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  1. The sad fact is – I think Jeb Bush would have made a much better president than his brother The Little Cowboy Georgie.

    With all this talk about how Karl Rove questioning Hillary Clinton’s health just smacks of such hypocrisy because this is the same bunch of people that did not give a damn about Dick Cheney’s multiple heart attacks. Cheney went on to help mastermind our invasion of Iraq under false pretense.

    How many Americans died in that war?

    And then these same folks are crying those fake crocodile tears over four dead Americans at Benghazi?

    Please….just pass the barf bag now……These CONS make me sick

    • What I would like to see is a group of doctors tell Karl Rove back that those glasses Hillary was wearing are not glasses only worn by brain damaged people.

      Reportedly, those glasses were for double vision. A lot of conditions might require the use of those glasses for a certain time period.

      But, just let Karl and his flying minions keep on yammering. I hope the women in America are paying attention and start to make plans to clean up this GOP mess once and for all by kicking them all to the damn curb.

    • wicked

      I’ve always believed Jeb was offered the presidency, before Dubya was approached. But Jeb understood taking the offer would mean being a puppet, and that wasn’t what he wanted. In turn, he made sure his brother “won” the election in Florida.

      The Bush Dynasty years nearly ended this country, and we still live with the legacy. What was wrought during those times will never be fixed in our lifetime, if ever.

      How do these people sleep at night?

      • When surrounded by oil money for decades – I don’t think these people know what the real world is like…..nor do they care to find out..

  2. wicked

    First laugh of the day and much needed. đŸ™‚

    • What is comical is the fact that Jeb Bush is seen as too moderate for these Tea Party Evangelinuts and would have trouble getting through the GOP primaries.

      The Establishment Republicans created this TP Evangie monster – now they have to live with it.

    wicked posted above how people sleep at night…… here is another case which I have to wonder the same thing…

    This is just one group of CONS at got caught – how many others are still in business of conning their sheeple?


    How sad – I wonder which vulture venture capitalist swooped down and stole their soul?

  5. wicked – IIRC, your daughter attended an online public school?

    Which one was it? There is a Connections Academy – which is the tuition-free public school online.

    We are looking into an alternative for my granddaughter. I USED to be a big supporter of the public school in Augusta – but this past year has opened my eyes.

    Seems there are two bullies in this classroom and even when everyone acknowledges there are two bullies – nothing seems to ever happen to the bullies.

    It’s the victims that get sent to the counselor – reaffirming the idea that the victims are to blame……

    We just found out recently about our granddaughter – but I’ve been talking to other parents and found out this has been going on since the beginning of the year and six other parents have filed complaints. And this teacher says she is not aware of any bullying in her classroom.

    DUH….this is why the teacher sends all the victims to the counselor because – as she put it for my granddaughter – she is concerned about the child’s mental well being .

    Hey Lady – how would your mental well being be if you were subjected to a classroom run by two bullies and the teacher does not give a crap???

    • This entire thing with our granddaughter started when he preschool told us that two girls (these same two bullies) put a belt around my granddaughter’s neck while they were playing the ‘doggie game’.

      This preschool punished the two bullies – but they also punished my granddaughter because ‘she let them do it to her’.


      I’d like to put that same belt around a few necks ……..

    • How can this teacher say she knows nothing about a bully when so many parents have complained? Is it the teacher they complained to?

      • Yes – and the counselor knows of the bullying problem because it was the counselor that made one of the bullies write an apology to our granddaughter last month – when we first learned that the teacher has been sending our granddaughter down to the counselor because she was concerned about the child’s ‘mental well being’.

        Mind you – this teacher has NEVER talked to my son and his wife about her concern. My DIL happened to call the school to inquire as to what was going on in the classroom because our granddaughter was getting sick to her stomach, she would throw up and did not want to go to school. (which is not at all like this child) She used to love to go to school.

        When the DIL called the school, she was transferred to the counselor because the school secretary knew our granddaughter had been seeing the counselor for awhile.


        These are parents that attend every parents/teacher conference. These are parents that show up for the school events. These are parents that have the grandparents involved in the child’s school life. So, this is not like a case of some child that has no family support system in place.

        Again….how can a counselor have access to a child without the knowledge of the parents?

        I’ve been told by other parents that this teacher does not like confrontation – so she sends all her ‘problems’ to the counselor.


      • I don’t know if we are dealing with an ineffective teacher, an over zealous counselor, or what is truly going on.

        We do know that this principal refuses to acknowledge that any of her teachers are to blame for anything.

        I wrote yesterday that one child was shoved by a teacher last year (witnesses confirmed this) and yet this principal refused to investigate. She only responded with ‘none of my teachers would do that’.

        I am so frustrated and mad about this entire situation.

        It is one thing when I had to deal with my supervisor who was a complete bully – IMHO. But this is a child in 2nd grade and is at their mercy.

        This is one grandma that has had he fill of this nonsense .

  6. When I think of what has been happening in a small classroom with two bullies – I just have to shake my head and then maybe now we know why there seems to be such a ‘bullying problem’ in our entire society.

    Young bullies have learned this behavior from older bullies – IMHO

    Maybe their parents and/or grandparents are bullies – or even Tea Party Evangelinuts who sure do seem to employ the same bully tactics.

  7. t seems I started a fire storm on my face book page by commenting about politics and gay marriage. The main argument is that God does not make mistakes. So Gay people are not born that way it is a sin and their choice.
    I have countered with ” I am left handed in a right handed world so did I choose to be left handed or did God make me that way? “

    • If God does not make mistakes – then why does God make babies be born to parents who He knows (if he is all knowing, as well) will beat them daily and/or torture these kids until they are dead.

      Hey – if that is their version of a loving God – then maybe I don’t want to be apart of that kind of love…

      • Or – let’s just ask why so many self-professing morally superior folks are willing to continue to support and defend these Catholic church leaders that knowingly made the choice to cover the crime of child molestation for years.

        Is molesting a child not considered a sin – and the ones who covered it up is just as bad as the one that did it – IMHO

    • I just don’t understand why so many people are so obsessed with the sex lives of others……


        Case in point – look at this blonde-haired woman who seeks to pick up her crap and walk out of the room rather than to sit and talk about an issue that obviously bothers her.

        While this blonde and the older lady next to her kept saying that they were tired of things being pushed in their face – well, what about the folks who are tired of having a certain religion pushed in our faces ?

        And for this blonde to flippantly say this was not a celebratory moment for Michael Sam goes beyond anything I can say. That statement right there tells me all I need to know about this blonde’s motivation and where she is coming from to ‘make news’.

        Maybe she is bucking for a spot in the Foxxies Hen House or Hate Talk Radio?

        she’s got the right box-color hair for it…..

  8. LOL I so am pissing off the Cons on yahoo, one came back to one of my comments on Gays. They said that homosexuality is a sin and a mistake. God did not make them that way. I countered that I am left handed in a world dominated by right handed people so did God make me that way?

  9. LOL the first time I got to see my best friends I have had since childhood after my heart attack I kissed both of them on the cheek and told them I am so glad that they are my friends. If it had been anyone else they may not of taken it so well though I got a stare from one and he said I am glad you are my friend too. Then both of them finally laughed and kissed my cheek!