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  1. Republicans must learn the truth! It seems they’ll know the truth as soon as it fits their narrative and not a second sooner. Plus, no one should expect them to have any ideas, solutions, or time for anything else while they seek their truth!

    How much time and money can they spend?

    • The truth will never fit their narrative – IMHO

      These folks would rather sit and be spoonfed their flavor of GOP cotton candy than to actually get off their welfare-receiving fat asses and find out the truth for themselves.

  2. I get to call the folks at again today. I’ll probably begin by simply saying, “Hello. It’s me. Again.” I feel confident they all know my voice by now. If that website is improved then all I can say is I should celebrate not trying to use it when it wasn’t improved! We don’t give enough credit to those millions of people who have gained health-care insurance through the marketplace! You’ve gotta really, really want health insurance to be strong enough to make it through!

    • Serious question – dealing with these folks is about the same, better or worse than dealing with a for-profit health insurance company?

      I’ve dealt with some real winners ………some companies are better than others – BUT, where is the incentive to be better when nobody makes them do better?

      • Absolutely NO comparison! Each person I’ve spoken with at has been kind, patient and helpful. At the insurance companies once you’ve bought the policy it is extremely rare to find those qualities in anyone.

        I finally went on Medicare (I was age eligible almost two years ago). I think if hubby hadn’t retired I would have continued to do what I had done my whole life — take whatever the employer offered at the price they charged. And, been thankful I had an employer who offered health insurance benefits. Now I have the opportunity and the responsibility to shop for coverage that is personalized to my hubby’s needs and compare what is available at what cost before making that decision. It isn’t something most Americans have ever done and I’ll admit I don’t speak the language of insurance and have had a tough learning curve. But I’ve also learned a bunch! The thing I’m most thankful for is that we have this opportunity even if it does carry the responsibility with it! Thanks to President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party my hubby retired at 62 and we are purchasing affordable health care tailored to his specific needs until he too is age eligible for Medicare!

      • I think you hit the nail on its head in your comment – we need to take responsibility for ourselves and take advantage of what is available to us.

        I think that is one thing that President Obama does not understand about some Americans – they don’t care what they ‘should’ do – they only want to take-take-take.

        President Obama has also just assumed that Republicans would want work with him to get some of these big problems resolved.

        Obama never thought caring Americans would hold a damn grudge just because they lost the election – twice.

        Obama is a nice man and he expects everyone else to be of the same character.

        Sad to say – Republicans have shown themselves to be petty, hate-filled and downright vindictive..

        Hey – that sounds like my definition of these Tea Party Evangelinuts.

      • BTW – I plan to retire at age 62 (next April). I want to get my money before Paul Ryan and his bunch weasel (and I do mean WEASEL) their way into my social security account to rob me and give it to one of their billionaire buddies.

    • Asher Bob White

      One word intended to be helpful. Not all experiences with are the same. Most of the problems, now, are caused by the states; especially in Kansas. We all know what Brownbackistan thinks of the ACA. When we moved to Florida, a state which also rejected the Medicare Option, we found that it was, however, much, much better than our Kansas experience. Keep the faith!

      • My former supervisor was spewing her crappola about how Obamacare was not covering poor working people in Kansas.

        Come to find out – this was caused by Brownback denying Medicaid expansion and a certain group did fall through that crack.

        But is that Obama’s fault that Brownback cannot seem to understand that if Kansas refuses their share of that ACA money that it will just be spent on other states smart enough to say ‘Oh Hell yes, help us’?

        Obamacare cannot help those people without a brain.

    As long as we have Republican elected officials that think the way this guy thinks, we will continue to have problems.

    This article is about child labor and this guy says hard work does not hurt anybody?

    Please…..just pass the barf bucket now..

    BTW – since this guy farms 100 acres, I wonder if he is currently (or has ever) received taxpayer-funded subsidies?

    There’s nothing more I hate than a moocher….

    I assume we have all heard or read where Karl Rove (aka Turd Blossom raised the issue that Hillary Clinton had brain damage from that fall she took and that her health should be a factor in 2016.

    Hmmmm…..Karl Rove is from the same group of people that pushed Dick Cheney down our throats and never once mentioned the fact that this Cheney dude had multiple heart attacks.

    If Hillary Clinton’s health is an issue – then why the hell wasn’t Dick Cheney’s documented heart problems a factor?

    Karl Rove was simply doing what he does best – and what passes for journalism in the GOP crowd

    Tne entire GOP is nothing more than a bunch of old gossipy church women. They cackle and spew their hatred in the forms of innuendos and whispered attacks and then when they get caught doing it – they feign this ‘I did not actually say or mean that’.

    I think Hillary’s team did an excellent response to Karl Rove’s feeble attack. It’s time for the Republicans to go on to their next desperate attempt to discredit Hillary.

    • GOP -just a bunch of overpaid, under talented, bloviating and hate-filled B-U-L-L-I-E-S

    • Karl Rove.

      The one who also started and spread rumors of John McCain’s black child? We could go onandon about the success he has in being evil, devious…

      Guess what?

      He is a republican icon, a man much admired due to that success. They have no morals! They care about winning and money, nothing left in them after you dig out the black rotted parts.

      That’s hopefully the last time I think about this sack of shit.

      • Karl Rove truly lives up to half his nickname – Turd

      • What is the surprise as to how Karl Rove operates?

        His targeted audience are the same folks who sat and snickered and laughed with Rush Limbaugh when he compared Chelsea Clinton (as a young teenage girl) to the White House dog.

        There is a special name for those type of people – and Christians is not that name – IMHO

      • In Texas, he also planted a listening bug in his own office and then called the press complaining his opponent did it. I can’t remember anymore how they found out HE did it, bu they did. Then… crickets. Swept under the rug.

        I think this was also when shrub was running against Ann Richards (the last REAL governor of Texas) and he spread the whisper campaign that she was in all reality a lesbian. Because, ya know, she had the support of the gay community (against shrub. Go figure) and she had a bunch of high powered lesbian women working in her administration.

        Hell, you can’t swing a cat in Austin without hitting a lesbian or gay man. Why would she NOT have queers working for her?

        It worked. He won, and shortly after the beginning of his second term, he and Turd Blossom were on their way to D.C. where they bought the 2000 election at a discount from SCOTUS.

      • Just goes to show you two things:

        1) a lie travels halfway around the world before the truth gets its sneakers on

        2) Some folks can only win if they cheat, steal and/or lies

  5. Mostly true… because they underestimated the number of deaths.

    “During the George W. Bush period, there were 13 attacks on various embassies and consulates around the world. Sixty people died.”

    • But this is okay because GWB was following God’s command to kill every Muslim in sight – except for those in Saudi Arabia that GWB and his family had connections to their oil fields……

      When these Republicans yammer on and on about how Muslims are taking over the world – I just want to puke.

      How many damn times have we done what the Saudis wanted us to do?

      I still suspect Saudi Arabia was behind 9/11 – and why didn’t our feckless leader GWB ever ask that Saudi King what was up with his homeboys flying those planes into our twin towers?

      All but one of those 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia…….but yet nobody remembers this??


    Is this an attempt to muddy the waters about Michael Samm?

    While reading through this, I thought about several prominent Republicans with a family history of similar criminals and wrong doing.

    Hmmm….wasn’t there several news reports about George W. Bush’s grandfather working with the Nazis and that is how he made the family fortune?

    Hmmmm….how many Republicans have gone to prison for their illegal activities?

    And since when do we insinuate the grandson is a criminal because he happens to be a relative to mafia criminals?

    BTW – how many damn Catholic priests have been involved with these mafia families – while they are doing their family business?

    Think back to all these movies about the mafia – isn’t there always some damn Catholic priest there absolving them of all their sins – but I suspect it is for a cut of the profits..

  7. Hillary Clinton has the luxury of biding her time and allowing the GOP fools like Karl Rove and others behind yet another Benghazi hearing to do all their mud slinging…..

    After this current round of bashing Hillary and the campaigning for 2016 really gets into the swing (after midterms) – then we’ll start hearing these same GOP fools regurgitate their infamous theories on women’s libidos not being kept under control, how a woman’s body can ‘shut that whole thing down’ when she has been raped, the most effective birth control is an aspirin between the woman’s legs, and numerous other equally ridiculous and outrageous comments.

    I suspect the women of America will rise up and completely finish the job of dismantling the Grand Old Party – especially if the GOP does well in the midterms and then gets brazen and attempts even more of their ridiculous goals.



    Here’s a thought – why not let the choice of commencement speaker be left to the graduates?

    Start a list and then vote – and the majority wins.

    Or, just not have a famous person be a commencement speaker?

    • In the case of Condi Rice – she was going to be paid $35,000 for one speech.

      Seriously? $35,000 to hear that woman speak on anything??

      Here’s a tip – save your money and put it towards helping more people to go to school.

    Wow ———— did Reagan reincarnate and come back as a Japanese guy named Abe?