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  1. Go Rachel!

    Couple of thoughts with not enough coffee. Yet.

    Does anyone but me wonder if all this net neutrality negation from FCC smell like something that was promised to big Telecom if they played nice with both the bush and obama administrations in creating this big surveillance state?

    I mean, did AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, et al say, “Ok, we’ll make it possible for you to dragnet every phone conversation, every email, every text, every everything for everyone in the world, but in exchange, we want to be able to create a non-neutral internet where the rich could have fast access and the poor will slug along at dial-up speed because they refuse to give us all their money?” Just wondering….

    Also, what’s the matter with Kansas? 🙂 I just love how creating the State of Koch (Ad aspra per Americans for Prosperity) with no income tax for businesses or rich guys, no public money for education, healthcare, and by the way we’re taking your Medicare if the repukes take both houses of Congress next year, was supposed to bring this huge influx of people into the state? All the while giving the Catholic church, Joe Wright, Terry Fox and Kris Kobach control of all our personal lives?

    Funny, but the trend is for people wanting to live where the government is functioning, they having great education for their kids, affordable access to healthcare and business does not poop in our environmental nest. Plus, people want at least medical marijuana if not outright legal marijuana, freedom to marry the person they choose, and reproductive choice for women.

    So, given those trends, and the demographics moving toward young and more liberal and old and crazy dying out… how in the hell does Kansas expect to survive into the future? We fly in the face of everything that draws people, that people want, and champion everything people don’t want and we think tax cuts will bring them back and solve our depopulation and economic disasters?

    jesus wept

    I need more coffee….

    • You think straighter than most folks — with or without coffee.

      I hadn’t considered what you suggest could be behind the net neutrality issue, but agree it is sure a possibility. I do wish more people would wake up and realize this Plutocracy thing really does make most people an underclass without equal rights.

      Kansas. The more I’m around Kansans the more I must admit they really have exactly what they deserve — Brownback and his right-wing extremists have no problems to confront in their electorate. Each time Brownback releases reports or gives a speech including projections he lies. Then his lies are made public, he makes some lame excuse which is believed by the majority of Kansas voters and all is well. [eye roll]

      Did I tell you my granddaughter and her government class registered to vote (at least all of them who were 18)? Yes, they did. And recently she received a letter in the mail signed by Kris Kobach saying her registration couldn’t be completed until she proved her citizenship. She and her classmates, many were born right here in Kansas with those birth records available to Kobach, are joining the other thousands of Kansas voters in that limbo state. The limbo state may allow them to vote in national races, but not in state races. Kobach has made sure there are obstacles in the way of our youth voting.

      • The same thing happened to me, I have been voting in Kansas ever since I was eighteen except for the couple of years I lived in Oklahoma. I have been back in Kansas since 1999.

      • What I don’t think is very democratic is the fact that Republicans feel they can have one of their own people standing behind me when I sign in to vote and the voting poll and if THEY decide to challenge my right to vote, then all Hell breaks loose and I am caught up in this GOP-designed never-ending circle.

        Based on what? Their say so……

        That is not the way this entire voting process was designed to work..

    • I do find it funny that it is only on certain things I say that suddenly the net will not accept or the computer suddenly acts up? I have been thinking it was someone that does not like what I say on the open boards. OK I do not say anything different that what I would say here. Some people do not like the truth…. others…. “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” ,

    • Interesting assessment about the net netruality dealilngs behind the scene.

      You may have hit that nail on its ugly head..

  2. Back in 2006, Rolling Stone magazine ran a feature on Sam Brownback, “God’s Senator.” It’s hard to find the article online now, but a Salina woman has the text available on her blog. You can read it at the link below —

  3. When you’re up against this kind of ‘special,’ how do you fight it? Will Sarah Half-Term be the featured speaker?

  4. The picture in the header is exactly what I have been arguing on yahoo just before coming here. Man I can not believe half of these people are that dumb! I am suspecting that some are not they are just repeating the Moslem thing and Communist thing to rattle cages and make a noise to stir people up. I laugh at them and turn it around. Then they will Sutter and stammer till they will finally either give up or call me a name.

  5. Asher Bob White

    I’m retired and I probably watch too much TV. But I feel I cannot miss Rachel. I believe it is the only hour that is honest and truthful, with one exception —- the advertising commercials. No matter what one watches, even PBS, a listener is forced to bide-their-time for too many commercials. Still, I feel Rachel is worth it when too much TV is not. Frustrating! And yet, Rachel is worth it.

    • I like the fact that Rachel has the integrity to correct herself if she is found to have said something misleading.

      When was the last time Foxxies Hen House every corrected themselves? Or for that matter, when was the first time ?

      I like Rachel and she is a force to be reckoned with – IMHO. She is not afraid to take on Obama Administration – if that is how the chips fell…….

      I like that about her…

      • Agreed, Indy. She’s got enough self-esteem to admit a mistake. She knows mistakes are not character defects and if one admits, corrects, and apologizes, the record is set straight.

        I also like how respectful she ALWAYS is to her guests, no matter how wingnuttie or lying they are. I have never, in all the years I watched her, even before she had her own show, seen her be even slightly rude to a guest. She treats them all as guests. And she’s not afraid to ask hard questions of our team, either.

        Oh, be still my heart. Her girlfriend is a lucky woman. Imagine having conversations with Rachel anytime you’d like.

        I think that pounding noise is the sound of my heart thumping….


  6. This is what ten to thirty million people look like.

  7. This from my cousin who is a farmer in rural Watonga, Oklahoma:

    “The farmers are all cutting the wheat for hay here, not enough grain in it to make a cutting worthwhile. It only gets worse the further south and southwest you go from us so there won’t be any cutting there either. It is so bad here that they aren’t even working the fields for fear they will go in the air with the wind and lose too much valuable topsoil. Our guys are just leaving the stubble unturned and spraying for weeds to cut down on soil moisture loss.”

    • Fnord, our wheat here is about 6 inches tall and already heading out. Empty heads with no grain. They may not even be able to cut it for hay since it is so short. Some may graze it. The guys who rent my pasture are not putting any cattle in there this year. The grass looks like December, not May. It’s pretty desperate out here. I’ve lost 8 trees inside my fenced yard.

      On some of our more hellish windy days this month, wind blew dirt so heavy that parts of the highway were closed due to no visibility. At least one fatal accident caused by topsoil blowing across the roads.