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  1. …and this is why Democrats can’t have nice things.

    I thought Kansas was the only Democratic Party that ate it’s own, ran shitty candidates, and discouraged interested people who may have run well. Seems like this is a national problem for the Democrats. The party big wigs are waaaaay disconnected with their grass roots members. The big wigs are repuke lite and the grass roots members have no where to go. Paul Davis anyone? If the KDP could have run a decent candidate, they could have beaten pastor sammy. Davis may win, but it will be on votes all against sam. I doubt anyone will for FOR Davis. Just AGAINST sam.

    Jesus wept. Party on Democrats, party on.

    • Pond part of the problem at least for Kansas Democrats is they want all or nothing! Kansas is such a Con state that it has to be some middle ground candidate. Like a fiscal conservative Liberal, or a social conservative Liberal. I get into a lot of arguments, basically because I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. But because I am also kind of bull headed when I believe I am right. I can turn them to my point of view.
      I am also a Christian who is not shy about teaching other Christians when they are misusing the Bible and the word of God. LOL I have to go to Fox’s church again for my Granddaughters Baptism. I have so far survived two other times of walking into the Lion’s den and speaking my mind and not being hung on a nail on the cross out front.

      • I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal – which I thought was in the middle.

        But with these Tea Party folks and Evangelicals – the right has gone so far right, that what used to be the ‘middle’ is now viewed as far left.

        In fact – anything past the moderate republicans RINO is now considered far left.

        I blame Foxxies Hen House and Hate Talk Radio for this evolving political scene.

        Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t Fox and Wright still have their radio show?

        Enough said….

      • I’ve heard it said if more prayers were said NOT about what breaks our hearts but what His book says breaks God’s heart, we’d be closer to that Word of God.

      • agreed fnord.

        In fact, according to their own teachings – the ONLY part of the Bible that was written by the hand of God were the Ten Commandments.

        Where in that top ten list does it say to hate homosexuals – or to treat women like second class citizens. And the list could go on and on…

    • Asher Bob White

      As you know, Prairie, I agree with you. For me, the organized Democratic Party, especially at the state level, is its own worst enemy. I believe the only professional organizing counsel that has ever existed on the state/local horizon was what Obama brought to the national level. States and locals apparently can’t see that far in the distance, at a perfect example.
      The FL District 13 is another perfect example of what ‘not-to-do’: “Talk and tell” instead of “listen”. They believe they “know” and really all they “know” is how to lose.

      • Do you think all politicians tend to think in the short term? Who the hell talks about the ‘big picture’ except President Obama?

        Obama has always talked about what we need to do right now in order to prepare for what is coming down the road.

        I don’t see many people thinking that way in their every day lives – do you?

        It’s all about the short term profit – or what can I get at this very moment. Nobody wants to put in the hard work and delay their reward until some time in the future.

        I realized this the day I heard on the national news that Google only made 13% profit and their stock was falling due to investors pulling out their money because the profit was not enough…

        13% was not enough profit? For one quarter – the profit was ONLY 13% on how many billions?

        Short term thinking is doing a lot of damage to our country – IMHO


        Governor leadership promised to bring that to Kansas in a 105 county strategy. Uh huh. Johnson, Wyandotte, Sedgwick and Douglas were the only ones of the 105 counties that got any support.

        How’s that working for everyone, state and national?

  2. (from the link): Pickering is a career ambassador who served under Republican and Democratic presidents and as co-chair of the State Department’s Accountability Review Board with retired Admiral Mike Mullen. The ARB issued an independent report about the attacks in December of 2012. While right-wing media have questioned the report’s independence, a State Department Inspector General review concluded that the “Accountability Review Board process operates as intended — independently and without bias.”

    AL HUNT (HOST): Is there a case for reopening that investigation as the House special panel plans to do?

    PICKERING: If there is, Al, I haven’t seen it yet. And I’ve been very alert to this. Obviously when I took the job I knew that this was going to be an issue that had great political overtones, and we can phrase it that way. And I tried to watch it very carefully. I think, one of the things I did when I took the job was that I tried to read every press report I could find to make sure that we did our job as well as we could. I think we did our job as well as we could. But I’d be the last person in the world to tell you we did everything perfectly.

    HUNT: You haven’t seen any reason to reopen it?

    PICKERING: So I’m in a search for is there “there,” there, Al, and I haven’t seen any “there,” there.

    • As long as Hillary Clinton looms over the Republicans as the 2016 presidential candidate – we will see them use Benghazi, those glasses she wore at the hearing and anything else to keep that 24/7 drumbeat against Hillary.

      I am hopeful that women will tire of this nonsense and will show their wrath in 2016. But it will depend on who the GOP favors as their ‘boy of the year’.

      Or do you think the GOP will try to run another woman – like they tried in 2008 with Sarah Palin?

      That did not work out so well -did it?

      Personally, I think Republicans are waiting to see if Hillary runs. If so, then I do not think they will run a woman on their 2016 ticket. They would not want it to turn out to be a contest between their woman and Hillary – and have their woman lose – yet again.

      I also think – there are not too many Republican men exactly foaming at the mouth at the task of taking on Hillary.

      Even when these Republicans make fun of Hillary and demonize her – they are basically scared as hell – and that’s a good thing – IMHO

      • It may backfire on them if there is another candidate. They have been so preoccupied with Hillary that they have blinders on to another. Plus if she is then all the tricks have already been worn out It will be such noise that it is useless to them. Much like now it is pointing out the President’s skin color. I still get some e-mails making that a point against him.

  3. “Empty heads with no grain” – Prariepond posted this comment yesterday about the conditions in her wheat fields.

    I reposted this part of her comment because doesn’t this describe a lot of our politicians (on both sides of the aisle) and our so-called leaders in our society?

    I’ve often called George W. Bush the Little Cowboy – big hat, no cattle.

    Something akin to empty heads with no grain – don’t you think?


    There she goes again – our First Lady is interjecting race into her speech.

    I’m just trying to figure out the current headline for the Foxxies Hen House newspaper and the Hate Talk Radio GOP talking points script.

    Duh….let’s see……she was in Topeka Kansas……the day before the 60th anniversary of the Brown vs. Topeka lawsuit that decided segregation was unconstitutional and wrong.

    Don’t you think this topic might just come up during the speech?

    IMHO – in today’s America – it is not just about the color of your skin. I think it is about the color of your money in your pocket and/or bank and exactly how much money do you have.

    In other words – a new form of segregation has emerged – the haves and the have nots.

    That is more dangerous than any racism – IMHO. I’ve often said Hurricane Katrina was not just about GWB not wanting to help the blacks out of New Orleans. There were a lot of whites in that crowd – but they were poor whites. That is what was truly sad. Those people did not have any means to get out of the dangerous situation.

    Just what this country needs – another big conglomerate corporation becoming even bigger…..

    We’ve had Direct TV for the past four years. I’ve been noticing this past year this company’s customer service and their actual delivery of television viewing has become – how should I phrase this? – less than what I have come to expect from Direct TV.

    What frustrates me the most is when I walk into some store and Direct TV has their old-style carnie out in the crowds getting everyone to sign up for Direct TV with a fantastic deal.

    I asked the guy once that what do loyal customers get – if these new customers are signing on for a 1/4 of what I am being charged.

    The guy’s reply was – I don’t know. Nobody ever told me I would be asked that question.

    Wow – I wonder how much that guy makes an hour.

    Just give me the days of my childhood when we had true free trade market and real capitalism. The days when Mom and Pop shops were the ‘norm’. Where Main Street was the highlight of the town/city.

    Give me the days when consumers had a real choice and we all could trust where our meats, produce and dairy products came from known smaller farms.

    Give me the days when consumers did not have to worry about pesticides and growth hormones in their food.

    Give me the days when Americans could fish in their own nearby lakes and rivers and NOT be worried about eating toxic poisoned fish.

    Give me the days when very few corporations were around. McDonalds was the first real big corporate fast food that came to my town.

    Nowadays – one cannot swing a dead cat without hitting at least a couple corporate fast food places.

    And then we wonder why so many Americans are fat and have serious health issues?

    Give me the days when no pharmaceutical drugs were advertised on television. Also – no doctors, dentists or hospitals were allowed to advertise on television.

    That, alone, would decrease the need for all these face lifts and the overwhelming demand for certain new drugs by Americans who sit at home and think they have some disease that now needs this new overpriced drug.

    But – hey – it’s now chic to be on certain drugs – you know.

    And with all the above things I’ve mentioned – what is the common thread?

    The Bottom Line in some corporation….. that’s what.

    I, for one, am SICK and TIRED of this crappola.

    For all the health care money Americans spend – we get some pretty sad results – don’t we?

    Have you ever wondered why? Again – it’s about the one true God we in America truly worship – the Almighty Dollar

    • One thing to add to my list:

      Give me the days when people had the right idea that we can not just take-take-take from our environment. We were taught as kids to conserve what we had and to plant trees on Arbor Day.

      Has that lesson been lost or do we as a nation just not give a damn anymore?

      When PrairiePond and fnord were talking about the farm land conditions in yesterdays’ post – this is just the beginning folks.

      Climate change is real – and it is the result of how MAN has just been derelict in our ways we use up our natural resources without a damn thought to the future.

      This goes with what I said upthread in response to Bob White’s comment – people think only in the short term.

      Do we really think that we do today will not affect what happens down the road?

      There are so many examples of this ill-advised idealogy – IMHO.

      But, let’s not forget a major political party – the Republicans’ mantra of Drill Baby Drill.

      Yeah – drill until there is nothing left and then what – blame the Democrats so more?

      I am so sick and tired of being around ignorant assholes that are proud to be ignorant. Or, what is worse (IMHO) is when these assholes try to justify their greed by saying that God gave Man the right to do whatever the hell he wants to do.

      If there is a God – it’s a wonder he or she has not reached down and personally smacked a few of these arrogant ignorant assholes upside their head.

      • Drill baby drill, coupled with quietly relaxed export regulation brought us the propane crisis of 2013-14..Little mentioned was that we are now a net exporter of propane. And a net exporter of gasoline. If production keeps increasing, we’ll soon be a net exporter of crude and we might join OPEC. Now that would be a Dick Cheney, Halliburton wet dream.

        The only ones benefiting are big oil, some big oil workers, and a few land owners. At the pump? Drill baby drill and export baby export are pushing gas and propane prices through the roof.

        Another republican meme that backfired. Or, as we call it here, Tuesday.

  6. Given today’s discussion, this seems appropriate to link here. For the record, the writer is most correct.

  7. Great article 617. They interviewed Thomas Frank who agreed this may be the strategy of the future. Turn it upside down and give Democrats what they want on social issues but still pander to the one percent and maybe no one will notice.

    From the link.

    “Many New York progressives think that Cuomo has made a bet on what Democrats truly care about — that if he gives activists what they want on social issues, he can get away with giving the wealthy what they want on economic issues. Worse, they fear the combination might be politically irresistible to the Democratic Party: as the rich get richer and the Supreme Court systematically dismantles limits on money in politics, what if a Democrat who pleases the wealthy becomes the only kind of Democrat who can win an election?”

    As my dad used to say, “the rich always get richer and the poor always get poorer.” No matter who controls the political universe, they need those big donors and instead of Social Security being the third rail of politics, inequality will now be the new third rail. Or, as Thomas Frank said in his last book, “Pity the Billionaires.”