Sunday, 5/18/14, Public Square

Our economy is being ravaged. Our workers are being pushed into destitution. Our education system is collapsing. Our infrastructure is crumbling. How long before republicans have made America a third-world nation?



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  1. Not that they give a rat’s patoot, but history will not judge conservatives, Laffer lovers, tea partiers and the evangelicals kindly.

    We’ll have the last laugh, but by that time, we’ll all be dead!

    • Sad fact is – to these Bible Thumpers, the more the ‘sinners’ hate you, the better you think you are being a loyal foot soldier for your God.

      I truly think some of these people take pure delight in becoming a target for liberals – they see it as a badge of honor.

      Other people just like to have their name said in public and become some sort of celebrity – even if it is infamous for being a laughingstock.

      It’s like the little kids that are so starved for attention that they will create bad attention by acting out. To their minds – bad attention is better than no attention.


    Is this the future of America – a world in which money can buy anything – even a new reputation after thoroughly displaying yourself as a racist…

    Personally, I suspect this old dude’s wife is behind all this……

    Think about it –

    The old dude has had this girlfriend for 4 years.
    The girlfriend happens to tape a conversation with the old dude
    The wife publicly states she wants to keep the team (she already owns 50%)
    The wife is contemplating divorce – duh????

    Moral of the story might just be – don’t treat your wife with such disrespect – old rich dudes. It might just come back to bite you in your old prune ass..


    Wow – even the Turkish officials take a mine disaster serious and detains potential suspects.

    Can you imagine this happening in America? No way, no how, not ever.

    I still remember how the South Koreans handled that ferry disaster. IIRC – the captain and his crew were detained – and some have been formally criminally charged.

    WOW – tell me again, America is the morally superior country because……..


    Well, lookie here, that VA scandal that Republicans are screaming about and trying to hang this one on Obama’s fault train ride……was a problem back in 2001.

    Hmmmm…..the year 2001…..remind me – who was in office at that time?

    Hmmmm….the year 2001 ….remind me again – which party had total control from 2000 to 2006?

    While I want investigations into what happened at the VA – I do NOT want this to become a political football.

    I want real action and not just words – from both parties.

    Do I expect accountability and action to this problem – based on the past behavior of these elected officials – OH HELL NO…

    But ….this is one issue that Republicans and Democrats could and should both be on the same page.

    I wonder….can they put down their political partisan weapons long enough to give a damn about our veterans? I’m not holding my breath.

  5. Asher Bob White

    In congruence with today’s post, I am reminded of a small but important book I recently read, named The Little Blue Book co-authored by George Lakoff who is an academic that studies and researches human brain function/development. He identifies conservatives, i.e., republicans, as also immoral. He counsels to not use the term “tax” for public interest and common good, but rather to use the term “revenue”. Here’s my point: Consistent with his counsel, I always refer to them as “immoral and dishonest conservative republicans.” I feel that description says it best.

    • I remember a time when Christians were viewed as those folks who believed in following Jesus’ teachings.

      I don’t remember Jesus teaching his followers how to build huge mega church buildings and to have their preacher man dress in Gucchi suits and dripping in gold bling – do you?



    Okay, I agree that a candidate’s age and health are fair game in politics.

    But let’s review something, shall we?

    This is the same GOP that gave us Ronald Reagan (old) and Dick Cheney (multiple heart attacks) as two of their finest candidates.

    I certainly did not hear any of these Republicans questioning the age and health of their own – or did I miss that particular memo?


    Take a good look at this article – it seems our very own Kansan Mike Pompeo is on the new Benghazi witch hunt…

    This will surely bring some brownie points to MIke’s future political ambitions…



      I trust NPR the most when it comes to reporting factual news. This is a chronology of the Benghazi events …

      Have you noticed that not one Republican has acknowledged their very own popular General Petraeus said that the White House did not politicize the Benghazi tragedy.

      Hmmm….well, of course, Petraeus was found out to be an adulterer (self admitted) so I guess that is why Republicans no longer see them as one of their finest and brightest?

      Oh, what am I saying….. adultery is apparently not a big sin in the GOP – just look at many, many other Republican males that just cannot seem to keep their pants zipped when it comes to the ‘other woman’.