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Seriously GOP…you may want to stop trying to attempt math and science…you just look stupid when you do.



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  1. Rand Paul displays a perfect example of what Bill Clinton told us at the Democratic 2012 Convention – Republicans do not know their arithmetic

    • Or much of anything else. But their constituents don’t care about facts when winning and losing elections is on the line. I’ve never known a bunch of people who are so selfish or such bad losers.

      I went through getting hubby enrolled for health insurance through the Marketplace. It was time consuming, frustrating and difficult. The only reason I persevered was that we needed health insurance that much! Millions of other Americans wanted it that badly too! And yet republicans want to take it away from us.

      • I can never understand how loudly professing Christians (I use that term loosely for these folks) are so hellbent on taking away access to health care to so many people.

        Somehow that thinking just does not jive with what the Bible tells me Jesus did..

  2. Not only do republicans want to take away Obamacare and our ability to buy affordable health insurance until we’re age eligible for Medicare, they also want to take away our Medicare! We must get this information out to every voter!

    Every single one of these senators voted for the outrageous Paul Ryan budget, which voucherizes Medicare and raises the eligibility age to 67.

    • Asher Bob White

      Looking at how our Senators voted affirms the fact that most senator or congressperson vote exactly as expected by those who have bought and paid for them to do those corruptors’ bidding; starting with the Koch Bros., etc.

  3. A new article about our state from Rolling Stone magazine —

    Rogue State: How Far-Right Fanatics Hijacked Kansas
    Gun nuts, anti-abortion zealots and free-market cultists are leading the state to the brink of disaster

    • free market cultists? These folks who so loudly profess they believe in free trade are the same folks who kiss billionaire brothers’ tight-white asses and other corporate vulture capitalists …

      That is NOT free trade……IMHO

      This latest deal with AT&T buying Direct TV. If anyone thinks this will bring lower prices and competition – I’ve got a bridge in Alaska for sale – that bridge that goes nowhere… You betcha wink-wink

      • Those same gun nuts that have blocked any compromise of a resolution to our never-ending news accounts of our own homegrown domestic terrorists shooting innocent school children (ie Sandy Hook in Newtown) – are the same folks who are demanding Obama send in US military to rescue those kidnapped Nigerian girls.

        Seriously? We cannot even protect our own school children here on our damn soil – and there are these budget deficit hawks that want to spend taxpayer dollars to send in military and special ops to rescue 200+ girls..

        Oh, but wait a minute, if we send in military and special ops to go chase the bad Muslims – then we can stay in that country for decades and rape and pillage their natural resources…

        NOW….I see why these Republican CONS want to use taxpayer money to go rescue those girls – all in the name of justice – yeah, sure (big eye roll)

      • indy, Nigeria has large oil reserves. You know that; this information is for others who might not.

    • One good thing about Kansas being Far Right Winger Bat Shit Crazy – our state will never be the deciding factor in any general presidential election. Or electoral college votes are just not that much to cause as much as a small ripple in the sewer pond called the GOP.

  4. I had a discussion with the principal, teacher and counselor about the known bully problems in my granddaughter’s classroom. There are two bullies – I recently found out – and this has been going on for the entire past school year.

    We were halfway in the conversation and the principal stops and tells me – we do not like to use the word ‘bullies’.

    Hey – if it walks, talks and smells like a bully – it IS a bully…

    Later on, this principal bragged about how they have nationally acclaimed speakers coming to their district to give guidance on how to handle the bullying problem.

    I then said – quietly but with emphasis – if you have a bullying problem – then doesn’t that mean you have a ‘bully’ in your group?

    From the look I got from that principal, I guess she thought I was going to back down and go off somewhere and be quiet.

    They’re messing with the wrong grandma…..LOL

    I wanted to ask this principal if she was one of those Republicans that think if they just ‘change their tone of the same old message’ that people won’t realize it is the same damn crappola they’ve been trying to peddle for years.

    Are people really that stupid? Or do these folks just expect people to be that stupid?

    • BTW – the one known bully was forced to write an apology letter to my granddaughter. In her own handwriting, she used the words ‘bully’ and ‘bullying’. I asked which one in the room told the one bully to write that apology letter – I never did get an answer.

      So, why is this principal telling me to not use the word ‘bullies’?

      Just like so much other crappola in this society – those folks with the power to change things will simply turn their heads and act like it is not happening.

      It’s time for people who give a damn about our country’s future to STAND up and let their voices be heard.


    Super Tuesday for he midterm elections is tomorrow….

    Will the Tea Party make a big splash – or will the Establishment Republicans hold their far-right wingers at arm’s length??

    I guess we’ll all know by the end of tomorrow night – hopefully.

    BTW – notice the last paragraph in this article. Some man (a supporter of Thad Cochran’s opponent) has been charged with going into a nursing home, taking a picture of Cochran’s bedridden wife who has dementia and then posted it for some campaign ad.

    But read what the possible motivation is – Cochran’s fidelity. Is this really how these CONservative Republicans can only win an election – by some smearing whisper of someone’s fidelity to their invalid wife?

    Is this really what politics should be about….

    • It’s getting harder for me to tell the difference between a tea bagger and an establishment republican. Plus, we know about the lessons they’ve been offered in softening their rhetoric and watching how they speak so nothing they say is an accurate barometer. Have you seen any of them — tea bagger or establishment — vote for anything less than protect the wealthy and stick it to everyone else? Yeah, I haven’t either.

      • At what point do these Republicans – Tea Party and Establishment – get to end of the road when there are not enough of ‘everyone else’ to pay for their desired corporate welfare and wars-for-profit ?

        Just like when we drill, baby, drill – at some point, there will be nothing left to drill – then what?

      • I tried to get this picture to post….not just the link to the picture.

        I’ve done this before – what am I doing wrong now?

      • The only way I’ve ever found is in edit. In order to have the ‘edit’ available you have to be signed into WordPress. Do you have the word “Edit” showing after the date and time on your posts? If you click on that word you will have a click called ‘img’ and if you click there a popup where you paste the Image URL will appear.

      • Thanks fnord….. I knew I had posted pictures before, but for the life of me – today is a typical Monday….all day LOL

    The very question of Sam Brownback losing in Kansas is absurd. Don’t they all know that CONservative Republicans will always vote for the little R on the ballot – even when they know what a weasel the guy is?

    Republicans have proven themselves to be more about the game of winning than they are about anything else.

    But….isn’t it interesting that Kansas bond rating was recently cut.

    Can you imagine if this happened under a Democrat – or let’s say a black Democrat president and the credit rating of the country?

    As I seem to recall, Republicans were all out there screaming and bunching up their panties when the US credit rating was lowered after the first debt ceiling fiasco when Tea Party Republicans held John Boehner hostage to the much ballyhooed budget ideas.

    So – if all that screaming and panties bunching is good for Obama – then it’s good for Brownback.

    Or – is this just an example of what I said of Republicans will always vote for the little R on the ballot – even when they know he is a weasel. But that weasel is one of their ‘good ol’ boys’.

    You betcha Wink-wink

  7. Chris Hayes did a laudable job on his first installment about Kansas! I hope you didn’t miss it. He will be highlighting Kansas all week so maybe you can catch some of it.