairs of shoes only because we needed sneakers for gym class. I shared a tiny bedroom with my sisters. We had one tiny closet and one chest of drawers which held all our clothes neatly. When we finally got a television it was in the living room and there were very few times any of the kids decided it would be on and what channel would be watched. The one phone was in the same room. I could go onandon but you already know how it was. ‘Things’ have gotten out of hand in today’s society. How many times have you heard someone count their blessings and list a bunch of ‘things’? If they went beyond health, love, something to do that made them feel needed, useful and appreciated, I think they may have lost track of blessings somewhere along the way.

      • Did the Reagan years ever end? He may have been gone, but the government and policies he left behind remain.

      • Prairie Pond – you’re right – Reagan is not really dead. His ghost still haunts all of us…..well, not the 1% wealthiest who were all Reagan’s good ol’ boys