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  1. Unfortunately – there are those folks who use fear of the unknown to their political and financial advantage.

    Republicans have always used the ‘fear of the unknown taxes’ as the reason why corporations will not build their manufacturing plants in America. Which is why, the poor little things, just HAVE to put their manufacturing plants in China, Pakistan, or any other foreign country.

    The poor little things just do not trust this Obama administration to not tax them to death – but these poor little things sure do know how to manipulate the current tax system under the same Obama administration to get those taxpayer-funded subsidies and special tax breaks -don’t they?

    Evangelinut preachers, televangelists and the entire Catholic Church sure know how to use the fear of the unknown to their advantage – don’t they?

    These folks have been doing that for centuries….. all that tax free money just pouring into their deep pockets. But, as we have witnessed too many times, these are the same folks who will scream and rant about how they are the victims of persecution.

    Wow – if that is persecution – sign me up now…

    The fear of the unknown tactic is also used by those folks who want to ban certain books but don’t you dare try to ban any type of gun – because that would be a violation of their rights – again, that playing the victim card is getting very tiresome – IMHO

    Education (especially science) absolutely scares some of these folks to death. And one has to ask ‘why’?

    Because if the general population is educated – that cuts down on the number of people who can be easily fooled…..

    I would like to see the day when our citizens are educated to the point where Fox News, Hate Talk radio and all these right wing fringe groups are no longer in business (don’t kid yourselves, these folks make a lot of money).

    I suspect I will never see that day come to pass – too much money, power and control is at stake.

    Sad commentary on our country – huh?

    This is so wrong…….why on earth would anyone think posing with a noose around a black dummy wearing your opponent’s wrestling shirt would be a good thing to do?

    And then to post the damn thing on social media…..

    These are white high school boys……….who should know better…….but why did this thought even cross their minds?????

    I think this goes to my point above about education in this country. Have we sunk so low as to educating our kids that a black dummy hanging from a noose is a funny joke or something?

    Or – does the problem go deeper?

    Are we becoming a country filled with people who are incapable of empathy or even having the ability to put ourselves into the other guy’s shoes?



    Speaking of fear – these CONservative Republidans must really be scared of Hillary Clinton because now that kidnapping of those Nigerian school girls is all Hillary’s fault.

    This video is 11 minutes long but it is worth the time. Chris Matthews nails it on the head about these CONS – they are so full of hatred and that hate is the fuel for all their nonsense spewing….

    Hey – like Chris Mathtews said – Hillary did name these kidnappers as terrorists two years ago……but when did these CONS let facts get in their way of a good hate-filled rant?

    My hope is that these CONS will overplay their ‘I Hate Hillary’ card and it will backfire big time.

    In 2008 – Republicans seriously assumed that all women would flock to the polls to vote for Sarah Palin just because she is a woman.

    These fools did not count on the fact that the majority of women I know do not want to just vote for a pair of boobs and a vagina – women want a smart, intelligent and wise woman who knows how to do what is best for our country and will have the balls to get the job done.

    Not just any woman will do – especially when they come with matching pom poms shaking…


    Liberty University – aka Jerry Falwell’s old stomping grounds – just loves them a bunch of CONservative Republicans that spew the nonsense that religious persecution is on the rise and it is all Obama’s fault.

    Ronald Reagan was the guy that first gave life to this bunch of Evangelicals when Reagan gave Jerry Falwell and his Immorality Boys the keys to the executive mens room in the Grand Old Party.

    Ever since that time – these Evangelicals have taken over the GOP and we are witnessing the fruits of their labor – Klown Klan Kar just gets bigger and bigger – doesn’t it?

    Again – like I said above – if these tax-free religious folks is what persecution is all about – sign me up….

    • BTW – isn’t the network HGTV a business?

      And shouldn’t that business be allowed to make their decisions by themselves and not be ruled by a bunch of Evangelicals?

      Notice that Jindal made reference to the fact that HGTV was bullied into canceling those Bendam brothers’ show….

      Why is it called bullying when others make their feelings known to a business – but when CONservative Evangelicals line up to buy some overpriced deep fried chicken sandwich to prove how much they love Jesus is somehow God-inspired and it is okay for businesses to cancel liberals and/or homosexuals’ shows?

      This is what I hate the most about these Evangelicals. It is their incapacity to just live by the mantra of – live and let live.

      When Evangelicals talk about prayers in school – they mean ONLY their prayers – no others need apply.

      These folks are so full of hate, arrogance and ignorance – that they truly believe that God loves them the very best and God has ONLY them the true way to eternal life.

      Think about this – God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.

      Okay – God sent his son to be born a Jew (in his own image?) and yet it is only White Evangelicals that God has ‘chosen’ to give the one true way to eternal life?

      I just don’t buy it……

      • My God is more like an energy. I do believe there is something greater than myself in this world. Something that somehow keeps a balance in this world.

        Which is why I do believe in climate change and I do believe that man has made a total mess of things in our environment.

        In other words – that balance has been upset for quite a while now and we are witnessing the consequences of man just taking-taking-and taking without a thought of giving back.

        Call it God – Mother Nature – or whatever label you choose. I do believe there is a natural course of life on this planet and mankind has f_cked it up pretty badly …..and for what? Money, Greed, power and control?

        That is what is so damn sad……..